Press Release: Finding Hidden - Client: Hidden - Date: October 2001

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Electrifying - contemplative - earthy - spontaneous -A myriad of adjectives apply to the Indy rock equation that is native LA band Hidden.

One bassist (Joey Maramba), one vocalist (Santina Gordano) and one drummer (Frank Luis) comprise the band. Each acknowledge the likes of the Pixies, The Breeders, Siouxsie and The Banshees as key influences - “Though while homage to big hitters is openly revealed - Hidden are keen to tread a new path and present a new identity to the mainstream”

Formed in LA in 1989, Hidden have since played a host of inner city LA venues, including residencies at the likes of the much revered Mr T’s in Highland Park, The House Of Blues, and more.

One of the band’s key supports to date was playing with UK band Siouxsie and The Banshees in May 99 at a host of LA venues, including the House Of Blues and Galaxy Theatre In LA.

Musically the band’s dynamic is a departure from the rank and file formulaic rock dominating most LA venues. From their vocal through to their playing style - Hidden cover new ground.

Hidden shun pop sass and focus on healthy diversity. Mystical and mournful, with a genre defying resilience, the band jump from one dimension to the next, from punk rock to folkish sensibility - sonic and discorsive - unconventional and melancholy.

In a live context - Hidden recall that spirit of diversity. Removed from tainted bravado or retro inspired ramblings, the band offer sophisticated melody and thunderous percussive antics.

Vocalist and key founder, Santino Gordano says, “Our sound expresses intense colors and moods, through beats, melodies and lyrics that are spontaneous and natural. We are extremely intense during our rehearsals and even more intense when we play live,” something both the members of Hidden and their fans revel in.

'We share a magic that is purely organic and spontaneous. We have no rules to abide by, leaving no limitations to what we play. We play what we are.”

MonteStyle Music// 1147 E. Broadway #146
Glendale, Ca 91205-1315


Written by Craig Stephens

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