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Comedic actor Ken Davitian is probably better known as Borat’s sidekick and for his nude wrestling skills than anything else, but a new role as head Chaos agent Shtarker alongside lead Steve Carell in the forthcoming feature film Get Smart is bound to prove his professional worth.

Without too much pushing  Davitian offers a simple storyline spoiler, “the star of the movie sees Max as a mere data analyst, as Control has been rendered that role due to the proliferation of the CIA and the FBI.,” he reveals.

“But when Kaos manages to wipe out most of Control, the Chief is forced to promote Max to agent, where he is teamed up with the experienced, Agent 99. Kaos is smuggling nuclear weapons into the U.S. and Max and 99 must prevent Siegfried and Shtarker from using them “

On a personal level Davitian is the antithesis of his current his near rockstar fame. A married 53 year old, he is still loyal to his Armenian roots, has two adult sons  and owns and manages two LA based French dip sandwich stores .

Prior to his big hit Borat  role, Ken ran his family waste disposal company,  making a healthy wage and seeing his fleet of garbage trucks boom from two to ten.

After investing heavily in  a contract in Mexico city  he lost  millions after a  competitor with government connections ran him out of town after threatening to plant cocaine on him and have him busted.

Broke, with a young family to support he returned to LA and did what any level headed artist would do - he decided to resume his acting career.

Several months after juggling various survival jobs, including telemarketing and selling contracts for a pal’s waste disposal business his Hollywood happy ending came in the form of his Borat role.

“The Borat film really blew the doors off my career. I was initially told I would only have half my face shown while driving the ice cream truck, but I ended up appearing throughout the film.

Now Davitian has a host of forthcoming feature film gigs, including two proposed Get Smart follow ups, a drama Tuesday Never Comes with Eric Estrada, a comedy Hunting And Fishing and TV roles on ER and Ghost Whisperer – all thanks to dangling his  scrotum in the face of actor Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA Borat.

“The nude scene wrestling Sacha Baron Cohen was totally unscripted, We just acted on his verbal direction. We rehearsed it three times, with three showers each in between. Initially I tried to talk them out of it, but  Sacha clinched the deal when he told me, If you do this scene, I can practically guarantee you an invitation to the Playboy mansion.”

Written by Craig Stephens

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