Editorial: Hands Off - She's Mine - FHM Magazine - Issue: June 2001

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Sordid love triangles are an integral component of the filmic genre, with the art of stealing other people’s girlfriends a key Hollywood plotline _ here’s proof:

1. Malice (1995)
A psychological thriller. Bill Pullmanplays Andy Safien, an associate dean at a small college. Nicole Kidman plays his wife Tracy. Enter
Alec Baldwin as Dr. Jed Hill, a former high school classmate of Andy's who moves in. Tracy and Jed start an affair, she fakes ovarian cancer and with Jed's help, they scam the hospital for a malpractice suit. After they land big bucks, they get busted, their lives ruined. Andy’s pissed too.

2. The Graduate (1967).
A young Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman) acts on his older woman fantasies with a very raunchy ( and very married) Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson) who is in turn ensconsed in a young guy obsession. After some summer fun, they call it quits and resume their normal lives, Mr Robinson none the wiser _ smooth.

3. Keeping the Faith (2000)
Three childhood 'best friends', now grown up: a Catholic priest (Edward Norton as Father Brian Finn), a Rabbi (Ben Stiller as Rabbi Jacob Schram), and a savvy business woman (Jenna Elfman as Anna Reilly). Both males have feelings for Reilly, though the Rabbi comes up trumps, the jilted priest rendered a drunken wreck.

4. Proof Of Life (2001)
A trite good guy/ bad guy thriller, complete with blood and guts shootup scenes. Australian cowfarmer/actor Russell Crowe plays a kidnap expert who also jumps the bones of Meg Ryan while battling terrorists who hold her husband captive, yet their affair ends when hubby is saved. The Proof Of Life romance was in fact a precursor to the real thing, with Meg dumping Dennis Quade for the hairy Aussie. Russell in turn dumped her to tend to his cows downunder.

5.The Marrying Man (1991)
Rich playboy Charley Pearl (Alex Baldwin) meets Vicki Anderson (Kim Basinger) singer at a nightclub. But she's a gangster's-moll, Bugsy Siegel's, and when he finds the two of them in bed, he forces them to marry each other - kinky. This movie purports to be based on a real couple.

6. Honeymoon In Vegas (1992)
On her deathbed, a mother makes her son, Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) promise never to get married, which shocks him into a commitment with his girlfriend, Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker). They decide to tie the knot in Vegas, but a slick gambler, Tommy Korman (James Caan) arranges for Cage to lose $65K in a poker game, offering to clear the debt for a weekend with his fiance. Cage becomes insanely jealous, wildly pursuing his fiance and her rich companion, despite continual obstacles in his path.

7. Indecent Proposal (1993)
A young married couple Diana & David Murphy(Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson) find the perfect spot to build their dream house, and they get loans to finance it. When the recession hits, they stand to lose everything they own, so they go to Vegas to have one shot at winning the money they need. After losing at the tables, they are approached by a millionaire, John Gage (Robert Redford) who offers them a million dollars for a night with the wife. The couple comply, though things arent quite so cosy between them.

8. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Brashly entertaining look at Southern California high school kids, who hang out at the Mall and think mostly about sex. Based on factual articles written by Cameron Crowe, who returned to high school as an adult masquerading as a student for a year. Film debuts for actors Eric Stoltz, Anthony Edwards, and Nicolas Cage. Coupled characters Mark Ratner and Linda Barrett have their touching partnership undermined by sleazy Mike Damone who manages to impregnate the sensitive highschooler Linda.

9. Love's Deadly Triangle (1997)
Recounts the story of Diane Zamora (Holly Marie Combs) and David Graham, (Cassidy Rae) two high school sweethearts who swear to always be together, even as they enter separate military academies. When David confesses he had an affair with a classmate, Diane insists the two of them kill her- Hey at least they stay together.

10. Ghost (1990)
Sam (Partick Swayze) and Molly (Demi Moore) are a couple deeply in love. On their way home one night, they encounter a thief in a dark alley, and Sam is murdered. He finds himself trapped as a ghost and warns Molly of impending danger via a medium (Whoopie Goldberg). Despite the tragic circumstances Molly is repeatedly hit on by Sam's one time friend Carl Bruner (Tony Goldwyn). Of course she rebuffs his heinous advances at her time of grief.

Written by Craig Stephens

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