Press Release: Banner Technology Brings TV Online - Client: Bannervision - Date: September 2001

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New banner ad technology, enabling the translation of television ads to the Internet, by enabling full-motion, interactive video and audio is laying claim to revitalising an often ignored advertising medium.

Bannervision, from Arizona based company Specdrom Interactive features a bandwidth tuner that can automatically detect the quality of a network connection, inserting optimally condensed video objects into Web pages, while allowing the best possible combination of download velocity and video screen resolution.

According to Specdrom spokesperson, Jennifer Turner slower dial-up links are not penalized with long download delays, while viewers with high-bandwidth connections get the full benefit of sharp video and high-quality audio. “Web users have become acclimatised to conventional, static banner ads and are in turn ignoring them,” Turner said. “Bannervision aims to revitalise the medium of banner advertising by providing both video and audio transferral.”

Advertising art directors can exploit the higher advertising production values made possible by BannerVision video, compared to the slow, jerky motion associated in consumers’ minds with conventional Web video,” Turner said. The technology will be particularly suited to major branders, with the major appeal being that an ad produced for television can be used for the Internet, enabling TV ads to translate to the web Bannervision represents a natural progression in terms of online advertising and the life of banner advertising.

Turner said there had been strong interest in the product from the computer gaming industry. Rather than the current forms of publicity and advertising, namely print, TV ads and word of mouth, Bannervision can provide an ad teaser for a game, enabling consumers or web users to view a functional demonstration of a game.

“Online merchants will benefit from BannerVision’s interactivity that will motivate Web consumers to click through to advertisers’ e-commerce sites. Automatic tracking of click-throughs and purchases is built in to BannerVision, providing merchants, advertising agencies, and ad hosting sites with the metrics they need to evaluate the effectiveness of Web advertising campaigns," Turner said.

David Arond, president of Specdrom Interactive added, “Advertisers and agencies will now be able to produce online messages with creative production values equal to those of mainstream television ? with the added attraction of interactivity. With BannerVision’s automated tracking of click-throughs, page hits, and purchases, online advertising has come of age.”

Written by Craig Stephens

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