McGloughlin Gallery Pofile - June 2011

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San Francisco's Mcloughlin Gallery

"We are dedicated to showcasing local and international contemporary art, with a "focus on the expressive and tactile. Our focus is expressive art which showcases  bold bright colors,"  so says Joan Mcgloughlin owner and  chief curator San Francisco's Mcgloughlin gallery  of her creative mission.

"Its textual tactile work that  has a figurative expressive approach. Most other galleries at the 49 Geary  complex focus on photography, though Mcgloughlin Gallery features only  one I photographer. I also mix European and local emerging artist, ultimately I want to create an inviting and approachable stance," she adds  

In operation less than a year, San Francisco's Mcloughlin gallery, nestled inside the esteemed 49 Geary Street arts complex is testament to San Francisco's increasing significance within the  global arts community

Joan McLoughlin is not your typical gallerist. She brings the passion of a collector and the business savvy honed from 20 years of success in the fast-paced Silicon Valley start-up world to her new and ultimate role as the owner of The McLoughlin Gallery in San Francisco.

"I have always been infatuated with art. As a young girl growing up in a small rural town outside of Windsor, Ontario, I used to visit art fairs and was mesmerized by the intense energy displayed on the canvas. I am especially attracted to figurative work as it often celebrates the human form and provides a glimpse into the mind and its emotions, which I find endlessly fascinating," reflects Joan.

Despite being early days, The McLoughlin Gallery is already on track, tapping the network and expertise of renowned  gallerists/ collectors including Javier Perez of Peres Projects in Berlin and Lambert Monet –  owner of the Galerie Monet in Berlin and great grandson of the great French impressionist Claude

Asked where she perceives the gallery to stand on a world level Joan confides, "In the SF scene   galleries tend to have a tendency to go outside of SF to seek talent, either LA  or NYC. I hope we can change that with these upcoming fairs, and  transform the perception of SF art.  We, are becoming  well known for finding and promoting   local San Franciscan artists, while also tapping a pool of international talent with our shows."

Of the gallery's current portfolio of artists Joan says they are generally more "hip and  emerging," than most other galleries including  sculptors Laura Kimpton and  Jeff Schomberg,  and painter John Waguespack.

Jeff Schomberg  is a self taught artist inspired by Calder and Richard Serra who observes natural elements then represents them in steel. He crafts sculptures from stainless steel,  with the addition of  reduced and welded on sections ---

John Waguespack is an emerging artist residing in San Francisco. Using oil on canvas, John creates abstract painting incorporating pop-art icons to address political issues of today and the decade of his birth, the '70's.

Laura Kimpton --- Known for her daring and thought-provoking work; including "Celtic Forest," a sculpture and fire site at Burning Man featuring a 13-foot ritual statue surrounded by a fire moat and 25-foot steel trees. Laura will present her solo show "Flying Solo" at The McLoughlin Gallery from June 2 through July 30, 2011

This solo exhibition of 2D and 3D recycled mixed media creations draws upon Laura's spiritual connection to birds and her own need to tear down societal constraints that keep us from discovering and celebrating our inner core.  Using photographs, bird skulls, found objects, books, antique toys and resin, she will transform materials rooted in the past to spirited objects of flight and freedom.

Asked about her work, Kimpton says, she's been inspired to reassess the concept of Darwinian  evolution and the notion of human's heading up the food chain. Instead she has conceptually explored the notion of birds and humans forming a sublime existentialist hybrid

On her inspiration, she revealed, "When I went to burning man for the first time in 2003, I noticed that it was a world where those who learned through images, ie spacial learners where put on a pedestal, worshipped, honored. This changed my life. 

I have been creating art my whole life in my head or out.  Early on in my life I noticed that the world put people who could learn this silly symbol system called the written language, ie. Linguistic people on a pedestal. I was not one of these people."   

Another stalwart artist, though one of a markedly different genre is Renaud Delorme, a French mixed media artist who specializes in images of celebrities constructed of found objects. His image of Grace Kelly (160 x 67 inches) features hair made of tennis balls and  wire cable.

Ultimately gallerist Joan Mcgloughlin says she aims to "cultivate the incredible artistic talent in San Francisco and provide an inviting gallery with an educational component where the community can learn about contemporary art."

Testament to the gallery's newfound success was its presence at two major Artfaires held in San Francisco in May, namely  the San Francisco Fine Art Fair held  May20 - 22, and ArtPadSF.

Of the gallery's success at the fairs, Joan adds, " The response from the San Francisco art community was better than expected.  Nine thousand people attend the opening events at the 3 fairs.  Yes, San Francisco is interested in art.  We had representation from major galleries from around the world.  It was a great opportunity for the gallery to get exposure.  We captured the attention of local collectors and collectors from Miami and LA.   The work of mixed media work of Delorme and photographic work of Nosratabadi drew everyone to the booth resulting in multiple sales of their work.  It was a great first fair for us and we made a great first impression."

The Mcgloughlin gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is located at 49 Geary Street, Suite 200 in San Francisco. For more information, please call 415-658-1641 or visit