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Posh Spices Deal For LA private School

Hoping to gain entry to the exclusive  Page private School in Beverly Hills  for sons Brooklyn,  and Romeo, Victoria Beckham  provided a sweetener for admission staff by offering the services of husband David for sports classes.

According to a source, the non sectarian, co-ed school, just 15 minutes from the Beckhams LA mansion was recommended highly to Posh, and she was determined to get her boys to attend.

With just 200 students, the upscale private elementary school caters for a range of international students, has a teacher student ratio of seven to every 13 students and some of the best facilities in the area, including sports fields and pool.

With summer recess currently in effect, the boys will not start at the Page school till September. Sources  there claim that contrary to some media reports, David is not expected to teach PE full time.

According to the school source, Becks is likely to voluntarily host training sessions for the school’s (co-ed) soccer players and attend various awards ceremonies during the school year.

Meanwhile insiders close to the Beckham’s say oldest son Brooklyn, 8 is expected to attend a summer camp in California, sometime in the forthcoming weeks.

The activity intensive camp that includes, hiking, soccer, cycling and swimming will see him away from home for up to a month, though provide a great opportunity to settle in to the American lifestyle and get to know children his own age.

Baby Number Two For Jennifer garner?

Hollywood star couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are about to break their silence on their next child, which sources say  is due in February 2008.

According to an insider close to the couple, the Afflecks timed the conception of their second child to coincide with career downtime, allowing them both to devote themselves to their family

After a busy six months, Jennifer will have two films,  “The Kingdom”, and “Juno” out later this year, with a third, also wrapped called “Be With You”, set to be released in 2009.

Meanwhile, Ben is said to be in the midst of writing two new scripts and pondering a few directorial roles.

“They planned to have a few kids from the get go and want to have a boy who will be a year younger than Violet,” the insider said.

“They are both very career oriented and have undertaken projects so they can both be devoted to their family as well as their careers,” the source added.

According to the insider, Jen will birth by C section at Cedars Sinai hospital with her second child, where she also gave birth to 16 month old Violet.

“They intend to spend more time out of LA I and the limelight during the next year, at their country home in Georgia.”,  the insider claimed

No Friends For Jennifer Aniston

Former Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has issued a staunch no after being approached to reprise her role as Rachel for a one off TV reunion special.

According to a source close to the starlet, the potential Friends project is now on ice after both Jennifer Aniston and Courtenay Cox failed to commit when approached.

Insiders clai, that despite remaining Friends cast members, including Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer. expressing their enthusiasm for the project, both Aniston and Cox are against it.

According to a source, the project was originally slated  for shooting in 2006, but has since been left with an undetermined commencement date while casting issues are addressed.

“Jennifer has worked hard to graduate from the status of a TV actress and make a career in film,” revealed a source, adding, “She is leaning towards producing, writing and acting in features now, she sees  the Friends project it as a step backwards.”

According to the insider Aniston and close pal Courtenay Cox have emerged as the more successful of the ex friends troupe, acting in and producing several feature projects.

“Jennifer likes her former Friends co stars dearly, but she is very career driven. She is closest to Courtenay and they both share a passion for feature films and support one another whole heartedly in the advancement of the mutual careers.”

According to Aniston’s Los Angeles based talent agency CAA, she is currently juggling five different feature film production roles which will unfold in the next two years.
 Jennifer’s next feature role as an actress will be in the a movie she also wrote titled Counter Clockwise.. The comedic feature is about a psychologist conducts an experiment on reversing the aging process by making her patients believe they are younger.

Earlier this year Jennifer starred in Courtenay’s much acclaimed Dirt series which depicts Cox as the editor of a fictitious celebrity tabloid, Dirt.  Aniston played her lesbian rival in an episode of the series in January which saw the best pals share a kiss.

"Friends," which centered on the lives of six young friends living in Manhattan, ended its 10-year run in 2004.

Beckhams Welcomed at MOCA LA

A plethora of stars, including George Clooney, Eva Longoria, Simon Fuller,Brooke Shields, Wesley Snipes, Quincy Jones,Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg, and various studio bigwigs converged at the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art for a black tie gala to welcome Posh and Becks to the US.

Greeted with an official invitation that read: "Please join Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith in welcoming David and Victoria Beckham to Los Angeles," the  party had a guest list of 600 many of which are repped by  the event organizers CAA Creative Artists Agency, and celeb publicity outfit Rogers & Cowan.

Security for the event was on high alert with several surrounding streets were blocked to traffic and pedestrians, and a zero tolerance for papp photographers, with several asked to move on by police. 

Jada Pinkett Smith's band funk band Wicked Wisdom entertained the crowd, with several celebs spotted getting down merrily, including  honored guests Posh and Becks, who arrived with pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in a black chauffered Rolls Royce just ten minutes after the party began at 930pm.

Insiders say the Beckhams not only danced and enjoyed the band, but also toured the museum hand in hand for 15 minutes with pals Katie Holmes and jetlagged Tom Cruise who jetted back from Germany for the party.

 The Beckhams were spied stealing a few kisses in between studying the gallery's current show, 'Art and the Feminist Revolution.' which chronicles the  1970's feminist art. According to a source  the Beckhams were quite taken with a Yoko Ono video on show.

David wore a sixties inspired charcoal suit with black tie, while Victoria wore a short black cocktail dress.

Waiters circulated offering cocktails and Veuve Clicquot champagne and hors doeuvres, while those not on the dance floor got busy with serious networking.

The scientology quotient was also said to be high,sparking rumors of a hidden agenda for the event, with a rumored 100 of the 600 guests said to be members of the religion.

Britney’s New Bloke

 Toxic Princess Britney Spears is at it again and has yet another man friend. Brit, her assistant Alli and  a new mystery man,  who insiders claim is a multi millionaire who is also offering Britney career advice.

The pair were first spotted together on June 24 and again on June 26. On their first date, they ate at upscale Beverly Hills eatery Koi, and  then partied at celeb hotspot Les Deaux.

On their second outing they opted for Mr Chow, then another star hangout, Josephs, where they danced, downed cocktails and snuggled in a VIP booth.

“They were having a great time,” a club source revealed.” They were laughing and joking constantly, he was very protective of her and a complete gentleman, making sure she had a cocktail or a water whenever she wanted one.”CS1

“Unlike the wild streak Britney has shown while at the club previously, she was very understated in the company of her new man. Rather than circulate around the club, or  make repeated trips to the bathroom, she seemed content to just laugh and joke with her new guy. “

The club source added, “They remained in their booth the whole night laughing and joking, and they had a total of three drinks between them the whole time they were in the club.”

According to a source close to the new couple, Britney’s new man is an experienced investment consultant and financier, with an impressive  portfolio of industry contacts.

“He is not only romantically attached, but he also offering Brit some valuable career advice, she has now changed her management company and is planning further moves under his guidance.”CS2

The insider claims Britney’s new mystery man is 37 year old John Kessler. John Kessler an investment consultant  multi millionaire who also has interests in a film production company.

According to the source, “they are taking things slowly. He really adores Britney and wants to help her out. They were introduced by Britney’s assistant Alii and have known one another for some months.”

“They’ve only just started their relationship and it looks like they are destined for big things  together,” the source said. “He is older and more sophisticated than Britney’s previous men, he will definitely help guide her in the near future.”

In addition to their public outings, the pair have also been spotted enjoying a summer afternoon lunch on the sprawling lawns of Britney’s Bel Air mansion last Sunday.

Britney and Kfed Secret Meetings

Despite reports popette Britney Spears and failed rapper ex Kevin Federline have been meeting in secret, insiders say the pair are definitely not reconciling.

According to an insider, for the benefit of their children Sean Preston  and Jayden James., Britney 25 and Federline 29 are now finalizing their custody plans, hoping to put an end to the acrimony surrounding previous negotiations.

"They are definitely not getting back together, but decided a bitter war was not the right answer, and not a healthy environment for their two sons."

The source claims Britney has had a private investigator watching Federline for much of the last two months in the hope of catching him out as a bad parent and building a case for full time custody.

“Britney was very bitter about the whole rehab issue. She felt threatened by Kfed’s renewed enthusiasm for parenting and that her mother Lynn seemed to side with him,” the insider said, adding.. “She was sworn on revenge, and hoped to win back full time custody, but she has since come to her senses and believes both parents should be involved in the upbringing of her sons.

Federline was reportedly so effected by Britney’s attempts to entrap him, that he moved to a new secret location to escape surveillance. “Kevin knows how determined Britney is and how possessive she is of her kids. He initiated a meeting to try and appease her in early May.”

Kevin was spotted visiting Britney  at her Hollywood home on three occasions since she left promises on March 21. Sources claim Kfed initially contacted her in late April with the first visit at her Hollywood Hills home on  Sunday April 22. He visited again a few weeks later on May 13.

Insiders say  that on both occasions, Kfed entered the home in his regulatory white t shirt and bag shorts  in  what appeared a morose state, though was decidedly more cheerful after a two hour heart to heart.

According to the insider, “Kev and Brit discussed their situation patiently and amicably. They had a mutual family friend present to monitor and witness everything and they discussed the things that concerned them about their mutual approaches to parenting..

“Both agree that as they both share parenting that they should both be hands on with their kids during designated custody periods. There’s no point in offloading them on nannies.”

 Meanwhile Britney again proved she has forgiven mum Lynn for her stance with Kev and rehab, hosting another family day at the Bel Air mansion she is currently renting from Las Vegas casino entrepreneur George Malouf.

Present at the home was Brit’s kids Sean Preston and Jayden James, mum Lynn, her sister Jamie Lynn and boyfriend  Casey Aldridge. The Spears clan reportedly had a fun days swimming and playing with the kids in the back yard. They also enjoyed a catered lunch outdoors.

Paris Prison Cake

The latest installment in the Paris Hilton circus sees an LA based bakery offering "Paris Hilton cakes, complete with nail file inside for $5 (USD) each.

Moist and flavorsome, the spice cakes, called "visitation cakes," are a big hit at the LA City Bakery, located inside the Brentwood Country Mart.

According to the Bakery Spokesperson, Haley,  claims the cakes have been very popular. "People love them, we've been selling out of them, even though we've been baking about 200 a day. They're very popular with the office crowd who come in to buy for their colleagues."

Paris Prison Scare

Security at Twin Towers prison facility in downtown Los Angeles has been stepped up, with three guards now posted outside fallen heiress Paris Hilton's cell after a freak attack by a fellow inmate.

Prison sources claim the fellow prisoner, also being kept inside the medical wing of the Twin Towers facility  lashed out at  Paris, attempting to enter her cell at around 3am last night, after making several veiled threats.

" The female prisoner was caught just inside the doorway of Paris cell by a guard," the source claimed. " Paris was oblivious at the time, she was sleeping after taking medication and was unaware of the other prisoners advances."

According to the insider, the as yet unidentified inmate, had spotted Paris after she was admitted  during the weekend, and  had been yelling abuse and threats at her for the last two days.

"This prisoner remained in the facility due to a legitimate medical condition. She could not be removed immediately due to  her condition and space restrictions inside the jail," the source said.

Insiders claim the aggressive inmate yelled expletives, adding 'Im coming after you bitch.' Paris was quite shaken by the  whole thing, she is now on  both sleeping aids and anti depressants to help her cope."

The reality show starlet will now have  her security stepped up, with not one but three full time guards watching her on a  24 hour basis. Prior to having three guards on duty,  the cost of keeping Paris in prison cost LA county in excess of


Robbie's Passion For LA Vale

 Football obsessed Robbie Williams  is so serious about the success of his LA based team LA Vale he is busy recruiting some fresh new talent to ensure they remain at the tope of the 11 team table..

Around  15 hopefuls converged outside Williams gated community on Saturday afternoon for selection to play on Robbie's private pitch. Several hopefuls, some  as young as 18 played a 50 minute game on Robbie's ground outside his mansion inside the upscale Mullholland Estates.

Many of the young Latino hopefuls werent even aware of Rob's fame, but were attracted by the  teams strong reputation and high end facilities. According to 19 year old Eyal Delfipo, " Ive never heard of Robbie Williams, but he has a great ground and a good team, does he know how to speak Spanish.?"

Sources say Robbie heat weary chose the sidelines, rather than  the pitch for the hour long try out, which was broken into two 25 minute halves." Robbie didnt want to play today as the team have a game tomorrow. He's up for a kick about, but doesnt like playing when its too hot," the source revealed. Rob was spotted retreating from the 76F heat under the shade of a tarp, while intently scrutinizing the new hopefuls.

"Robbie started the team and wants to make a go of it," He's put a lot of time and energy into the side, and wants to make sure they keep winning."
LA Vale FC was founded back in 2005 by Williams. After converting tennis courts into a turf field at his house, a small click of ex-pats and Americans formed together and started playing up to 4 times a week.

After playing several friendly games of 5v5 at the field, the team decided to join the EA 7v7 league in Marina Del Rey in 2006, losing 1-0 in the playoff-finals after finishing top of the table. It was felt it was time to step up to 11v11 and the dream of LA Vale was born.

The team is full of friends who share good times on and off the field and on since the  season commenced two weeks ago  Williams side has beaten two teams, namely the Coyotes  by four goals to two and TP United 7-2. Robbie and his team leaders have obviously picked some strong players, with the team now at the top of the league, dominating another ten teams.

Cameron's Pain Over Justin

Despite having been involved with professional surfer Kelly Slater and illusionist Criss Angel, insiders say actress Cameron Diaz is still learning to cope with the demise of her three year relationship to Justin Timberlake.

According to a source close to the Charlie's Angel starlet, despite the public facade, heartbroken Cameron has adopted a coping strategy has seen her resort to everything from counselling from her psychiatrist to gyrm addiction and regular heart to heart chats with her close pal Drew Barrymoore.

"Drew is definately still getting over the relationship with JT," the insider claims. "Initially she was very angry, then she became quite depressed. After three years it was very upsetting for her and a big blow to her sel;f esteem."

The source says that in addition to  to regular sessions with her psychiatrist, Cameron learned to battle depression through increasing her exercise regime." Cameron has found it very diffcult getting over the relationship.

She is gradually coming around, though it been a hard road, she even reverted to rebounding with her one time lover and friend Kelly  Slater, who has really been there for her."

"Drew has been like a rock for Cameron," the source says. "She has answered her calls at all sorts of ungodly hours and  they've had many sleep overs when Cameron was feeling needy. They also had vacations in Hawaii and getaways in Las Vegas."

Mishievious pals Cameron and Drew have definately been there for one another over recent months. They decided to avoid their Mothers Day responsibilities just over a week ago and instead decided to spend mother's day weekend in Las Vegas, celebrating the single life.

The co-stars and best buddies partied it up at JET nightclub in the Mirage HOtel on Saturday night.

Witnesses say Drew and Cam enjoyed a wild time drinking and dancing with Tom Hanks son Colin and magician Criss Angel at Jet nightclub, until well past 3am, before retreated to their hotel rooms with their respective men. Just a week ago, Drew and Cam were spotted out together during a  cosy date together at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

"Drew is in such a similar place to Cameron right now, having just got out of a long term relationship herself, so she has been very encouraging and supportive. Both of them know they have everything going for them, they a not that much past 30, are multi millionaires, successful and beautiful," the insider said.

Cameron returned a week later to spend another night with Criss Angel in Vegas on May 19, yet reinforcing her newly positive outlook, the again feisty star headed to Hawaii on Sunday to meet up with on off lover Kelly Slater. They were spotted playing golf, shopping and having dinner on the balcony of his Waikiki home.

"Cameron is feeling more empowered and focused now," the source claims. "Like many women who get out of a long term relationship, she's gone through several phases, from feeling low and needing comfort to bein angry and now wanting to play the field. "

//// Drew Barrymore _ I have some good info about Drew's lesbo fling/lover.  My photog contact tells me he will forward pics on wed

Reese And Ryan's Ugly Custody Battle.

After filing their divorce petition on November 8 last year and agreeing on a temporary custody agreement, Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe are now said to be an ugly battle for their children,  four year old Deacon and eight year old Ava. 

In the Superior Court divorce petition filed on Nov 8 2006, Witherspoon, 31, asked for visitation for Phillippe, 32, and "exclusive use of the family residence."

In a response filed  by Phillippe also cited irreconcilable differences but asked for joint legal custody and physical custody of the children as well as visitation granted "to both parties, equally allocated."

Now with the ongonig custody battle heating up, insiders say Ryan is asking that visitation rights be more "equally allocated".

According to an insider, Ryan is unhappy wih the current situation that sees Reese having most time with the children. He is also arguing that her hectic work schedule and "obsessive," commitment to her career will not provide enough hands on time for the children, instead leaving them with a nanny.

The 32-year-old actor is also alleging Reese's inew relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal sees her paying less attention to their children. "Ryan is definately bitter about her new fling, and int responding well," the insider claimed.

Still, Ryan has not requested any spousal support from Reese, who earns significantly more as one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses.

The couple, who married in 1999, did not sign a prenuptial agreement meaning Ryan is legally entitled to 50 per cent of Reese's considerable fortune. Documents show that both parties agreed on the cause of their marriage breakdown, with each citing "irreconcilable differences".

Cameron Happy For Justin?

After spending a weekend in Las Vegas with her latest fling, illusionist Criss Angel, Cameron Diaz seemed to be in a lighter mood than usual, despite the much publicized hook up of her ex Justin Timberlake with actress Jessica Biel and forecasts of a poor performance for Shrek 3 at the US box office.

Recovering from her wild weekend in Las Vegas last weekend Cameron opted to bond with galpal Drew Barrymore in LA on Wednesday night, dining at upscale eatery Il Sole, later heading for the star studded Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, before speeding off with Drew in her black Porsche for a sleep over.

After heading of from Drew's Beverly Hills home in her Toyota Prius on Thursday morning at around 9am, health conscious Cam headed for her gym at around 2pm. Dressed in a skimpy white halter, trainers and tight fitting black track pants, Cam was gracious to trailing media and answered all questions.

When asked how she felt about Justin Timberlake's current fling with Jessica Biel, Cameron maintained her upbeat disposition, replying, "What ever happens we will always be friends. There will always be media reports, though our friendship will last beyond that."

With that she marched into her gym, where she spent over an hour with her trainer. Asked again if she had any bitterness about her ex JT upon exiting, Cameron avoided the question, instead plugging a forthcoming movie project."Ive just landed a new role in a movie called What Happens in Vegas, with Ashton Kutcher," she squeeled.

Diaz' new movie turns out to be a comedy  with Ashton Kutcher about a couple who wake to discover they got married during  a wild night. One of them also won a vast jackpot playing with the other’s money, so each tries to undermine the other to get the winnings until they start falling in love, "its a very cute story," Cameron added. 

Beckhams Decorate LA Home

After spending $22 million on their new Beverly Hills mansion, Victoria and david Beckham are now forking over even more money to redecorate their new six bedroom home.

Insiders say the golden couple are now spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on floor and wall coverings for their new  mansion in addition to buying household knick knacks such as wall hangings and shipping furniture from their current home in Spain.

According to a source, " Victoria has taken total control of the project. David hasn't seen the home or anything she's done with it, just photographs that were emailed to him, he's put total trust in Victoria to make all the styling decisions, which has caused her a great deal of stress."

The insider claims that in addition to appionting an LA interior designer, Vicky has recruited the services of her interior design friend  Kelly Hoppen who used to date footballer Sol Campbell.

" Victoria is brainstoming with others to devise a theme look for various rooms in the house. She's looking at an Asian themed kitchen, with external dining area with Japanese styled garden which will be very Feng Shui.

In addition, she's got Latin themed areas such as the living room, which will utilize a lot of the furniture from their home in Spain."

The insider says the house will embrace many different themes. So Far there is Asian and Spanish, but ther's also an old English county cottage look, and their bedroom will be very modern contemporary, so its very mixed, very chaotic, at least they'll never be bored. "

The house itself sits way back off the street with a long meandering drive through manicured gardens, emulating an English County Cottage.

In addition from shipping a large proportion of the furniture from their current property in Madrid, the Beckhams are also investing in additonal furniture, floor and wall coverings." Victoria is hoping to hang a lot of photography in the home and

is spending big on getting various pictures family framed," the insider claims.

To date, the insider says  Victoria has splashed out nearly $400,00 on a varierty of necessities and accoutrements for their new home. "The kitchen has received new granite and marble counter tops and a new stove.

There's also been new curtains, carpets an assorted wall coverings. Victoria has had assorted pieces of contemporary styled furniture made,including, beds shelves and drawer units for each of the six bedrooms."

The source says Vicky has also spent large on home entertainment, with six different high end plasma screen units fetching around $60,000, that are to be mounted in various bedrooms and common areas.

Vick'y other personal touches have  included a tremendous pitched ceiling in the main bedroom fireplaces in each room and and a very large master bathroom that includes a writing desk and a large built in bookshelf. The bathroom also features a mirrored ceiling.

To date, Vicky's shopping spree has taken her to several high end Beverly Hills outlets, including Barneys, Helen Gray Designs, Cliffe Spencer Furniture Design and Creative Arts Interior Design.

Paris Jail Life

Paris Hiltonfs forthcoming 45 day stay at the Century Regional Detention Facility in California from June 5 will be a far cry from her usual summer routine of holidaying in the Hamptons .

According to sources from the California Sherrifffs department, despite being located in an isolated gpod,h with other high risk officials such as former policewomen and government officials, Paris will  still do stir with some hardened criminals, including murderers, thieves and drug addicts.

The source says Paris will be permitted just allowed one five-minute shower a day, with plain soap.  As there are no laundry facilities available to wash prisoners clothes, Paris standard issue of two pairs of prison regulation socks and panties will have to be washed  while showering.

Far from her trademark hedonistic regime, Paris will follow a strict daily routine in jail, one that sees her rising at 6am and bedding down at 10pm. Beyond the safety of her gpod,h she will still shower with various high risk inmates, comprising a 2200 strong prison population  including hardened thieves, murderers and drug addicts.

Paris will share a two person  eight by eight foot cell inside a24-person POD with other "special needs inmates,"   Paris's visitors will be received through a glass partition  She will be permitted visitors from Monday to.Friday. (for professional visits only such as lawyers and psychologists): 9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. & 2:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Sat. & Sun. Regular visiting for family and friends will run from: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

In terms of outfits for her stay, styling is limited. Paris fs Century Regional Prison collection will

Include one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on her classification and where she is housed inside the facility Paris could opt for a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece, overall styled ensemble.

Meals are minimalist to say the least compared to Paris usual taste of upscale eateries Mr Chow or Il Sole. Commencing at 6am and running till 730am, breakfast will be a boiled egg and cereal. Lunch from 11-1230 will consist of baloney sandwiches and dinner from 430pm till 6pm will be low sodium chicken.

According to the prison hand book, additional inmate regulations apply to gifts and packages received from friends an family.  Any mail or parcels that are received contrary to these guidelines will be returned gin tacth to the sender.  However, any contraband identified, may be confiscated and booked into evidence. Many of the items not allowed are readily available through the jail stores, and are therefore not allowed.

The following items are not allowed to be received through the mail:

                Food or cosmetic items

              Stationery, blank envelopes, envelopes with metal clasps, postage stamps,

               envelops with gang or suggestive drawings/art work

              Cash, personal or second party checks, travelerfs checks, payroll checks

              A single money order exceeding the $200 limit

              Blank money orders (money orders must be signed and made payable

               to the inmate)

         Non U.S. Post Office out-of-state money orders (out-of-state money must be from            the U.S. Post Office)

              Musical, plastic, plastic covered, blank, greeting or post cards larger than 6hx9h

              Identification card or facsimiles

              Paper clips, staples, pens, pencils, glitter, stickers, glued or gummed labels

              Rosary beads, balloons, string bracelets, or other jewelry items

              Lottery tickets or prepaid telephone cards

              Cellophane tape or any type of tape on letters

With respect to photographs and computer-generated pictures, the following will apply:

              A maximum number of five (5) photographs are allowed (inmates are only allowed to possess five (5) photographs at any time)

              Photographs or computer generated pictures must be a minimum of 2hx3h and a maximum of 4hx6h size

              Photographs or pictures that are nude, suggestive, showing gangs, gang tattoos,  or hand gestures (signs) are not allowed

With respect to books, publications, or periodicals, we will not accept:

              Anything NOT sent directly from a bookstore or publisher

              Anything of an explicit sexual nature

              More than five (5) books or magazines per week

In terms of early release, Paris Hilton could break out of her 45-day jail sentence six days ahead of schedule -- but only if she's on her best behavior. In other words, she  must serve 39 days minimum, and there's no way out earlier.

Hilton is eligible for a "Good Time/Work Time" credit, a federal mandate which offers a chance to leave the joint early -- for inmates sentenced to 11 days or more. According to the mandate, every four days that an inmate spends behind bars "in an acceptable manner" will count as six as long as the prisoner is on good behavior

Jail For Paris

In a shock court decision, reality starlet Paris Hilton will is to serve a 45 day jail term from June 6  after violating probation after driving on a suspended license.

Paris looked decidedly conservative as she arrived at LA Superior court, resplendent in black slacks, a white blouse and grey blazer, with her hair tied back in a pony tail covered with a black head band.  Paris walked into the courtroom with her parents, flanked by two security guards.

Inside the court, Paris, her manager Elliott Mintz, her lawyer Howard Weitzman and her parents took the stand. Paris argued that she was unaware her license was suspended, while the prosecution argued that she was, validated by the fact that there was paperwork in her car confirming the suspension.

Paris was her usual sassy self during the swearing in process, laughing and rolling her eyes as the judge mentioned she was to be treated " just the same as evey other person whop enters that courtroom." Her tone changed radically after a 15 minute recess and her sentence was handed down.

Both Paris and her mother began to cry, holding one another’s hands in the dock. Paris father had a grim look, also holding his wife's hand. After the hearing, Paris and her family headed back to her Hollywood Hills home, driving the route in her grey Range Rover.

Hilton was already on probation after pleading no contest last January to alcohol-related reckless driving. The DMV had suspended Hilton's license as a result of her DUI bust. Paris was stopped by the CHP last January 15, and again by the L.A. County Sheriffs on February 27.

According to the papers, Hilton also failed to enroll in an alcohol education program within 21 days of the order directing her to do so. The legal papers asked that "Hilton be ordered to serve 45 days in County Jail." Paris has also been ordered "not to consume any alcohol for a continuous period of 90 days.

During that 90-day period, prosecutors  have also instructed Paris to be monitored for alcohol consumption by use of a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) device at her expense.

Paris will begin her sentence on June 5 at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lyn wood California, just minutes from the high crime area of Compton. For her own protection, She will have her own cell and receive just an hour a day to shower, exercise and make phone calls.

Britney Comeback Gig

Comeback queen Britney Spears impressed a bulging crowd of around 2000 people at San Diego's House Of Blues on Tuesday night.

The Toxic princess performed six different songs, kicking off to an excited crowd after a support set by a DJ. Britney performed all of her hits including Baby One More Time, I'm A Slave For You, Breathe One Me, Do Something and Toxic.

The performance seemed to be aided by a backing track, though a sexy and seductive Brit did do her own singing. Britney set the crowd roaring and howling with her hot look. Wearing a brunette wig, she wore a sparkly bustier, white knee high boots,  and a white skirt.

Brit performed with a team of four female backing dancers who were very erotic and sexy dancing like strippers on chairs before Britney appeared. Brit's taking charge of her own choreography and regular practice definitely paid off, with some very tights sexy moves getting the crowd going.

Despite cheers and chants, Brit chose not to give an encore, instead slipping backstage quickly after offering a big peace, thank you, I love you to the crowd.

Before arriving in San Diego, Britney's tour bus was pulled over by the police just north of San Diego  after they had apparently received  911 calls from other motorists complaining that the bus was moving too slowly.

When the bus pulled off the freeway and stopped at a gas station, there were already fans waiting to greet the star. Jesse And Nadine's Career Conflict

Despite rumors that the one year relationship between star couple Jesse Metcalfe and Nadine Coyle ended due to of Jesse cheating with a "mystery brunette,"  sources close to Metcalfe say the couple's demise came as a result of Nadine's about face towards moving to LA.

According to an insider Jesse responded badly when Nadine broke the news that she wouldnt be heading back to LA to find a house with him when he leaves exclusive Promises rehab center in Malibu in early May.

"They had spoken about Nadine moving to LA earlier this month when she visited him in rehab," the insider revealed." She called him last week and broke the news she wouldnt be coming back so soon to LA due to UK career commitments.

Jesse didnt respond well at all, he was furious, which prompted her to call it quits, the girl Jesse was seen with had nothing to do with it, they are long time pals and studing acting togther, it simply a platonic relationship."

The insider claims Jesse and Nadine had endured constant tenion over their respective careers, with controlling Jesse often suggesting Nadine move to LA. "Nadine's acreer base is in the UK , while Jesse's is in LA and Nadine just wasnt ready to take the gamble on LA."

Nadine is currently filing St Trinians in the UK , while Jesse's career is on hold

Lindsay's DJ Galpal

Fresh from rehab and music mad Wild child Lindsay Lohan is now in the throes of a passionate affair with  high profile club DJ Samantha Ronson. The loving ladies returned from a week in Tokyo club land on Saturday and insiders say they are still going strong.

Sources say Lindsay and Samantha have been an item since New Years eve, when they partied together in Miami at Mansions nightclub. Since then they have been a regular fixture together, seen everywhere from Plumm in NYC to LAX in Hollywood .

They just returned from a weerk in Tokyo together, where Samantha played various clubs including her model twin sister Charlotte's party called "Endless Fun," where she promoted a fashion line.

"They are practically inseparable," said the insider. " They have been together constantly for the past few months. Lindsay is very open about her sexuality and they are now very intimate with one another, alternating between each other's homes in LA and NYC," the source said.

At upscale nightclub Plumm in NYC just two weeks ago, Lindsay and Samantha shocked club goers with their brazen disoplays of affection for one another. "Lindsay took up her usual position next to Samantha in the DJ booth, helping hr to pick songs and mix tunes, but this time she was rubbing her back and shoulders and kissing her neck."

"At one point, Samantha lined up a few tracks and they both disappeared into a nearby restroom, not returning for 15 minutes," the insider claimed." When they came back Lindsay looked absolutely wired and Samantha had a huge grin on her face," the source added.  

Lindsay and Samantha have been close since 2004, having met when Samantha’s song “Built This Way” appeared on the sountrack of movie, Mean Girls in which Lindsay played the lead. Nowadays  Samantha is renowned for hosting nights at some of LA's hottest clubs, including Guys Bar LA, Teddy's LAX, Mood, Privilege, Hyde, Area and assorted private events.

Daughter of Mick Jones, guitarist in seventies rock band Foreigner, Samantha Ronson  is true showbiz pedigree. Her heritage and  DJ skills have initiated many high status friendships, including  the likes of Nicole Richie, Jake Gylenhaal and now Lindsay.

Nadine Vists Jesse

Taking leave from recording duties on the latest Girls Aloud effort in London , smitten songstress Nadine Coyle rushed to be by the side of hunky new beau Jesse Metcalfe this week as he battles his demons in Promises rehab center in Malibu California .

Sources say Girls Aloud singer has spoken to Jesse everyday since he checked in to the center on March 19. Best known as the hunky gardener on the ABC show 'Desperate Housewives' and the star of the film 'John Tucker Must Die,' Metcalfe checked in to

exclusive Promises Center after a week long binge which culminated at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood , where staff asked him to leave due to his extreme behavior.

Nadine headed to LA late last week, arriving in LA with her father Niall to visit Jesse at the center. Sources at Promises say the emotional reunion took place last Friday.

 "They were both in tears and very happy to see one another, kissing and hugging. She arrived with her father who  delivered her and picked her up nearly four hours later."

Rather than brave  the nearby paparazzi infested village of Malibu , Nadine and Jesse instead strolled the grounds, taking in the spectacular ocean views. After walking a sizeable distance from  the main compound, they found an isolated spot, where they enjoyed lunch together after ordering in from a local gourmet seafood cafe.

Despite visiting hours being limited to two hours, Jesse negotiated a reprieve from Promises strict routine in order to spend quality time with his girl.

According to a Promises source, "they are obviously very into one another, they both talked intensely for nearly the whole time they were together, though they also made some time for some intense making out. She took a napkin and wiped his mouth at

one pint and they fed one another spoon fulls of food, it was all very sweet."

The Promises insider says Nadine visited Jesse for the next consecutive days, bringing Jesse gifts which included books, clothes and DVD's. Sources say Nadine will remain in LA for around 10 days before heading back to LA to fulfill her career obligations.

"She is currently staying at Jesse's home in Beverly Hills ," the source said, adding "Nadine mentioned how much she loves LA and Jesse so she's also spending some time during the visit to heck out potential living spaces.

The Promises source says Jesse has since turned himself around due to his stint in rehab. "Jesse has been a model patient since he arrived, the insider said. "Unlike other celebrity patients he has his ego under control and is willing to share in group therapy sessions and do daily chores around the center."

The insider said that after an initial week of detoxifying, Jesse now adheres to a rigorous schedule of group and one on one therapy, as well as lectures devoted to understanding what triggers his compulsion to drink and do drugs. He also hits the gym everyday which is perfecting his already impressive physique.

Ironically, just like his character in Desperate Housewives, Jesse has been designated gardening duty, which has seen him assisting gardening staff with trimming lawns and raking leaves. "The chores are part of a humbling exercise, that helps to ground the patient, and helps them to better understand themselves.

According to the source, although Jesse is progressing well, he will remain in the center for another month. He was recently allowed to leave the center alone, due to his quick reaction to treatment. Dressed in Jeans, gym boots and a denim

shirt, he browsed local clothes stores,  buying a shirt from a local store and hitting the local Starbucks where he was bombarded by Paparazzi.

In November this year, Jesse's latest feature film, Loaded will be released in the US . In the movie he plays a young, wealthy club kid whose life spirals downward into an out-of-control world of drugs, sex and violence.

Who Is Robbie’s Wingman?
He’s been spotted hovering in the background of nearly
every photo of  Robbie Williams taken this year, but
who is the shaven headed bloke shadowing  the former
Take That singer as he hits various LA hotspots?
Oly Travena, aka Oly T as he calls himself is a former
boy band singer and fashion model, currently on
contract in LA. Hailing from London , insiders say he
met Robbie two years ago at a party in LA.
According to an insider, “They have the same
interests. Oly is just developing his career as a
singer so looks to Rob for inspiration and advice,
while Rob looks to Oly for friendship and support."
The insider says Oly also lives with Rob at his
Hollywood Hills home, living rent free in exchange for
 assistant and chauffeur duties. He fits this in when
he isn’t on modeling assignments or recording
“Oly also does odd jobs for Rob and drives him around
as he doesn’t drive. You’ll see him behind the wheel
of Rob’s black Range Rover whenever they are out and
about in LA.
“They are best mates, they play football, chase girls
and  make a bit of music together, but nothing serious
as yet.” Oly also shares Rob’s penchant for women,
acting as his wingman as they hit LA hotspots   while
on the pull..
It seems Oly is as much a lothario as his mate.
According to sources he’s having already notched up an
impressive list of conquests while staying in LA with
Robbie, including Rachel Stevens, Carrie Underwood and
 Danny Minogue.

More Than Courteney’s Dirty Friend

Former Friends actress Courteney Cox  and B actor hubby David Arquette are said to be  enjoying extra marital affairs. In addition to rumors  Cox enjoyed a dalliance with her Dirt co star Josh Stewart, David is also said to be seeing a 28 year old female actress.

According to a source . David ironically met the 28 year old via a casting for  a mutual project he and Courtenay are working on  about a mom who is disturbed by her daughter’s obsession with music.

“She was up for a character in the movie and David got to meet her. Push came to shove and they had some after hours meetings which have evolved into something more. Now they see one another at least twice a week.”

The insider claims David has been driving to the woman’s Malibu home for coffee, and “discussions,” about the film business. Meanwhile  the insider claims Courteney is ok with it as their marriage is now at another level.

“They are at the point of their relationship where they have an open marriage, but are concerned about the potential effects on Coco should things get out of hand..”

Sources say the pair, who have been married  since 1999 are  aren’t considering a trial separation just yet “They are no longer possessive or jealous and have reached the next phase of their relationship.

Courteney’s much publicized fling with Dirt co star Josh Stewart is also true, the insider claims. “They bonded both on and off the set, enjoying dinners and  social stuff. David was aware but doesn’t really care, he’s actually been turning a blind eye,” the source added

In January, Arquette admitted that the couple occasionally go to counseling sessions to work through their issues, saying, "We go to therapy once in a while... but I'm happy, don't get me wrong, I love her."

Brit Rehab Routine

Toxic princess Britney Spears appears to be reaping the benefit of her stay at the luxury $40,000 a month Promises rehab center in Malibu .

Rising everyday at 6am, sources say Brit is now involved in a strict routine consisting of physical and psychological therapy, including yoga, counseling sessions and psycho drama sessions.

Insiders say the twice daily psycho drama sessions are used as a technique to help clarify antisocial personality traits. “They aid patients with addictions in the process of realizing the extremes of their behavior, clarifying what drives them to indulge,” says a clinic source.

Insiders say Britney is staying on the 15 acre Malibu property which houses three separate buildings that host sleeping quarters, counseling sessions and a kitchen with eating facilities. “She is progressing well at the center and has settling into the routine,” the source says. “

Part of Brit schedule is to also attend regular AA meetings. The starlet is now attending up to  four a week at various locations around Santa Monica and West Hollywood .

At 10 am on Sunday morning, Kevin took Sean Preston and Jayden James to visit their mother in rehab. The family reunion was short-lived, however, as Kevin took the kids home after less than an hour, with observers saying he appeared in a morose mood while returning home.

On Monday night Brit went to Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Pacific Palisades from 8 - 9 pm. According to witnesses Brit smoked and chatted with others who attended the meeting.

She left in a white SUV owned by Promises, with a group of people assumed to be associated with the center, some patients, some staff. Brit changed her look a little and wore a dress with heels, but hid under her signature hoodie.

Meanwhile Brit’s ex Kevin Federline has been criticized for his wayward parenting, with his young sons Jaden and Sean Preston seldom seeing the light of day. Observers say the children are rarely outside during their current routine, which sees them spending most of their time indoors at Kevin’s Tarzana home or while visiting Britney in rehab.

“They are seldom outdoors, which could be bad for their health,” the source said. Kfed is reportedly annoyed by the prospect of people profiting from the photographs in advance of him brokering a deal to sell them,” an insider said.

Kfed is also rumored to be negotiating a deal with an LA based production company to make a second reality TV series, this time about his current plight as a single parent, raising his kids, while Brit recovers in rehab.

 Beckhams woes in finding an LA home

After a harrowing month spent trying to locate  the right property, it seems Victoria Beckham has found a nest for her man and her clan, clinching a deal to occupy a $20 million dollar mansion once occupied by Meg Ryan.

Could it be Posh has a Russel Crowe fetish? secretly hankering for permananet stubble, alcohol breath and Aussie drawl from her metrosexual soccer star David? Insiders say Ryan actually occupied the house when she had her famous tryst with Crowe way back in the nineties, which inevitably led to the downfall of her then marriage to Dennis Quaid.

Insiders say the pair did far more in the upscale property than rehease lines for Proof Of Life. The Bel Air property, just a stone's throw from Tomkat's residence is a steal for the Beckham's who originally set their LA property budget at $30 million.

As per their aversion to any renovations, the home is fully decked out in Mediterranean decor, with ten bedrooms and five bathrooms. There's also a tennis court, swimming pool, gym, but as yet no soccer field.

Brit Week Timleine - Sunday February 18 2007 +

Britney had an intimate heart to heart with her father Jamie over an early dinner at Stevie’s Creole café in Encino . Sources say the spoke seriously to one another throughout the meal, with Britney vowing to enter treatment the next day dinner.

Britney opts for a last hurrah before entering rehab, by attending a friends birthday party at the Roxy nightclub. Resplendent in tacky blonde wig and sunglasses, she reportedly visited the restrooms alone on five different occasions, “looking more and more wired each time,” said a source.

Britney reportedly  tired quickly of The Roxy and was prompted to leave when a karaoke singer commenced warbling her classic “Baby One More Time.”

After The Roxy, Brit headed to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills hotel where she drank with two friends till well after 2am. She was then driven back to her Malibu home.

Monday –  February 19

Britney sleeps late after continuing to party at her Malibu home with two girlfriends and one backup dancer till around 4am the previous night.

Waking at around 330pm, she has an assistant gather some clothes and belongings and get her affairs in order in preparation for her rehab visit.  

She has conversations with her parents, Lynn and Jamie, her manager Larry Rudolph and Kevin and agrees to have him take the children for the first week of her visit, with interim visits paid by her to them at her Malibu home throughout the subsequent period of her treatment. Kevin will reportedly take care of the children at his Sherman Oaks home, with the assistance of a nanny.

Brit tells them she is to stick to her agreement to enter rehab that night, Rudolph reads her the statement he plans to release. "We ask that the media respect her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time," the statement reads.

In order to avert the prying eyes of media, she strategy sees Brit driven to Promises Rehab center, just a 15 minute drive from her Malibu Hills home at 10 pm. She is walked into the center by a driver/ guard and checks into her room.

Tuesday – February 20, 2007: Britney enters rehab, again.

Still wearing the same brown True Religion jeans she has worn the day before, yet now with a brief pink tank top, Britney is spotted sans wig  on the grounds of Promises, smoking a cigarette.

Sources at Malibu 's Promises rehab center, say Brit is to be treated for alcohol and substance abuse, with the initial program involving a week long detox process and group counseling sessions.

In the course of detoxing, Brit was to be monitored by a medical doctor, with her blood tested and vital signs monitored. She would also be screened by a psychologist and her partnered rehab buddy for a weeklong period. 

In addition to detox, Britney was set to undergo group sessions and counseling where she would confide details of her battle with addictions, revealing what prompts her to indulge.

After bonding with an unknown male pal, and sharing cigarettes and conversation on the grounds of the facility during a break, Britney is observed to be increasingly agitated, belligerent and unresponsive to group sessions. Without a cell phone she is observed making several phone calls in the early evening.

Wednesday –  February 21

At around 4am, Britney checks herself out of rehab. She is collected in a black SUV driven by one of her backup dancers. The pair initially head for the Body & Soul tattoo parlor in Sherman Oaks, where she was tattooed just days earlier on Friday February 16.

Although a staffer is working late at the tattoo parlor, they do not let her in. She then heads back to Malibu , taking the 20 route through the Malibu Mountains with her back up dancer driver.

Arriving back at her Malibu mansion at around 5am, Britney sleeps until 8 am and then arranges to be collected by her assistant. Wearing a Fedora and They head off to West Hollywood in Britney’s silver Mercedes in order to visit a criminal defense lawyer.

Sources indicate she is getting legal advice regarding the custody of her children Sean Preston and Jayden after becoming aware of Kevin’s previously undisclosed plan to push for custody due to her rehab issues.

 After the lawyers meeting, Britney checks in to the Bel Air Hotel for the night. She has her pet dog Bit Bit in tow, along with a notebook and Blackberry. She confides she is going to write some “killer lyrics,” that night.

At around 11pm, an agitated Britney is collected by her assistant from the Bel Air Hotel in her silver Mercedes and they head to Kevin Federline’s house in  Sherman Oaks. Arriving at the house, Britney, still in shorts, grey hoodie and tennis shoes, storms to the front door and repeatedly rings the doorbell for nearly 15 minutes, the then marches around to the back of the house, but there is no response.

After calling on her mobile phone from her Mercedes parked outside the house, Britney waits another 15 minutes before finally driving off. Brit and her assistant head back to the Bel Air hotel taking around 20 minutes to do so.

Thursday  February 22

Kevin Federline is set to appear at LA Superior Court in downtown LA after asking a  judge for an emergency hearing discuss his custody dispute with Britney

Sources claim only K-Fed and his attorney are scheduled to appear before the judge, sometime during the morning of Feb 22.

Kfed originally filed papers in November seeking spousal support and sole custody of 5-month-old Jayden James and 17-month-old Sean Preston. A a temporary court order granted the couple joint custody, with Spears having primary physical custody of the boys.

This is expected to be the key matter in question as Britney’s unhinged behavior could see her branded an unfit mum.

Britney Timeline –Additional info

//Britney laid off all of her domestic staff about ten days ago and as of now, there's no one working in her Malibu home.

//On Friday after being photographed shaving her head, sources say  Britney tried to take her own life by walking into traffic, only to be rescued at the last second by her staff.

A short time later she was rushed to a doctor after saying she was going to kill herself by overdosing on prescription pills.

// Californias Child Protection hotline received calls expressing concern for on Brit's kids and her recent bizarre behavior. The DCFS provides a 24/7 phone number that any resident in the Los Angeles area can use to report or discuss any issue regarding children.

Robbie's La La Land

The wild Hollywood lifestyle of embattled crooner Robbie Williams is at the core of his addiction issues, with regular private parties at his Hollywood mansion filled with drugs booze and sex.
 According to an insider Robbie's  fear of media scrutiny saw him  preferring private over the top parties at his Hollywood mansion rather than let loose in LA's host of hipster nightspots. At home Robbie was able to truly indulge his wild side and avoid the cameras and comments.
Sources say Robbie often hosted private parties, sometimes two in a week, letting a select group of friends and acquaintances know by email and text message. Some of Williams in house nights followed the popular LA "tray party," trend, whereby various illegal an legal drugs are placed on a tray for all to share.
According to a source who attended several of the parties "There were masses of drugs on hand, including piles of cocaine,  heroin, weed, GBH  and ecstacy and various prescription pills, like Vicodin and Xanax. It was like a chemist. There was also well stocked bar with a barman serving virtually anything you wanted," a source claimed.
The source claimed Williams house parties were always bawdy, with people romping naked and having sex openly in front of others. "People were going into rooms and having sex, dancing half naked, swimming in the pool and chasing one another about, it was a really wild time. This would carry on till well past sunrise, I can remember staying for two days on one occasion.

The insider claimed Williams was quite spontaneous about his parties, holding up to six a month if the mood struck. On other occasions, the often solitary singer would lie low, remaining at his home alone watching movies.

The source says, those attending the parties were generally known to Williams and selected by people close to him, including his housemate. "It was a typical LA crowd, many were Brits involved in the entertainment biz, while others work in fashion and music," the source revealed.

While there were many drugs on hand, the insider say they seldom saw Robbie indulge. Despite having a house full of guests, the eccentric star would often retreat to his bedroom with a new gal pal, and remain there for the entire duration of the party.

In addition to attracting LA's glamour set the source claims high class hookers were another mainstay of Robbie's wild nights." A team of working girls  often showed up towards the end of the evening. Robbie's assistant would arrange it and they would disappear into a bedroom with two girls each."


Britney's Lost Night

After her bizarre head shaving incident on Friday night, torn starlet Britney Spears is said to be sorely regretting her new do and will remain in exile until she decides what to do with it.

 Insiders say Brit's mum Lynn is furious, while her manager Larry Rudolph is also annoyed, stating its a big no no for her image. Insiders say Brit will now face the added chore of being fitted with a wig whenever she performs or has to face a photo op.

According to an insider, "Britney was wasted when she visited the hairdresser and tattoo parlor, she's been taking a cocktail of Vicodin and anti depressants and hasn’t been herself since the Grammy's. It was the ultimate act of self sabotage, her way of telling her critics she doesnt care less what anyone thinks of her."

The source claims Brit finally succumbed to pressure from friends and family  and checked into the Crossroads Clinic in Antigua last week, but left after she objected to the spartan conditions and the fact that she wouldnt see her kids for nearly a month.

"Britney doesnt really think she has a substance abuse or alcohol problem. She's always partied as much its just that before she didnt have two kids and she did it at home with her partners. As someone in her early twenties she'd jus lay off for a week and work out everyday, now that she hasnt been doing that, its effected her physically." 

Meanwhile an out of control Britney headed to Cedars Sinai Medical Centre in Beverly Hills at around 2am after her bizarre night of shaving her head and getting new tattoos. Sources at the hospital say a manic Brit wanted help after she started suffering panic attacks.

" She was suffering a major anxiety attack and needed medication to calm her down. After she was examined by a doctor she was given a sedative and driven home by a minder."

Kfed And JT Bond

Britney Spears exes Justin Timberlake and Kevin Federline were surprisingly chummy when they met at JT's pre Grammy bash on Friday at LA's prestige music venue Club Avalon.

Insiders say the pair converged on the red carpet while entering the venue and shared a close moment. As Kfed stood answering questions to media along the red carpet line, Timberlake walked past the media scrum, avoiding questions as he hurried into the club where he was performing.

"When Justin got level with Kfed on the red carpet he yelled hey Kev. A surprised KFed then turned around smiling, he then held out his arms and they hugged, Kev was obviously surprised and said, "Love you man," and Justin responded, "Go for it man, rock on."

Insiders say the exchange, was relatively brief, but the pair were seen chatting again inside after JT's 40 minute set later that evening. "The were talking and laughing for about 20 minutes,  they were  both laughing and slapping one another." Insiders say the pair not only share taste in women, but also for cigarettes of the herbal variety. " They rolled up backstage courtesy of Kevin after the set and shared a couple," the insider claimed.

 The party, which raged on well after 3am attracted a plethora of stars, including the likes of Scarlet Johanssen, Cisco Adler, John Maher and Jessica Simpson, The Black Eyed Peas, Nic Lachey,  and a squiffy Alicia Keys. Insiders say JT partied a little too much, which is the real reason he failed to perform again at a post Grammy’s party the following day.  

Timberlake claimed a 103 degree temperature, prevented him from performing at the Clive Davis Pre Grammy's bash on saturday but insiders say it was a little too much indulgence. Fortunately the crooner was fighting it for Grammy's Sunday, offering a killer rendition of the classic Aint No Sunshine.

Friday's concert was more substantial.lDanity Kane opened the show with a brief set and then Neptunes' artist Kenna performed a handful of songs from his upcoming album. In addition to his  ten song performance, Timberlake's manager Johnny Wright announced a new partnership with Timberlake and Verizon called JT TV — featuring movies, music and fashion programming.

Britney's Restroom Pit stop

Britney Spears took a break from recording her new album to make a surprise appearance Friday at New York's Fashion Week. Photographed wearing a small black Gucci dress with the label still attached, Brit made an appearance at a range of shows, including Kimora Lee Simmonds and Baby Phat.
Brit reportedly stayed at the Hudson hotel and took in a range of social outings, including a trip to Bed nightclub. She was also spotted making an extraordinarily long bathroom stop at Table 8 restaurant with several friends in tow.
According to an insider, after attending the Baby Phat show, Brit and several pals had dinner at Table 8. "They were downing cocktails at a rapid rate and chain smoking cigarettes, they were very rowdy."
The restaurant source claims Brit and her pals visited the women’s toilets on five different occasions during their four hour stay "There were four women standing in a tiny cubicle, it was embarrassing. They were obviously doing drugs, which is pretty shocking from someone so high profile."
The source claims that Brit and her pals left after several rounds and headed to Bed nightclub, where they continued to drink and party until well after 330am.


Jess Gets Wild

Sporting a new makover courtesy of stylist pal Ken Paves, including dyed red hair and extra think lashes, wacky Jessica Simpson blue off steam with pals in LA over the weekend.

Going solo after a week in the company of new boyfriend, singer John Maher, Jessica, dressed in bkue tanktop, jeans and belt got silly for trailing photogs outside club Huyde early  on saturday night, pulling faces, yelling and screaming in a mock redneck accent.

After clammering into a waiting SUV, witnesses say Jess and sideick Ken Paves heade to nearby Paramount studios where they attended 24 hour party Xeni, a regular Hollywood weekend event.

Insiders at the party say Jess downmed secveral rounds of cocktails before  meeting an unkown male." They were making out bigtime, hugging and kissing, it was a frenzy," the insider said.

Spotted leaving the venue just after 430 am with her pal Ken Paves in tow, Jess wes asked by photogs how serious she was about her new boyfriend John Maher, Im probably gonna martry that man," she slurred. 

Penelope Cruz & Olivier Martinez Hook Up

Just a day after his formal split from Aussie starlet Kylie Minogue, ruthless Olivier Martinez was spotted getting more than friendly with multi award winning Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, retreating to his room at the Chateau Marmont after what apopeared to be a lunchtime chance meeting.

Defying earlier reports that the pair were simply hugging after a chance lunchtime meeting, hotel sources say that Olivier actually joined Penelope for a late lunch and actually invited her to his room at the hotel afterwards.

According to the source, "Olivier usually stays at the hotel when he is in LA and he has favorite suite here. He was walking back to his room after having lunch in the outdoor courtyard when he spotted Penelope and two female friends enjoying a late lunch."

"Olivier complimented Pen on how well she looked and she invited him to join the group. After  they were engaged in conversation for over twnty minutes, Penelope's other two friends took the hint and  decided it was time to go. Penelope and Olivier continued their intense conversation for around thirty minutes before they headed off to his room.

The source claims Olivier ordered a bottle of wine and some hors derves, getting them delivered to his suite. "They met at about 3pm and by 5 pm they had opted to visit his bungalow," the insider claimed, adding, " Penelope was seen collecting her car from the hotel valet in the lobby area just a little after 9pm."

Lindsay's Rehab Progress

Despite earlier criticisms  about her seriousness towards rehab, wild child Lindsay Lohan has reportedly ceased the shopping and clubbing trips and is now on the road to health and sobriety.

After checking into the Wonderland health facility in early janusray, Lindsay took frequent breaks, itting nightclubs and shopping almost daily, but according to a sources, serious lecturesd by her councillors inside the facility have seen her  adopt a new appraoch.

"Lindsay realizes that she has to adhere to a disciplined schedule, othjerwise, the treatment will be a waste of time. While before she was flippant and undisciplined, now she realizes she needs to remain focused and committed in order to pull herseld out of relapsing."

In additon to th Wonderland treatments, lIndsay has also been attending regular AA meetings in Hollywood, confiding the details of her drug and alcohol experiences to a gropu of fellow addicts, some of them broke and homeless. Asked why she feels the need to attend the AA sessions, Lindsay revealed it kept her committed to sobriety.

Meanmwhile Lindsay is also  attending private gym sessions with a trainer, at Gold's Gym in Beverly Hills to ensure she gains the maximum benefits of her newfound sobriety.

In a statement issued through her rep, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay says "I have made a proactive decision to take care of my personal health. I appreciate your well wishes and ask that you please respect my privacy at this time."

Tara Reid To Move To Australia

Starlet Tara Reid was so impressed with Australia during her recent visit, she wants to move there full time.

Insiders say Reid, who visited Australia in  January to  appear at the Gold Coast Magic millions horseracing carnival also spoke to two key production companies during her visit.

Insiders say Reid is currently negotiating two key future “reality” styled projects  said to bare a resemblance to  her US show previously aired on the US based E network called Taradise.

According to a source,  the future programs will be sports oriented and see tara observing various distinctly Australian sports from the inside out.

 “ Tara will lend her own brand of quirky humor while she discovers all there is to know about sports like rugby and Aussie Rules,” the insider claimed . “ The other is an entertainment styled concept.”

 Tara will reportedly spend  a year living in Australia while the two series are made.

Brit's A Doting Mom

It seems Britney spears has finally responded the recent jibes about her bad girl lifestyle.

Reportedly upset with comments  by ex hubby Kevin Federline and media stories about her need for rehab and wayward parenting, the starlet  seems  have rediscovered the joys of motherhood.

Last week she retreated to a Laguna Beach hotel for two days with kids in tow. Insiders say Brit wanted to show the world how  much she adored her kids so she checked herself and a nanny into the upscale Casa Laguna hotel  along LA’s upscale coastal strip, playing beachside with her two boys. And checking into a $2000 a night bungalow

After spending two days away from the media spotlight, Brit and her bots returned to her Beverly Hills home. Brit then got back to her comeback schedule on Friday, visiting  a Studio City dance studio, again with her two boys by her side.

Brit was seen choreographing a team of dancers and gettin' into the groove herself. "She actually nursedJayden in one arm while directing two dancers with the other," a witness said.

Brit's assistant was on hand  and helped Brit with th two boys during the dance studio session. Jayden and Sean were overseen by her nmanny while she clapped her nahs and offered encouraging words to the dancers as they sweated it out for over 40 minutes to a gruelling routine. 

After day at dance studio  Brit visited Ralphs supermarket in Beverly Hills with her assistant where she stocked up on groceries including several packs of diapers and several Valentines day cards Brit ws also seen buying a birthday card -

could it be for ex JT whose birthday is later this month?

Burlesque Britney Style
Maintaining her wild social life, it seems Britney Spears has a new favorite nightspot in LA, burlesque club Forty Deuce on Melrose Blvde.
Taking yet another night off from her kids and recording her forthcoming album, Brit and pals have attended the club on three occasions in the same week.
Not content to just watch the show, club sources say a  wobbly Brit decided to storm the stage while the club’s eight member troupe were on a break. Drink in one hand ciggie in the other, Brit gyrated to the retro hit “I Love Roc And Roll,” By Joan Jett
According to a club source, “she downed several cocktails at around 11pm and was pretty wasted, howling at the dancers and trying to jump up on stage at every opportunity.Aty one stage security had to get her off the stage so the show could start.”
 “Britney needed help walking from her car into the club when she arrived, and she proceeded to get worse. Brit is particularly interested on one of the dancer at the club, a 22 year old brunette named Lisa, who she wanted to meet after the show,” the insider claimed.
Sources say a decidedly wobbly Brit headed to the club on three occasions over recent weeks, on  December 13, 16 and again on December 19. Forty Deuce, famous for its team of eight trained burlesque dancers, charges $20 entry and stages three separate shows throughout the evening, while dancer are clad in lingerie, there is no nudity

Written by Craig Stephens

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