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Dame Edna in LA

Australian satirist/comedian Barry Humphries alter ego Dame Edna Everedge commenced her “First last Tour,” at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles Wed night, ten years after first gracing the stage  there in 99. During the performance Edna revealed how she is confidant and advisor  to the likes of The Queen, Michelle Obama, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and that she has a mauve bikini line

Then in addition to confiding her new gift to her gynecologist – (A rechromed spatula) Edna unloaded on various audience members, including one  bemused woman named Donna – “You remind me of myself Donna. I also used to try and make my own clothes – unsuccessfully,” Edna added

 Much like her beloved 2007 UK series Dame Edna Treatment. Humpries has done a deal for a new series on US cable network HBO, set to commence late Summer in 2009 Celebs in attendance included Martin Sheen and wife,  and a core audience Edna said reminded her of her eldest son Kenny, “a true renaissance man.”

Macca and Mozza ?

Paul Mccartney –could it have been Sir Paul that prompted Morrisey’s much publicized stage walk off at last weekend’s Coachella Festival in Los Angeles – sources say both hardcore animal liberationists, had been complaining  about the smell of barbequed steak and sausages gas from nearby food tents.  The insiders  claim both Mozza and Sir Paul share a common interest in various animal rights charities and were spotted backstage sharing their views and some info about various activist groups, including

While Sir Paul ignored the wafting aroma of burgers, Mozza let it get the better of him, Sir Paul carried in regardless, storming through a mammoth  two and a half hour set that included twenty Beatles classics Blackbird, Eleanor Rigby, "Drive My Car" "Got to Get You Into My Life". "The Long and Winding Road" and ""Back in the U.S.S.R.," "I've Got a Feeling," "Paperback Writer," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Lady Madonna," "Helter Skelter," "Get Back." "Hey Jude,"

Coachella festival-goers also got a a sneak peek at the upcoming THE BEATLES: ROCK BAND game during his headlining performance Animated Fab Four characters appeared briefly on a huge screen behind the rocker as he played Got To Get You Into My Life, but MCCartney didn't address the images and let fans figure it out for themselves

Brand Becomes Aldous

According to an L:A source, self proclaimed sex addict Brand is running rampant in LA and despite his “tiny dinkle, “ pulling up to four women a day. As he does his best to play out the role of Aldous Snow.

“Russel says the combination of the LA balmy summer and his in character posturing as Aldous Snow is fuelling his voracious appetitie.
The insider adds the during shooting in Las Vegas Brand played up his reputation as a lothario. “ There wsa a ten day period, with breaks of two days at a time. Russel had virtually a revlving door at his hotel room, with massage, group yoga and sex sessions around the clock.”

Back in LA,  and Brand’s rented Hollywood Hills mansion  doubles as a den of debauchery, with  an equal number of  women arriving around the clock. “e has an assistant schedule them in, they are on tap in LA and removed from his apparent lifestyle change in the UK, he’s running wild.”

With downtimes of a week role 2 additional source quotes he has the revlving doors during shooting it’s the summer is driving him crazy some to do yoga the others  massage two at once
Britney and Jason to France

Comeback queen Britney Spears and millionaire agent  Jason Trawick plan a romantic Euro escape before Britney fulfils her Paris dates on July 5.

According to a source the pair will head to  the French Riviera for a week  on June 21, the day after her UK leg finishes.

“Jason is serious about Britney and he’s arranged the use of a friend’s oceanside villa for a week so they can both enjoy some quality time together. It will just be the two of them, with a nanny and her two boys.”

Insiders claim the pair are  thoroughly smitten and spending all of their spare time together. “Jason has been part of Britney’s life off an on for the past five years. They got intimate for the first time last year while holidaying in Costa Rica at Mel Gibson’s property and things have just kept going. They wanted to keep it out of the limelight, but are now feeling comfortable with making it known.”

The source adds,  that in addition to being a pivotal force behind her comeback, Jason is also a true friend and confidante.” He’s a close buddy of Brit’s brother Bryan and  has always been there for her. At first it was out of concern for her in a career sense, though he has grown to love her and genuinely cares.”

“Jason has been there for Britney throughout all the highs and lows over recent years, from the Kfed split to her issues with Sam Lufti and Adnan. It was Jason that initiated her father Jamie taking control when she was at her lowest point. Britney has a lot  to be greatful for in Jason.”

 The insider says Britney also has the blessing of her family when it comes to Jason. “Her dad Jamie has absolute trust as does mum Lynn. Kfed is even friendly with him. Jason is a millionaire himself and has no hidden agenda in order to seek fame or money, it’s a real comfort to Britney and her family.”

Jason is expected to remain with Britney for the remainder of her UK and European tour. “The pair have been sharing hotel rooms throughout the world while Britney has been on her latest tour.”

“Jason visited Britney throughout the US leg of her tour, skipping from his LA home to wherever she was, checking up on her. Now things are getting serious he will be with her in Europe full time.” . The source says that in addition to  the new couple’s Euro escape at month’s end Britney is also planning an end of tour vacation with Jason later in the year.

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long talk marriage

On off couple Drew Barrymore and beau Justin Long are intent on tying the knot later this years after a split for several months has reaffirmed their love for one another.

The Hollywood actress with two failed marriages behind her has been looking for wedding venues with Justin Long and insiders claim they hope to wed in Paris before honeymooning in the Riviera at a private villa owned by the partner of Drew’s film production company
According to the source. “The split confirmed to both of them how much they really mean to one another. They are totally into the idea of settling down and having kids.” The insider claims the marriage will be a private affair for close friends and family and take place around October this year.

Drew, who parted from comedian Tom Green in 2001 after a six-month marriage and was the wife of Welsh barman Jeremy Thomas for just six weeks in 1994 was last spotted with Entourage star Adrian Grenier in may, though later confirmed the pair were simply having a business dinner.

Victoria Beckham Fitness tape -  

Having embraced a six visit a week gym habit around six months ago, fitness  convert Victoria Beckham  aims to spread the word ( and capitalize on the financial return)of a fitness tape.

According to a source  Victoria will commence shooting the hour long tape with her  –  trainer from the upscale Rodeo Drive gym in Beverly Hills gym when she and David return to LA in July.

The source adds “Victoria really wanted to get some natural curves and that was her central motivation to start hitting the gym late last year. Now she feels so much better its become a vital part of her routine.”

The insider says VB will show how to develop cardio fitness and a curvier frame, with the use of machines such as treadmill, step machine,  weight training and diet.

“She will show a step by step approach for women who want to change their bodies. It will increase in levels of time and difficulty depending on their level of fitness.”

With shooting expected to take place during July, sources claim the video will be marketed in the US and UK during the end of year Xmas season. It will also include a book offering exercise and diet tips.

Interviewed by The Insider Tv show in the Us earlier this year Victoria confessed. ‘I run four miles, seven days a week,’ she said. ‘I feel energised and healthy. I get up in the morning, drop the kids off at school, then go to the gym. I can think properly, then go home and do some work.

‘I’m eating more. You do eat more when you’re working out. And it makes you want to eat healthily, too, so it’s good all round.’  She also  said that she’s not only upped her calorie intake to suit her new fitness regime, but also eats toast for breakfast

MTV after party goss

Several  after parties took place, from intimate dinners to LA clubs including Beso and Hwood. Other private parties were held by with various movies  and winners, including a private Twilight party in the Hollywood Hills, at the home of Forrest Whittaker.

The huge green room at the Gibson Ampitheater also served as venue for the first after party. Oddly Emineme was still present after the show at the green room and decidedely chirpy for a person who just had Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘ arse rubbed in his face.

Insiders at MTV confided that the whole stunt was thoroughly planned and coordinated with both Cohen and Eminem in on it. Eminem was spotted mixing with numerous comedians at the Gibson after bash, including Jim Carrey and Jonah Hill.

 Hot couple Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron  mixed with "Twilight" stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.  24 star Kiefer Sutherland also joined thr throung, chatting  at length to both Efron and Eminem,  while taking great interest in the company of Efron’s girlfreind Vaness Hudgens, with extensive arm and back stroking with Zac not seeming to take offence.

Star Trek" star Zachary Quinto, Zachary Levi and Hayden Panettiere headed over to  party at the home of Forrest Whittaker, with Jonah Hill  and Taraji P. Henson,  also joining Whitaker and his family.

At the wild Whittaker bash upbeat Eminement and his entourage joined the likes of Cameron Diaz, who seemed thoroughly smitten with the reinvented actor. He seemed similarly impressed, admiring her stunning bod an outfit of super skinny jeans, peacock print blouse with purple ankle boots.

Kristen Stewart  made a brief appearance at the Whittaker party, seeming to run from one end of the party to another before making a hurried exit. Denzel Washington and his daughter also attended, as did Little Miss Sunshine" star Abigail Breslin who gused about meeting Twilight stars.

Outside the party Brüno and Jim Carrey were in a car together when Dax Shepard walked up to their window to introduced his girlfriend, Kristen Bell.  Despite starring in a movie together, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock left in separate cars.  While on off couple Megan Fox and Chris Pine both left the party early, but not together.

Cohen and Carey then joined others for another party at the star studded Chateau marmont, where  the former had a run in with an unidentified woman, said to be a talent rep, who scolded him for his earlier Eminem run in with the comment, ‘you’re disgusting.”

Written by Craig Stephens

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