Say Media – Profiles March 2011

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Andrew Anker Say Media---

As CEO Senior Vice President, Corporate Development of Say Media, Andrew Anker has firm views on the evolution of digital media. –Heading up deals, strategy and M&A at SAY media and with over 20 years of media experience Andrew has valuable insights into both the goals and vision digital media companies and the media industry’s changing landscape

Central to my definition of a modern media company is the notion that to be successful in this digital media age companies must be visionary. In order to be successful they must have the ability to can predict change and generate new ideas, capitalizing on them before the competition.

SAY aim to be a major content provider, something eventually comparable to Time Warner, or News Corp. We will achieve this by sourcing company DNA that compiles a former advertising operation and a content creator, in turn melding them both to be a modern media company.

What will truly define us as a modern media company in terms of creating value and revenue is our ability to predict change and act on it before anyone else>>> More

Andrew Anker’s lengthy media career started at the tender age of 13, when he edited a high school newspaper . After obtaining a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University in 1987 he worked as an investment banker in the1980s. He later helped start Wired magazine in 1992 and was appointed its CPO. He then leant his expertise to help start Hotwired the first commercial web magazine, launched on October 27, 1994. and later several web media companies including Video Egg, before joining SAY in November 2010 This extensive media experience has been invaluable in building Andrew’s vision and helping him realize SAY Media, a modern media company, designed for a social age

Jane Says ---

Magazine publishing icon Jane Pratt, creator of titles such as Sassy and Jane magazines is embracing the digital age by partnering with SAY media for the creation of an innovative new site targeting the female demographic -

Jane Pratt is everything you’d expect from a woman who edited her first magazine at just 24, dynamic, focused and commanding. As much and entrepreneur as she is a visionary, Pratt is comfortable with the reverse role of being the subject of an interview rather than interviewer.

At San Francisco’s salubrious Clift Hotel, ten hours into an arduous photo shoot and Jane is cordial unfazed by multiple poses and costume changes, waxing lyrical about her latest project and its imminent launch.

Raised in Durham, North Carolina Jane attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts at the age of 15. After Phillips, she began at Oberlin College in Ohio, where she received a degree in Communications. Her publishing career began with internships at Rolling Stone magazine and Sportstyle, a Fairchild Publication. After graduating, she landed her first job as assistant editor of McCall's and in 1986, became an associate editor of Teenage Magazine, from there she went on to found Sassy.

Written by Craig Stephens

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