Editorial: Dr. Susan Block - Publication: Loaded Magazine - Issue: January 2002

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"Make love to someone you love tonight, even if that someone is you." Its well past midnight on a Saturday in summery L.A. the land of air guitar and fake "titties," and Dr Susan Block, American sex therapist and performer wants to make the world a better place.
Perched on a ridiculously large double bed, she's resplendent in corset and suspenders. Surrounded by a team of cameramen and her director/husband Max, the 40 something blond and her crew are on a roll.

Block is a sex therapist cum commentator who owns a pet snake named Eve, she also hosts her own cable and web TV show www.drsusanblock.com & www.radiosuzy1.com and features regularly on the US cable TV network HBO show "Radio Sex TV".
Squirming for the cameras, she maintains dialogue with an on air porn star guest about the virtues of female ejaculation. Then its time for a brief phone in promo, "we listen to you, talk with you, counsel you, roleplay for you, fantasize with you and help you with any sexual issue, from impotence to exhibitionism, fears to desires, fetishes to marriages."

During the show, Block shares her wealth of sexual knowledge and experience. Taking live calls, giving advice and instruction, she offers a thoughtful blend of phone sex and psychology lecture. In addition to the on camera action, the Block show includes assorted on-air guests and a live studio audience, who cheer, guzzle lager, blurt words of encouragement, salivate, yawn, fart, fuck and suck publicly.

The night I visit the show, I met an assortment of sex industry workers, commentators, telephone actresses and actors, depraved overweight perverts, and porn producers, including Seymour S Butts, a specialist in films about anal sex. His talented and beautiful girlfriend is on hand this particular night, providing a stunning demonstration of anal fisting (on herself).

Back to the on-air action and Dr Block, (Susie to her pals) is taking calls live. One caller expresses an interest in wearing his girlfriend's underwear, with the conversation culminating in Dr Block and an on air porn star guest bringing him to orgasm over the phone.

Other calls are pretty standard fare. Some seek advice on conducting their first threesome, others on anal sex, though one caller definitely ups the anti in the originality stakes. Tom, a solicitor from Venice Beach enjoys having sex with his pet dog. Apparently Tom started having a relationship with his dog after it starting licking his testicles while he was pleasuring himself one day. As a reciprocal measure Tom decided to train Spot to fuck him, he also goes down on him if this gets too dull.

Dr Block wondered if the act was actually cruelty to the dog, though she concluded, as Tom doesn't penetrate dear Spot, it isn't actual cruelty, but merely harmless pet bonding - thanks Doc.

But seriously, Block is determined that her show and philosophy is far more complex than old fashioned tits and arse voyeurism. Yep there's also attempting female ejaculation, the beatification of this week's porn star, and of course honing one's ability to shag. Though, she is passionate about a range of issues, including the likes of Prop 22, a legislation recently rejected by Californians that would permit gay marriage. She also gets annoyed by the corrupt LAPD, with over 50 cases recently dismissed due to false and fabricated evidence, and strict censorship laws that act as a continual impediment to the blossoming porn industry.

"Overall America can be a very conservative place in terms of human sexuality," she says. " "Another symptom of America's new age conservatism is the whole virginity issue, where more and more adolescents, particularly religious zealots are pledging to keep their virginity until they marry. I don't think this is necessarily a sign of purity or goodness, but more a lack of opportunity".

Written by Craig Stephens

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