Editorial: Pet psychic - Publication: Hemispheres Magazine- Date: May 2013

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Animal Mentality In Downtown Los Angeles

Seated at a round table in a spartan apartment a candle burns, three figures stare blankly at one another in anticipation, one an older woman her head draped with a scarf recounts her impressions. She is a psychic medium, giving a reading.
Asked about an instance when  an apartment was destroyed,  the psychic (Shelly) offers her take. “I sense Sammy is suffering separation anxiety, he’s lonely  and was simply acting out.”  Shelley and one of her clients Deborah, a retired realtor from Van Nuys then look over at Sammy, attempting to engage some form of response or acknowledgement.

Sammy remains silent and guiltless, looking back blankly with no explanation or reaction. Though for Sammy its difficult, he cant speak -  as he’s five year old Labrador.

Sammy’s “communicator,” Shelly Hofberg is an animal psychic.  In her mid sixties, with greying hair and white skin she talks in the trademark nasal drawl of a Jewish girl from the east coast.

After the reading with Sammy and his owner, Deborah, she sits comfortably in her garden, perched on a 12th floor rooftop in downtown LA. Shelley waxes lyrical about a range of subjects, from the awkward alienation she faced being empathic to concepts of collective consciousness and animals having emotions.

“It all started when I was a child of eight. My family had a Siamese cat and it became ill and I began feeling something in my stomach when it I was around. This was due to me being empathic, my parents took it to a vet who confirmed it has an issue with its intestine.”

“I communicate with animals via telepathy, I can pick up on the thoughts and emotions of the animal. I also have visions and images that occur to me through them.”

“In the late eighties I met an animal communicator and I began having  a working relationship with them at Psychic  fairs in Los Angeles.”

Shelley says there are three main reasons why  people come to an animal psychic. “An owner wants to know how the pet feels about them, there’s some sort of behavioral issues  or possibly health issues suffered by an animal.”

Asked about he worst animal experience, she recalls. “Juan was an abused Chihuahua, he was just nine. His owner has tossed him around and kicked him, he was very vicious and resentful with his second owner because of it, I helped him overcome it and adapt to his new home.”

Written by Craig Stephens

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