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Oh My God - Is it admirable when localism gives way to globalism? when the overriding sentimentality for all things familiar  is surpassed by people and places you need to get to in an airplane? Yes its more interesting, though expensive, and the accents are sometimes weird.

The Kaiser Chiefs are weird people with funny accents from a place called Leeds in England , a former mining town with some good universities. They seem a smart mob of blokes and in all their emaciated, skinny jeans wearing, fag smoking glory.

Essentially they are yobs. Uncultured underprivileged types, by US standards. "Losers," as is often the term deemed to embrace those of challenged backgrounds, those denied the glories of car culture and consumerism.

Still The Kaiser Chiefs are in a way of the moment. Offering travel deprived Angelenos an unfamiliar romanticism, belying more depth, and appeal than the average mall spawned dullard fed on a diet of cable TV and pampering parents.

Limey acts overall offer a level of  artistry and humor that quite often surpass the domestic dross, and The Kaiser Chiefs offer a taste of that - being from there and all. Funny how the name Kaiser is actually the German word for Chief, hence this band's name is some sort of Euro speak stutter.

OK what of the music? Homage to everyone from the Undertones, SLF, doodles of. Mott The Hoople, Kinks and some latter day quirkiness. This is Indy Rock, done well,  bawdy, melodic and  well organized with all  portions of the formula; in place

Ok what were the standout songs?  Oh My God, Roby, I Predict A Riot, Angry Mob and Retirement. This is sing along straight forward stuff, nothing artsy or Emo here, its anthemic, celebratory, buy me another beer and make sarcastic comments about David Beckham type stuff -The band also have an obedient crowd base who like to be told to clap their hands above their heads, very good.


Written by Craig Stephens

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