TW Cable Ceo interview - CSQ Magazine Nov 2012

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TW Cable - The Future With Residential Services Head John Kieb

As one of North America's stalwart cable TV and internet  service providers, spanning 28 states and 31 operating divisions. Time Warner Cable is at the forefront of the nation's communications and digital content provision. TWC is now poised to tap a wealth of innovations as it expands into new markets and harnesses innovations.

Speaking exclusively to CSQ Magazine, Time Warner Cable's President Of Residential Services John Keib offered insights into current and future cable TV trends and some existing Time Warner initiatives, specifically the company's  Intelligent Home package.

With sales of WiFi-enabled mobile phones and tablet computers booming, behemoths in the high-speed Internet providers realm such as TWC are building WiFi access points in public areas to recruit and retain subscribers.

Subsequently, WiFi creates more value for the monthly high-speed data services marketed by cable MSOs and telephone providers, allowing subscribers to access email, social networks and Internet video in public areas.

Kieb says TWC is using WiFi to boost revenue by offering hourly, daily, and weekly access. "WiFi networks are being used as subscriber acquisition tools, exposing mobile phone and tablet owners to the brands of distributors that market triple-play packages of digital video, voice, and high-speed Internet access."

"Compared to differentiated east coast markets, Los Angeles is the company's major American marketplace, with a booming Latino sector and ever increasing data footprint," he said.

Asked about recent company innovations in the residential sector, John cited  the likes of the  "Start Over," program, that allows users to access shows  mid stream to replay. Usre can enjoy over 20,000 Start Over-enabled shows on dozens of Start Over-enabled channels.

According to Kieb, the Tivo comparable similar product  also allows content to be accessed remotely via a smart phone or Iphone. Users can also  stream channels onto devices such as tablets and cellphones .

Another recent milestone in the residential sector for TWC is Intelligent Home, which Kieb demonstrated at the companu's El Segundo offices

The system allows users to watch their home remotely via an Iphone or similar device. They can either tune in to the home video surveillance system for security surveillance  or access content provided by their domestic cable connection, viewing VOD, live sports, broadcasts or movies via phone or tablet.

Intelligent Home package comprises security cameras, motion sensors and alarms,  to provide a complete home security and energy management system that puts  the user in control like never before.

A key virtue of Intelligent Home is its ability to be customized it and adapt. It can help consumers use less electricity, increase security, and help monitor and alert homeowners to everything from freezer doors left open to elderly parents in trouble.

It also gives users the ability to remotely control and monitor systems such as thermostats, door locks, power consumption, cameras and motion sensors, on a computer or mobile device.

Meanwhile content access and distribution is a booming area for TWC says Kieb. "Fans with Time Warner Cable will be delivered more Lakers, Galaxy, LA Sparks and local sports on the two new sports networks than ever before," he said. 

TWC are also paving the way  with the first ever Spanish language regional sports network. Time Warner Cable SportsNet and Time Warner Cable Deportes are two new regional sports networks that will televise more than 150 live events.

Besides exclusive programming with the Lakers and Galaxy, the networks will broadcast the Los Angeles Sparks, California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) action as well as San Diego State, UNLV and Fresno State football and basketball games this season.

Time Warner Cable Deportes is the nation's first-ever Spanish-language regional sports network. It will air all locally-available Lakers and Galaxy games entirely in Spanish - also a first - and will feature its own dedicated production team, Spanish-speaking talent and a distinct graphics package. 

In terms of his day to day operations with the company. John Kieb is a seasoned business visionary, travelling no less than twenty weeks a year  to maintain his monolithic task of covering territory in the  Midwest, Texas and Southern California.

 Thankfully TWC innovations offer easy solutions.  "We make a lot of progress via videoconferencing which allows us to expedite 50 percent of our meetings, this didn't exist five years ago."

Asked how the industry has changed, John says it's a vastly different world than the one he entered some time ago. "  The industry has changed from when first got into it back in 1995. It's a vastly different place  in realms of channels costing and content availability."

In terms of the future  Kieb says TWC will maintain an edge via a commitment to change platform and delivery to meet the needs of customers. "This will include allowing them to view via different devices,  and also customizing different ways to consume content .

Testament to the company's commitment to digial content is its plan to spend $15 million to build WiFi hotspots throughout Southern California.

"Offer on demand is something looking ahead. It will enable users to stream to multiple devices in and out of the home accessed via a very robust wifi network that TW has constructed."

"Other key future developments will include video viewing outside the home  via Ipad, tablet and other tools.  Looking ahead will see a blending of convergence voice video and data."

Kieb also underscored the importance of developing markets in the future. "International packages are also a significant  phase of growth ,tailoring to various ethnic sectors whether Hispanic, Korean or Russian.

In Los Angeles,  the Hispanic front is a big developing market  catering for packaged latino sports with unique pricing structures programming segments and distinct marketing.

Ultimately, despite a plethora of ever changing technology, Kieb says customer service remains the priority. "Outside the area of portability most of our time is how to maximize customer experience and ensure customer service is the key, the one thing that doesn't change is the need to take care of customers"

Written by Craig Stephens

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