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Large Format Living - Ghettogloss Gallery Relaunches In Eaglerock

From museum shows to derivative clothing lines, street/outsider art has seemingly reached saturation point. Still some of the movements’ innovators aren’t  just recounting former glories,  but continuing to evolve with fresh ideas.

Artist and gallerist at Ghettogloss Gallery, Fiora Boes is one such person. Her activity in the street/ outsider genre predates Exit Through The Gift Shop, the commercial reign of Shepherd Fairey  and the much maligned Art In The Streets show in 2011 at MOCA

Ghettogloss gallery taps vision and originality. After closing her original Silverlake space in the mid 2000’s gallerist and artist Fiora Boes operated the space at a range of pop up sites in downtown LA, then left the LA artscene for other business ventures.

Now after a two year sabbatical she’s is back with her own solo show scheduled for a June 15 (Saturday) opening at a new Eaglerock location, 

As an artist Boes  attended Otis art school and studied photography, later diversifying  and lending skills learned about digital process to painting and screenprinting. She applied this to using large format billboard making machines to create large format pieces.

Always a Rauchenberg fan Boes says she was heavily influenced by the graphic world, she also nods to the likes of Kenton Parker Basquiat  and Jeff Koons . “I have a graphic eye and was a graphic designer for some years, I adore all things pop, street art and graffiti are significant  influences too.”

For her latest series  “Tightrope,” set for June 18 opening at her new space, Fiora sourced a range of vintage photographs from the 1930s and 1940s of female circus performers. She then melded these images with stencils and painting for a series of large format pieces.

“I chanced upon a number of images of women working in circuses  from the 1920’s. Im obsessed and very inspired by these strong lades, I love their strong faces and attitude.”

These “circus women,” meld the aesthetic of the twenties flapper and  the burlesque. Heavy eye makeup and outlandish hats see their faces ruminate classic femininity, glamour, and nostalgia.

Of her process for the series, Boes explains, “ The series combines the large format digital process combined with hand painted and silkscreen elements. I am decontructing my own abstract paintings and reconstructing them stroke by stroke in photoshop  “I then  layer with a variety of visual textures, with stencil, drawing and painting on top. Im All about process, I reconstruct then deconstruct till I feel something is finished.”

She adds, “Im always having a hard time containing my ideas. Ive always got about twenty going at once. In future I plan to experiment with mechanized sculpture and installation.”

In addition to creating her own art Fiora’s entrepreneurial slant sees her run an art rental/placement business placing clients art on various film and tv shows. To date she’s placed art on Two And A Half Men, True Blood, Fantastic Four and  captain America 2.

She also placed the Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash pieces in the Ashton Kutcher set of Two and Half Men along with thousands of edgy art originals in blockbuster feature films, tv and high-profile commercials.
Boes is also  selling her current series through retail giant Cosco. The original pieces were produced exclusively for sale at

“Tightropes,” opens June 15
New Address
(Historic Connors Plumbing Bldg)
4680 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
323 871 8100

Written by Craig Stephens

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