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Britney’s Ups and Downs in Love

Britney Spears’ torrid affair of the last three weeks may be losing its spark. The controversial popette seems to have waning interest in newfound furry friend Lacy, a $1700(US) maltese pup she bought way back on June 20.

Lacy was at the center of the controversial hit and run with a photographer in Santa Monica on that same fateful day, when Brit's SUV driving mum Lynn failed to see a throng of papparazzi.

Meanwhile Britney’s second pet, dancing lothario Kevin Federline seems to have maintained favor with the Toxic star.

According to US tabloid, Star Magazine, despite urgent pleas for her parents to enter into a pre nup agreement with husband to be Kev, Brit. insists this is the real thing and doesn’t want to offend him by asking for one.

Brit, worth an estimated $100 million could stand to lose heavily should her relationship with Federline backfire.  In addition to purchasing her own engagement ring in preparation for her November wedding, Brit’s spending spree suggests Kev is living large courtesy of the hard working starlet.

So far Brit has purchased a house in LA’s gates Mulholland estates community, where Lakers basketballer Shaq Oneal is selling his home for a reported $7.5 million. The lovebirds also spent three nights at a $2000 a night resort hotel on Maui while Brit also flew Kev to Europe for her tour, spending over $10,000.


Britney’s trailer park ways

Could Britney Spears’ new beau Kevin Federline be dragging her down? Whats de rigeur on the suburban streets of Fresno doesn’t cut it on the streets of Beverly Hills.

While indulging herself with hubby to be Kev over the last week in the process of nursing her knee injury, it seems Brit has plummeted to previously unknown depths in the behavioral stakes.

It all started at the Ritz Hotel in seaside Marina Del Rey earlier this week. When she wasn’t downing a cocktail or dragging on a cig, the Toxic princess also took to the bizarre practice of squeezing her new beau’s zits. She even managed a bit of crotch rubbing, making the most of Kev’s… ummm, devotion while on the balcony of their plush hotel suite.

Taking a break from their three day love fest at  the plush hotel earlier this week, Britney Spears and Kev also made a pitstop at supermarket Ralphs for snacks. Forever footing the bill, forgetful Brit left her purse in the couple’s white Range Rover, sending Kev to retreave it while hapless customers waited over ten minutes behind the princess of pop to check in their groceries.

 Next up, while out transporting her sister o an east LA recording studio. Kev and Brit opted to smoke cigarettes while refueling their gas guzzling SUV at a local gas station, despite the obvious No Smoking signs. 

Poor Britney. Is she feeling very relaxed and or just forgetting her manners?


Sorvino wedding – the dark reality

It all seemed wine and roses back on June 11 when Mira Sorvino married 23 years old actor/ boy toy Christopher Backus, 13 years her junior. The star couple initially wed in a private civil ceremony, in Santa Barbara on June 11, staging another far more elaborate ceremony on Jul 2 for over 100 family and guests on the tiny Italian island of Capri

On the grounds of the rented Villa Parente, on the spectacularly beautiful island, just off the coast of Naples,  the couple were wed at 530 pm in an ancient neoclassical temple. Nearby on antique tables meticulously set with antique silver and lace tablecloths, guests dined on pasta in lobster sauce and a three tiered chocolate sponge cake.

Fuelled by freshly chilled Feudi di San Gergio white wine, a local delicacy, father Paul Sorvino, renowned for his mobster character roles sang Neapolitan ballads, while other squiffy guests attempted the fast paced tarantella dance.

For wedding planner Mary Anne Isabella , a harsh reality underscored the fairytale Capri wedding. Far removed from the stereotypical veneer of glamour and romance, what promised to be challenging and exciting project was in fact a grueling, personal nightmare.

Having been born on the island of Capri, Isabella has intimate knowledge of its geography and people. She also has over twenty years experience in the catering business, attuned to the chaotic pace and often unreasonable demands of difficult clientele.

Yet, for the seasoned wedding planner, who has run several weddings on the island of Capri her biggest challenge was overcoming the Sorvino family’s unreasonably tight budget, aggressive personalities and constant decision changes.

Considering the venue, an exotic island with a tiny population of 11,000 inhabitants, playground for the likes of Nicolas Cage, Bill Gates, and Georgio Armani, Isabella pulled off an unusual feat, using her knowledge and professional contacts to negotiate a projected   cost of under $40,000 for the event. With her own consulting fee reaching $15,000, she estimated the cost of food and drink per person would reach $160 a head. This was to cover food, beverages and gratuities.

From the get go, Isabella faced some big basic challenges. In addition to the sweltering 100 degree temperature, all supplies including refrigerators, food, wine, clothing and furniture, had to be man handled from the local dock five miles from the villa die to the island of Capri’s ban on motorized vehicles.

"They never had any money," Isabella said. "Despite the incredible deal I landed them, they still questioned every cent. "Mira and Chris arrived on the island with three Euros in their pocket after spending a week in Sicily. They immediately demanded a place to change and something to eat. as they had nothing, I had to cover the expense with $100 of my own money."

None of the Sorvino family or their guest ever tipped, I had to tip out of my own pocket. They were so badly behaved each subcontractor on the wedding was ready to walk off at any time. The main caterer actually resigned four days before the event." Isabella said

"A number of waiters assigned to the event. They were continually ordered to get guests food and drink and were never tipped. I n addition I had to pay a vast number of expenses outside the original budget. Ultimately, between lodging, airline ticket, time and having to the additional expenses out of my own pocket, the wedding ended up costing me money."

When I finally presented Paul Sorvino with outstanding bills he  was extremely rude. Whenevr I showed him a detail he disputed it. They had initial options in their contract though never expressed them.  Wait staff  were never paid for the huge number of orders placed to them, leaving an outstanding bill of nearly $5000.

 I was extremely offended by his aggression.  When I told him  the wedding was nearly shut down due to threats from the owner after damages, he  didn’t flinch, he threw the money at me  muttering " this is mafia, this is mafia. He questioned everything and  demanded I not speak Italian when  dealing with him and subcontractos, he demanded I not speak to them in Italian."

Asked why she had not opted to take legal action, over her unpaid bills, Isabella said she was  so disturbed by their aggression she no longer wanted any future interraction with the Sorvino family.


Brit’s spotty problem

Britney Spears seems to be desperate to solve her problem with acne  and is anxious to rekindle her clean look.  Brit’s spotty problem is probably due to perpetual boozing, smoking and eating junk food since she twisted her knee a month ago..

The star has finally decided to act after countless newspaper photos have depicted her face cover in pimples. She was even seen recently in the company of fiancé Kevin Federline actually squeezing them.

The Toxic popette seemed extremely self conscious when attending an LA based dermatologist in LA on Friday, covering the left side of her face whenever looming photographers came close for a shot.

Wearing brown chord jeans, sunglasses and a funky pink cap, the former mousketeer   will undoubtedly return to her clean faced self soon.


Brit’s loveshack

Pop love birds Britney Spears and fiancé Kevin Federline are househunting for their first family home, a four million dollar Malibu property

The star couple were spotted in seaside Malibu on Wednesday afternoon accompanied by their mothers. Kevin with mother Colette and Brit with mother Lyn travelled in separate cars to view a magnificent  five bedroom home in  the Malibu Hills.

Just minutes from the Pacific Coast highway, the Malibu estate is described by local realtor Sotherby’s as "open and  bright with high soaring ceilings, five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Located behind gates in a private neighborhood. the 6800 sq ft home includes bedrooms with their own fireplace, sitting room, spa tub, steam shower & his/her walk-in closets."

The property also features a gourmet kitchen with granite counters and sub zero fridge/freezer, three fireplaces, and a total of 11 rooms. It has an open floor plan, grand entrance, wide circular driveway and backyard with a pool, spa, bbq and fire pit


Brit’s gift to shar?

Britney Spears had a far less dramatic day  than hubby to be Kevin Federline after the birth of his new son by his ex Shar Jackson.

Brit shopped for flowers as stressed out Kev rushed to the hospital bed of his ex Shar Jackson after she gave birth to a baby boy at Downey General Medical Center at 1030am on Tuesday. 

Dressed in his signature homeboy style Federline,  who already has a 2-year-old daughter with the actress sped to the hospital from Santa Monica to be with her and his new son one and a half hours after the birth at  12.00pm

Kev motored to Downey alone in a white Range Rover owned by Britney Spears. He appeared to be smiling at he sped down the 10 freeway at over 100 mph.

Meanwhile  a relaxed Britney Spears dressed in sheer white top, straw hat and shades cruised from her plush Santa Monica apartment in her black Mercedes SUV to a local florist, stocking up on several bunches of exotic flowers and vases.


The boy for Shar

Actress Shar Jackson, former partner of Britney Spears fiancé Kevin Federline and co-star of television’s "Moesha," gave birth to a baby boy at Downey General Medical Center at 1030am on Tuesday.

The birth went without complications.  Ex partner Kevin Federline,  who already has a 2-year-old daughter with the actress sped to the hospital from Santa Monica to be with Shar and his new son one and a half hours after the birth at  12.00pm

Dressed in his signature homeboy style of baseball cap and baggy shorts,  Federline motored to Downey alone in a white Range Rover owned by Britney Spears. He appeared to be smiling at he sped down the 10 freeway at over 100 mph.

"I don’t know her (Spears), I can’t speak for her, but ready or not, here it comes," Jackson said in an interview that aired in late June on the syndicated TV show "Access Hollywood."

"After I meet her and everything’s cool, we can be one big happy family," Jackson said in excerpts from the interview.

Jackson said she harbors no ill will toward Spears—"You should never blame the other woman, never"—and that the breakup of her three-year relationship with Federline has been hardest on their daughter, Corey.

"Hearing her asks for daddy and he’s not there," she said. "That’s the only part that hurts. That’s it."


Reel moms

A baby screaming in a crowded cinema? No one cares about the noise. The 11 a.m. screening is specifically for stir-crazy parents who gave up movies when their babies came along.

Babies have been traditionally unwelcome in movie theaters, where even hushed whispers can irritate someone in the next seat. But with babies all around, the theory goes, parents won't feel self-conscious if their child starts bawling in the middle of an important scene.

Reel Moms is a  weekly film series run by  Loews cinema chain geared to moms, dads and caregivers with infants. A different first-run film is screened each Tuesday in an environment conducive to people with babies:

The classic movie experience is altered at the special shows to accommodate youngsters and their parents. The lights are dimmed, not darkened, and the sound is turned down. Strollers can be checked at the door, space is provided for changing diapers and babies get in free.

Drink holders usually used for super-sized sodas hold little bottles filled with milk and juice. Babies crawl across the floor while others sleep in their mothers' laps.

Women breast-feed in their seats and change diapers in the aisles. Some come with mothers' groups, while others swap baby advice with women they have just met.

The reviews have been mixed. Some moms hoped for pre-movie entertainment (which Loews does offer in Manhattan) to wear the kids out and prime them for a nap during the movie.

 Sill the success will see Loews Cineplex Entertainment  expanding its test run of ``Reel Moms,'' which started last fall in Manhattan, to several other locations throughout the US this summer


Brit’s Leg Up

Britney Spears is showing signs that her leg injury could  be relapsing. Spotted out in LA over the last week Britney sought the physical support of fiancé Kevin Federline while walking outdoors.

According o a source, " Britney leant heavily on Kevin’s shoulder as they both mounted stairwells and walked side by side. At several times she also limped, needing to stop and take a break."

Spear suffered knee injury last month when she  fell on the set of her video shoot for "Outrageous" . She underwent arthroscopic surgery and wasl immobile for 6 weeks, with her knee in a hard brace.  Since the brace  has been removed  the star has been in  rehabilitation


Brit sues over booze allegations

Britney Spears is suing mad over Thursday's front page photo in the New York Post that showed her chugging from a wee bottle, and was captioned "'Boozer' Britney."

The accompanying story reported that Spears "thinks nothing of swilling what appears to be a mini-bottle of booze right on the street,'' and mocked the "Toxic" singer for chasing her alleged libation with a can of a Red Bull energy drink.

The reality was Spears was just going for a quick pick-me-up by downing a mini-bottle of ginseng--a widely available herbal supplement that supposedly elevates energy levels and enhances mental clarity.

The clerk at the Venice, California, liquor mart where Spears purchased the herbal nip backed the singer's story, insisting that she bought only a $1 bottle of Panax Red Ginseng Extractum and a can of Red Bull.

Spears issued a statement through her lawyer identifying the ginseng guzzling and demanding a retraction, an apology and--naturally--a wad of cash from the Post.

"Ms. Spears intends to file a lawsuit against the New York Post and Bill Hoffmann, the writer of the article, unless the paper immediately issues an appropriate retraction, apology and financial settlement," A-list lawyer Martin Singer said in a statement.

Singer called the article "totally fabricated, fictional and defamatory" and blasted the Post for not bothering to ascertain the truth about Spears' beverage of choice.


 Charlize works it

Academy award winner Charlize Theron works hard to maintain her incredible figure adhering to a rigorous fitness regime. The Monster star was recently spotted  attending ballet classes at Los Angeles gym Anti Gravity.

Travelling solo, without security Charlize arrived in her green Range Rover, choosing the private "dancers" entrance to the high level gym. 

Arriving in low rise jeans,  blue tank top and no shoes, she later changed into tights for her workout. After three hours, the South African starlet emerged slightly sweaty, with hair tied back and clothes moist with sweat.

Maintaining a svelt appearance is high priority for Theron. The former star of  The Devils Advocate and The Italian Job has been recognised for her beauty throughout her career.

 She became a fashion model at age 14,  appeared in the May 1999 issue of Playboy Magazine, and was  named one of "People" magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People [2000.

-MB Pictures

Lara Flynn Boyle overcomes anorexia?

Battling anorexia for over a year, it seems actress Lara Flynn Boyle, widely known for her role on The Practice has overcome the debilitating condition.

Sunning herself in Malibu earlier this week, the star was spotted in a skimpy turquoise bikini, looking decidedly voluptuous compared to her previously skeletal frame.

34 year – old  Flynn Boyle’s tiny  figure in a tutu first caused a stir at the 2003 Golden Globes. Tabloids still run beach photos of the actress looking Q-tip thin.

But she has persistently denied having an eating disorder. Boyle poked fun at the rumors in 2002's Men in Black II, in which she played an alien who disguises herself as a lingerie model. After eating a male attacker and noticing a bulge in her tummy, she throws up.


Brit’s hotel love squeeze

 Staying just minutes from her mother’ Lyn’s Santa Monica apartment, Britney Spears has been enjoying a reclusive few days  at  five star Hotel  the Ritz in Marina Del Rey.

Over a three day period ( Monday to Wednesday) at the $1500 a night hotel, Brit and fiance Kevin Federline have indulged in some trademark Britney rituals, including binge drinking cocktails, chain smoking  and the little known but seemingly adorable love ritual of squeezing each other’s pimples.

The inseparable duo has spent much of their stay sunning themselves by the hotel’s outdoor pool. Britney, dressed in a skimpy white string bikini and cowboy hat has been all over her man, kissing and cuddling him constantly.

When she’s not downing a cocktail or dragging on a cig, the Toxic princess has been signing autographs for the 15 or so staff and guests near the pool.  Despite shelling out $40,000 of her own money for her own engagement ring, Brit has also adopted the habit of proudly displaying to anyone who passes by.


Kev’s supermarket gallantry

Taking a break from their three day love fest at  the plush Ritz Hotel in the seaside city of Marina Del Rey earlier this week, Britney Spears and husband to be Kevin Federline made a pitstop at supermarket Ralphs for snacks.

Forever footing the bill, forgetful Brit left her purse in the couple’s white Range Rover, sending Kev to retreave it while hapless customers waited patiently behind the princess of pop  to check in their groceries.

With a growing checkout line, Kev finally saved the day, returning with cash to cover the pair’s junk food stop. Dumbstruck customers waited while the star couple went about their business at a leisurely pace.


A Baby for Britney ?

Santa Monica, Tuesday July 15, 2004. Toxic songstress Britney Spears was spotted shopping for fertility herbs at health food store Wholefoods on Tuesday afternoon.

Brit and dancing lothario Kevin Federline, her November hubby to be, cruised Santa Monica in her white Range Rover SUV. On route from her plush Santa Monica apartment, Brit  and Kev stopped at healthfood store Wholefoods,  spending around $300 on a range of fertility and cleansing herbs.

According to a source, Brit looked relaxed and happy and she walked around the store close to her new beau, chatting and stroking him. Brit’s healthy shopping spree saw her dressed in signature daisy duke cut-off denims, and tatty white t-shirt underscored with a sexy black bra.

Homeboy Kev was resplendent in obligatory home boy style, complete with dark sunglasses. A source at the store said Brit had come prepared with a list of various fertility herbs, purchasing various products in addition to a range of internal cleansing products.   

Even if Kev can’t provide for possible children, Brit’s sizeable wealth will ensure any future offspring don’t end up homeless. The star has repeatedly reinforced  that she is comfortable with Federline’s "minimalist" financial status, publically stating that the relationship is about "love and not money".

According to American website Pagesix.Com, the singer's parents are begging her to agree to a pre-nup ahead of her planned November wedding to dancer Federline - who, under California law, stands to win half her fortune if they divorce.

The website claims Spears, who is worth a reported $100 million, had to buy her own $400,000 engagement ring and has put penniless Federline - who she has dated for just three months - on her payroll.

Spears' mum Lynne is also reportedly upset with the singer, because she told her assistant about the engagement before her. According to the New York Post’s PageSix, Spears yelled at her mother, "This is my life, let me live it.


Halle Berry battles stalker

37 year old oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has taken extra precautions to safeguard her  Hollywood Hills home after having repeated problems with a stalker.

Berry has taken drastic security measures to protect her upscale mansion. In addition to several security cameras, the Gothika star has also placed spiraling wire fences around the property that is within walking distance to the home of showbiz peers Leonardo Di Caprio, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder.

Despite 24 hour security surveillance, and a restraining order, Berry has again been stalked by a former Navy Seal who believes he's her fiancé. The Lousiana man was ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from her and two of her associates in May 2004 by a Los Angeles judge.

The order bars fantasist Greg Broussard from having any contact with the Gothika star, her publicist Karen Samfilippo and her manager Vincent Cirrincione.

The Monster's Ball beauty initially stated she's relieved the dangerous situation is now under control, explaining, " Mr. Broussard, a stranger to me, has imagined a relationship with me wherein he and I are engaged to be married, and that my manager and publicist are preventing him from being with me.

I do not know Mr. Broussard and do not wish to have any contact with him. The threats he has relayed make me fear for my own safety as well as those who represent me."

Apparently the order has not prevented Broussad from making repeated calls to the star, actions which have forced her to step up security.

Berry was born on August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA to African American father Jerome Berry, a former hospital attendant, and Caucasian mother Judith Berry, a retired psychiatric nurse. Halle also has an older sister named Heidi.

Halle first came into the spotlight at 17 years old when she won the Miss Teen All-American Pageant, representing the state of Ohio in 1985 and a year later in 1986 when she was the first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant.

After participating in the pageant, Halle became a model. It eventually led to her first weekly TV series, 1989's Living Dolls, where she soon gained a reputation for her on set tenacity, preferring to "live" her roles and remaining in character even when the cameras stopped rolling.

 It paid off though when she reportedly refused to bathe for several days before starting work on her role as a crack addict in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever because the role provided her big screen breakthrough.


Lara escapes injury

34 year old actress, Lara Flynn Boyle, narrowly escaped  injury on Saturday afternoon while lunching in upscale Beverly Hills.

The former star of The Practice, was  dining with friends at upscale eatery  The Ivy when an identified man opened fire on a neighboring store in a drive-by styled shooting.

Boyle was able to finish her meal without interruption. Police attended the scene and as yet no details are available about the intended targets.

Ironically, representatives for George W. Bush are hoping to recruit the actress Lara Flynn Boyle for campaigning duties, after she publicly declared her support for the American President.

The starlet has gone against the grain of a large number of her Hollywood counterparts to pledge her support for the Republican leader. She says, "I'm Irish Catholic, so a Democrat by blood. But I'm 100 per cent for Bush. I want my president to be like my agent: not afraid of people, but wants my best interest."


Stone’s basic return

SHARON Stone will star in a sequel to Basic Instinct after ending a bitter fight with the film's producers. And she may appear nude again in the follow-up.

I’m like, 'Does anybody want to pay $12 to see me naked?'" the 46-year-old said. "I'm like, 'I guess it's OK'."

Basic Instinct was a blockbuster hit in 1992, making $486 million and launching Stone's career with several controversial nude scenes, including that now famous leg-crossing scene.

Michael Douglas will not appear in the sequel, and Stone said she would have a younger lover this time. "Somebody should be younger," she said.

Stone was suing producers for $19 million over the collapse of the project, but said yesterday a settlement had been reached.


Macca’s stage demands revealed

Ex Beatle and Wings frontman Paul McCartney has a reputation for bizarre tour rider demands. US celebrity culture website thesmokinggun.com this week published the wacky requirements of the staunch animal lover and vegetarian. 

Apparently "Macca" is "very fond of flowers," won't travel in a stretch limousine with leather seats, and will not stand for backstage furniture made of any animal skin or print

Additional provisions for his 2002 World Tour included, "no trees please! We want plants that are just as full on the bottom as the top such as palm, bamboo, peace lilies, etc. No tree trunks!"

Macca’s extreme vegan stance  which led to much complaining from production staff stipulated,  "There will be no meat, or meat by-products allowed to be served in the dressing rooms, production offices, or areas within the 'backstage area.'"

Ironically Sir Paul's backstage demand for 24 bars of Ivory Soap is a major vegan no-no, since the 99.44% pure soap actually contains animal fats, according to Ivory¹s web site.


Scootering Chilli

Recooperating from July 4 celebrations, Red Hot Chilli Peppers frontman Anthony Kleidis abandoned his Porsche to soak up the Beverly Hills sunshine on a tiny Vespa motorscooter.

 Kleidis joined a gang of friends and dined outdoors at a local cafe before obliging an inquisitive fan with an autograph.

After enjoying some food and sunshine and the upscale eatery,  Kleidis mounted his trusty Italian steed and motored off into the sunset

The Chilli Peppers just completed their UK Summer Tour and are about to release  a new 27 track double live album - comprising material from all 3 London Hyde Park shows.

"Live In Hyde Park", the Chili's first official live album ever, will feature a highly varied set of RHCP live favorites as well as covers, Flea trumpet and Chad drum solos, and some new material


Driveway marraige for Tori

LOS ANGELES July 3, 04 - Tori Spelling, whose "Beverly Hills, 90210" character got married at the end of the show's 10-year run, has tied the knot in real life.

Spelling, 30, and actor-writer Charlie Shanian, 34, wed uncharcteristically on the driveway of her entertainment magnate father, Aaron's, spectacular Beverly Hills mansion on Saturday afternoon at 6pm.

Flanked by bridesmaid dressed in fairytale pink, Tori wore a traditional ivory white wedding dress. Despite a 40 minute delay, possibly attributed to last minute jitters the bride and groom beamed as the marriage sermon was read.  

Over 400 film and televsions luminaries, including former cast members o 90210 and the likes of seventies TV sitcom patriarch Bob Newhart gathered for the elegant ceremony, which saw no expense spared.

Against a backdrop of a string quartet,  and the stunning front gardened area of the mansion, guests dined on food provided by LA culinary celebrity Wolfgang Puck, served by a crew of over 100 wait staff.

After the romantic sunset ceremony, guests remained at the Spelling Mansion for celebrations, with a swing band and extensive catering on hand.

The couple met on stage last year in the Los Angeles production of the romantic comedy "Maybe, Baby It's You," which Shanian co-wrote. The play featured the two actors in 11 vignettes about couples in search of love.

Spelling, daughter of television producer Aaron Spelling, played wholesome Donna Martin on his hit series "Beverly Hills, 90210." She also was featured in the films "Scary Movie 2," "Scream 2," and "Trick."


UK stars kick on for charity

Carson CA - June 27th – A Who’s who of UK music and film industry stars battled it out in a chariy soccer match at Home Depot Center Soccer Stadium. proceeding the start of the WUSA womens soccer festival.

The match aims to benefit The Home Depot Center Foundation, a charity dedicated to giving disadvantaged youth the chance to enjoy the nation’s top sports facility. It also helps he National Organization of AIDS Awareness a charity founded by Survivor star Ethan Zohn.

A team of music industry luminaries managed to defeat a gaggle of filmbiz players two goals to nil. The incident free match served as the perfect entre to the start of the womens soccer tournament.

The vitcorious Music Team included Ian Astbury, The Doors of the 21st Century, The Cult Viv Campbell, Def Leppard Phil Collen , Def Leppard Chris Shiflett, Foo Fighters Billy Duffy, The Cult Alexi Lalas, former MLS/Italian League/U.S. national team player Steve Jones, Sex Pistols Eric Wynalda, Former MLS/German Bundesliga/U.S. national team player Ethan Zohn, Survivor winner (reality TV Show) Balthazar Getty, actor/musician Chris Sullivan, Former MLS/ Hungarian 1st division/ U.S. national team player Jerry Cantrel, Alice in Chains Ian Feuer, English Premier League Player, Former MLS Player

The Movie/TV Team combined soccer great Vinnie Jones, "Snatch," "Gone in 60 Seconds," "Road Trip," with former English Premier League Player Jason Statham, "The Transporter", "Snatch," "The Italian Job" Anthony Lapaglia, "Without a Trace" (CBS, TV Show) Owen Wilson, "Starsky & Hutch," "Around the World in 80 Days," "Behind Enemy Lines" John Harkes, former MLS/English Premier League/U.S. national team player Louis Mandylor, "The Game of Their Lives," "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Costas Mandylor, "The Game of Their Lives" Zak Ty Bryan, "Home Improvement" (TV Show), "Game of Their Lives" Simon Rex, "Jack & Jill" (TV Show), "Scary Movie 3" Jimmy-Jean Louis, "The Game of Their Lives," "Tears of the Sun" Danny Cannon, Producer "CSI," "CSI Miami" Bokeem Woodbine, "The Rock," "3000 Miles to Graceland" Michael K. Williams, "The Wire" (TV Show) Ian McKee, "The Bachelorette" (reality TV Show)


Britney seeks salvation

It seems Britney Spears's recent run of bad luck has her turning to religion.  Faced with a painful knee injury, a cancelled  US tour and finally a disasterous hit and run accident which saw her mother Lyn run over a photographer, hapless Brit has  finally turned to god for help.

Tuesday aftrenoon saw Brit, mother Lynn Spears and an unknown bodyguard motoring through the working class black suburb of  Westwood. After winding through several risque ghetto neighborhoods, Brit and her mom headed for the pivate home of an undisclosed preacher.

Dressed in archetypal Britney church wear, namely white t-shirt and Daisy Duke styled denim cut offs, Brit looked morose as  she made her way into the old school preachers' home. Flanked by her mother and bodguard, the trio spent over two hours

communing inside the dowdy home, with Brit  all smiles after her prayer session. All three then boarded an SUV bound for  mother Lyn's Santa Monica apartment.


Spears mom in hit and run

 Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Sunday June 20, 630pm. Lynn Spears, Mother of bawdy popette,  Britney ran down and hospitalised a photographer while leaving a Santa Monic pet store on  sunday afternoon.

 Britney and mother Lynn had been visiting Santa Monica petstore Tropical Pets, where they   bought a white terrier puppy for the pop star.

 After boarding their car, seeminlgly in a rush to leave, Lynn and Britney Spears ignored a group of nearby photographers. After one of the photographers failed to clear the path of the Spears' speeding vehicle, he was knocked to the ground.

 Attempting to the leave the scene of the accident, Lynn Spears screamed at the injured photographer to " get off the floor, " adding, "there is nothing you can sue me for." Colleagues of the agonised photographer prevented her from leaving the scene.

 With the mowed down photographer hospitalised with a suspected broken ankle, around twently police units were called to the scene. After interviewing Spears, officers cordoned off the  entire adjacent block adjoining Wilshire and 9th streets.

 An hysterical Britney Spears didn't cope well with the ensuing police response, unleashing  tirades of abuse at nearby photographers. The frenzied star cursed and swore at police and  photographers through fear of her mother's arrest.

-MB Pictures

Robbie moves to Mullholland Drive

Singer Robbie Williams, the man who recently boasted "I'm rich beyond my wildest dreams," has joined the ranks of Hollyood's elite, buying a $2.5 million dollar home on salubriuos Mullholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills.

The former Take That singer now shares one of Hollywood's most famous streets, with a huge cast of star neighbors including Bruce Willis, Shaq O'neill,  and Marlon Brando.

The property will surely cater to Robbie's privacy conscious ways, with extensive gated security and spriralling hedges surrounding the entire property.

The upscale four bedroon home also features a huge garage  and swimming pool. Despite being in the mansion only five days, football loving Robbie has already transformed its tennis court into a five a side soccer pitch.

Williams has been doing his best to crack the US market since being Signed to EMI with an £80 million contract in February 2003. He has won the award for Best British Male Solo Artist in Britain in 2003, 2002, 2001 and 1999 and has won thirteen BRIT awards all together (including three while he was in Take That).


Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Moretti to wed.

Despite public denials, 28 year old actress, Drew Barrymore is to gtake the plunge with  rockstar boyfriend, Fabrizio Moretti drummer for NYC band The Strokes,  with the glam pair getting engaged on Friday June 11.

The engagement completely contradicts Barrymore's public statements that she was determined not to rush into matrimony with Moretti, saying, on June 30, 2003, "When I think back, no wonder I get into so much trouble with my own love life. With Fabrizio, we are calm.

I am not rushing into anything any more. I have made some spectacular mistakes - and the trouble is, I have made them in public. So I am not going to say or do anything silly." 

Barrymore, 28, had been dating 23-year-old Moretti after splitting from second husband Tom Green in 2001, but pals say they went their separate ways after a series of bitter rows.

A pal explained at the time, "Everybody thought Drew and Fab would be announcing the date for a wedding. But lately they've been rowing plenty - about how often they get to see each other and what they get up to when they hang out. They're just not sure they want the same thing.

Although Drew has a sprawling manse in the Hollywood Hills, she's been spending more time on the East Coast at Fabrizio's new $675,000 condo in downtown Manhattan, where neighbors have spied the lovebirds smooching and smoking cigarettes on the roof deck.

Barrymore will soon begin filming Date School, a romantic comedy with Stiller as producer. "It's a romantic comedy where I play a woman who's just the worst dater in the world.

"I'm sure some people are going to assume it's autobiographical," jokes Barrymore who numbers Jeremy Thomas and Tom Green as former husbands and Luke Wilson and Jamie Walters as former fiances.

Barrymore and her producing partner Nancy Juvonen are also planning a remake of the 1968 sex comedy Barbarella, with Barrymore reprising the Jane Fonda role.

"I'm not sure where it will fit in our schedule or whether I'll be in it or if I'll just produce it," says Barrymore. 


A New Woman for Alexis Arquette ?

Actor, nightclub provocateur and brother of actor David Arquette, Alexis Arquette (AKA Eva Destruction) a 35-year-old cross-dressing beauty is set to make her gender bending persona a permanent entity, with a sex change operation scheduled at a West Hollywood clinic sometime in the next eight weeks.

Alexis, 35, plans to give fans a taste of his whole experience by documenting the event in a film, which he hopes will be directed by his sister Rosanna Arquette.

Lucky David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Not only are they expecting a baby soon, but now they can also welcome a brand-new, fully grown sister into the famous showbiz family--without messy adoption.

Alexis last hit headlines in October, when he revealed to Sharon Osbourne during a taping of her show that his sister-in-law Courtney Cox and brother David were expecting their first child after years of struggles to conceive.

Britney's ex hubby speaks out

Britney Spears' husband of 55 hours, 22 year old Jason Alexander,has denied recieving any financial remuneration from the Spears' camp to remain tight lipped about the shock wedding. He also revealed he has been shocked by the persistent media attention stemming from the incident.

In an interview wih US GQ Magazine, Alexander said  he had recieved nothing from Spears or her minders, denying media allegations he recieved $600,000.

The 22 year old from Kentwood Louisiana married Britney Spears just after new years eve at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. According to the article Alexander has since been advised  by a lawyer not to speak about the events of the 55 hour marriage.

Speaking about the attention he recieved, Alexander said, " I expected a little something, but I had no idea how big it was really going to get. The day I got home, the people, the cameras, phone calls, people calling you at all hours. Fifty camera crews in the yard."

Alexander also revealed he and Spears' family had known each other since he was a young child." My dad's got an auto repair shop, and he's always done  all the work on thei cars. Britney's mom owned a learning  center called The Little Red School, and we all went to that school together."

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Music mogul buys Maddy's LA home

43-year-old British music industry enterpreneur, Simon Fuller, the brains behind the "American Idol" franchise has paid $ million for Madonna's Beverly Hills mansion.

Fuller has been occupying the mansion for the past two weeks. The 7,000-square-foot Spanish-style hacienda built in the 1920s,  has eight bedrooms and a guest house.

Fuller and Madonna have a lengthy relationship, harking back to 1984, when Fuller scored his first hit by signing the then-unknown song "Holiday" – Madonna’s first hit to Chrysalis Music in the UK.


Brit knee tears

BRITNEY Spears struts her stuff in a sexy new video — minutes before a tumble that left her needing a knee op.

Britney, 22, wept with pain after falling on her knee during a dance routine.

An insider said: "She said she couldn’t get up. Her bodyguard scooped her up in his arms and took her to hospital."She is in agony and scared she’s done lasting damage."

Britney — whose hits include Oops! . . I Did It Again — started the video shoot in New York for her single Outrageous in black fishnet stockings and a see-through lacy bra.

She changed to baggy trousers and skimpy top before the fall — which puts at risk the rest of her US tour. A spokeman for the star said: "Britney underwent surgery after an MRI scan showed she had ‘floating cartilage’."

Kate Bounces back

Just three months after giving birth to beautiful baby son Ryder in January this year, a strict workout regime has seen Kate Hudson revert to her original weight.

Since giving birth to Ryder Russell, on January 7 in Los Angeles, (who then weighed in at 8 pounds 11 ounces), Kate has undertaken a gruelling workout schedule for 2 hours a day 6 days a week at a Brentwood gym

Kate has also been busy preparing for forthcoming role in the horror film "The Skeleton Key," which she says has also get back to her original weight. "There's a lot of climbing up two-story trellises, running in the mud, knocking myself around and crashing cars," she says of the psychological thriller which is still in production. "It's fun."

The role's physical demands, combined with her new daily workout regimen, have helped Hudson lose most of the 60 pounds she gained during her pregnancy. Post-pregnancy photos of a plump Hudson had some speculating whether the sexy "Almost Famous" actress would ever resemble her former self.

Hudson says she didn't want to lose weight too fast, especially because she was making a movie and didn't want her appearance to change radically from scene to scene. Besides, she says, "there's nothing to be ashamed of when you blow up."

The actress relishes being a working mom but has come to realize how hard it is juggling career and family. "Nobody tells you how hard it's going to be," she laments, sipping a cappuccino.

Like most new moms, her fondest wish is for more time to spend with her son. "The time I have with him when I'm working is just nursing instead of being able to play with him and do all that stuff," she says. "I can only do that in the morning and at night. I'm not getting a whole lot of sleep."

Hudson also longs for a romantic dinner with her husband, though she doesn't expect to have one anytime soon. But, she's quick to add, she wouldn't have it any other way.

She is thankful to have a supportive family--her mother is actress Goldie Hawn and her stepfather, whom she calls "pa," is actor Kurt Russell.


Jack hits the waves

Testament to the Atkins diet? Reality star and son of rocker Ozzy, Jack Osborne hit the waves on Malibu beach for couple of hours midweek, while sister Kelly and a galpal watched from the shore. 

Sister Kelly chatted with friends as Jack hung ten, suitably dressed in a skimpy bikini bottom and white shirt emblazoned with the words "LA Trash." After moving to a private beach after paparazzi spotted her, Kelly was later seen engaged in intense conversation with a female pal and an unidentified older "hippy' type.

Underscoring some tried and true theories about weight versus mass, Jack repeatedly wiped out during his hour long ride, yet top marks to him for trying. Mounting and remounting a surfboard is definately prime aerobic activity, that six pack is just a few weeks away.

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Atkins Diet transforms US Fast Food industry

LOVED by image-conscious celebrities including Renee Zellweger, Minnie Driver, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Dr Robert Atkins built a burgeoning industry around his low- carbohydrate diet. The diet at first had few takers. But in recent years, ringing endorsements from these high- profile Atkins adherents have helped transform a minority fad into a global phenomenon.

 But not all celebrities are enamoured by the diet. Lawyers for the actress Catherine Zeta Jones have said that she would sue if anyone suggested she had used the Atkins diet. It appears Zeta Jones, who disparages the diet, is worried that "many women who admire her beautiful appearance" may be lured into emulating her looks by turning to Atkins.

Thirty years ago, people laughed at Robert Atkins. Nutritionists snickered at the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. The American Medical Association snarled, calling it "potentially dangerous," and "biochemically incorrect." Congress even held hearings.

A new food industry has sprung up around the diet: grocery stores, food manufacturers and restaurants dedicated to low-carb foods. Around 60 million Americans are instead feasting on meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and cheese, driving a whole new market for low-carb foods. A recent Harris poll online reports one out of every seven adult Americans is on a low-carbohydrate diet in an effort to lose weight.

Now,, the US fast food industry is keen to exploit the growing market for low carb foods. A sandwich shop called Blimpie's might seem an unlikely destination for dieters. It is now also the only national restaurant operator testing a separate menu targeted at the low-carb, high-protein eating craze.

The Blimpie Carb Counter Menu, launched this month in parts of New York's Long Island, offers 6-inch subs with fillings like roast beef and cheddar with wasabi dressing on seven-grain bread. The sandwiches, each with only 7 to 8.5 net carb grams and lacking the white flour eschewed by low-carb adherents, can be paired with a SoBe drink and Crunchers chips from Atkins Nutritionals Inc.

Blimpie's larger privately held rival Subway Restaurants has seen great success with the ad campaign featuring Jared Fogle, who said he lost 225 pounds on a steady diet of low-fat sandwiches

Sandwich specialist Subway now offer the new Atkins-Friendly wrap,  catering for those counting carbs. The Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, with chicken strips, bacon, red onion, green pepper, olives, shredded Swiss cheese, and ranch dressing. It contains 27 grams of fat, 9 of them being saturated, 8 grams of carbs (19 total minus 11 grams of fiber) and 40 grams of protein.

Next up is the Turkey Bacon Melt, with turkey breast, bacon, red onions, green peppers, olives, shredded Monterey cheddar blend, and chipotle southwest sauce all in an Atkins®-Friendly wrap. This wrap is pretty much the same story as the one above, with 25 grams of total fat, 10 grams of carbs (after 12 fiber grams are subtracted) and 32 grams of protein.

 Dedicated fare is also cropping up in corner delis and unlikely spots like mass retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. . Last week H.J. Heinz Co. even introduced a low-carb ketchup made with less sugar.  Similar experiments are turning up in California, a leader in eating trends. The private Irvine-based In-N-Out Burger caters to low-carb dieters with a bunless burger wrapped in lettuce.

Italian eatery Pasta Pomodoro Inc., another closely held West Coast chain, is selling a variety of dishes made with whole wheat or low-gluten, high-protein pastas. Wendy's International Inc., the No. 3 U.S. hamburger chain, owns 25 percent of the company.

Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers Restaurants in several U.S. markets have been highlighting more-healthful items already featured on their menu. Television ads in the Seattle area tout four meal combinations with less than 10 grams of fat. A grilled chicken sandwich, side salad with fat-free dressing and diet soda, for example, has 7 grams of fat and 410 calories, the Dublin, Ohio-based chain said.

Wendy's also is one of the fast-food companies that has been testing kid's meals that offer an option of milk and fruit cups instead of soda and fries. Wendy’s is also  considering a "cheeseburger-cheeseburger" -- two smaller patties served without a bun, which caters to followers of the Atkins and South Beach diets that limit carbohydrates, not fat intake.

McDonald's, the largest restaurant company,  is testing the low-carb waters. It said it will help customers customize burgers and other foods on its fast-food menu within three dieting styles -- low fat, low calorie, and yes, low carb. The plan, dubbed "Real Life Choices," was introduced in January.

Since introducing its Premium Salads line nationwide, McDonald's has posted six consecutive months of sales improvements at U.S. locations open at least a year -- a key retailing measure known as same-store sales. (Its domestic same-store sales rose 10 percent in September, the Oak Brook, Ill.-based chain said last week.)  

In contrast, McDonald's had recorded negative U.S. same-store sales every month of 2002. The world's largest restaurant company also posted its first-ever quarterly loss last summer.  

Still, there can be a major difference between the perception of healthful eating and reality. A Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad topped with ranch dressing at McDonald's has 660 calories and 51 grams of fat. In comparison, a Big Mac has 600 calories and 33 grams of fat.

The wrath of Atkins has also impacted the survival of the beloved potato. A diehard fast food staple, French fries is hurting bad. Industry-wide sales of French fries were down by more than five percent from a peak of US$ 520 million in the first quarter of 2001, according to the United States potato board. Concerns about trans-fats in the oils used to prepare fries, especially at restaurants, also contributed to the downward trend.


Britney’s new beau

Hoping for a romantic lunch time break, Britney Spears and her new mystery boyfriend got more than they bargained for when paying an impromptu visit to LA’s Santa Monica beach on Friday.

The hot new couple’s springtime escape was not quite the private occasion they anticipated as five news helicopters buzzed overhead, and another five news vans parked beachside to cover the story. To make matters worse, a shark warning ruled out an afternoon swim. 

Dressed in a yellow bikini top, skimpy hot pants and trademark Kabala bracelet on her left wrist, Britney sipped mineral water and puffed on a cigarette.  while draping her arm over her new mystery man, who was the perfect match for Brit’s casual springtime look, wearing worn baggy jeans, an open short and sun hat.

Seemingly uneffected by all the media attention, Brit was overheard telling her new boy, "If you want to be my lover, you’ve got to get used to this." Her buff date also bought the starlet a piggy bank at a beachside store, a symbolic move which saw Brit gushing over he new man, giggling happily while she cuddled him.    


Kev’s a bad dad

 Hollywood hard man Kevin Bacon seems comfortable with his new role as a neglective parent for the  forthcoming feature film Loverboy.   Spotted on set in downtown LA, normally wholesome Kev, looked a picture of teen rebellion in tight jeans, funky shoes and a  skin tight muscle shirt complete with a glittery scissor logo.

Told in the present day and in flashbacks, Loverboy is based on the novel by Victoria Reed. Kyra Sedgwick stars as a woman who was neglected by her parents (Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei) when she was a child, and as a result she is overprotective of her son. When she begins dating a man (Matt Dillon) it begins to look like he could be a good father figure for the boy

Filmed on a tight budget, Loverboy sees Bacon not only act, but also step behind the camera to direct, and produce,  sharing duties with wife Kyra Sedgwick, who also plays the lead in the movie.

Asked about directing, Bacon said, "This is my second movie as a director and about my 48th or close to 50th as an actor. I've never had a crew that was so great at doing so much with so little in every department, you know? From the wardrobe, to the electricians and the grips, it’s been amazing."

"Working as a director makes me less tolerant of bad directors because then I see the way things can be done and I see how much time is wasted. It’s very frustrating as an actor to work with a director who doesn't know what he wants but is going to figure it out later.."

Scheduled for release in fall 2004, Loverboy  also stars Sandra Bullock ("Two Weeks Notice"), Marisa Tomei ("In The Bedroom") and Matt Dillon ("Something About Mary"). MB Pictures

Stamos call it quits

Once Hollywood’s ultimate couple, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and John Stamos have split. Sources say the wonder couple’s September 1998 marriage was in heavy decline over the last year due to John’s frequent infidelities and his inability to cope with Rebecca’s snowballing career.

 Tension grew as John partied with women and booze, while Rebecca adopted the life of a workaholic. Attempting to save face, the Stamos’s denied media allegations they had split three months ago.

Sources  close to the couple say  they are now living in separate locations in Los Angeles, though no immediate plans are underway for divorce or property settlement. "They are both very sensitive about the press and are terrified it may harm their already frail careers," the source revealed.

Model turned actress Rebecca Romijn – Stamos path to fame started when she hosted MTV's "House of Style" while also appearing in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issues. She later parlayed her modeling career into roles on "Just Shoot Me" and the feature hit "X-Men." Proving herself to be a real actress in Brian De Palma's "Femme Fatale."

John Stamos  showbiz career has spanned heartthrob status on "General Hospital."  And later the US Tv Show "Full House."  He also played drums with the Beach Boys, while  his most recent series, "Thieves," tanked in 2001.

-MB editorial.

The Nick and Jessica Variety Hour

For their one off variety hour, aired Sunday on ABC, All American couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey proved they could well be the Sonny and Cher of the new millenium.

An hour of singing, dancing and comedy The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour  offered a jam packed one-stop-shop for  fans of Jewel, Babyface, Kenny Rogers, Kermit the Frog, and Cincinnati Reds great Johnny Bench, who all featured on the same show.

In a throwback to the days of The Carol Burnett Show Americas favorite married couple, breathed new life into the variety format, showcasing their singing and comedic talents in a series of sketches and musical performances.

Buff Jessica donned a series of revealing costumes for her comedic roles which included a bank manger, Female president and, mousketeer, while squeaky clean hubby Nick proved both have limitless sex appeal.
Musical performances included a duet with Jessica and Jewel, who sang her classic song, "Who Will Save Your Soul," and a duet with Nick and Babyface singing the Stevie Wonder classic, "For Once in My Life."Jessica also performed "Islands in the Stream" with the legendary Kenny Rogers.

Comedy sketches included a hilarious skit digging at popsters Christina Agulera and Justin Timberlake. Jessica and Nick also dropped in on Kermit and Miss Piggy, who were in the process of taping their own variety show.

 Nick's hometown hero, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Famer Johnny Bench, visited the show to teach Nick & Jessica how to hit like a pro and Jessica performed her latest single, "Take My Breath Away."

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Written by Craig Stephens

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