Patrick Hourcade – Maverick And Minimalist, 7HollywoodMag - Fall 2013/14

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Patrick Hourcade is the consummate renaissance man. With the ability to invoke a limitless landscape of the imagination, he has received constant praise and accolade in global circles for his multi faceted talents. A photographer, sculptor, designer, scenographer, writer, art collector and consultant, Hourcade was also creative director at eternally  iconic Vogue magazine in the 80s.

As testament to his vision and versatility, Hourcade  has been lauded as for his abilities as an art collector and consultant for Karl Lagerfeld, cited as comparable to Gerhard Richter and Edward Hopper for his fine art photography and praised for his second exhibition at the Galerie du Passage, an installation of light sculptures.

For his exhibition at Galerie du Passage Hourcade created a dozen lamps titled "Lux Animalium" produced in patina metal, ancient glass and alabaster-effect crystal.  With geometric constructivist shapes, the animals conjure stories and draw poetic forms.

Hourcade pushes photography to a kind of hyperreality, where they come to look like paintings of photographs. His exhibition on display at in the gardens of the Hôpital Universitaire la Pitié Salpêtrière pushed the limits  and boundaries  of the medium. The stark, large format images harness light and angle to create a kind of hyperreality.

Hourcade offers trademark captioning for his photographs,  often quoting historical precedents  and reiterating his obsession with the concept that "love is anything but easy – or permanent." A stickler for large format prints at his exhibitions , Hourcade offers an impacting thematic ambience with his exhibitions.  Blunt and overpowering, these oversized photographic images stay with the viewer rather than dissolve into the miasma of yet another white walled waste of thirty minutes.

In May this year Hourcade lends his scenographic skill to the Jewels Of The World Artfair in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. Bridging Europe and Asia, the city uniquely combines the grandeur of the ancient and classical heritage with the contemporary glamour, avant-garde technologies and the futuristic skyline. In the fall of 2014, his next project will be an installation in the Palace of Versailles.

A stark minimalist in an aesthetic context Hourcade is equally sparse with his verbal communication,  Asked  whether he identifies with a particular classic art movement – existentialism, minimalism…or ? Hourcade  aligns himself to what he calls "Romanticominimalismexistentialorealistico-utopic."

Of his creative mantra or approach Houcade offers, "never do what you did yesterday, be honest with yourself, and never stop laughing. Never think twice and open your eyes as if you are a child." Stark and minimalist,  Hourcade offers vision and originality his images’ painterly quality, invoke  the ethereal, instilling the viewer to ponder not just observe - best embodied by his bold assertion that his key influence and  is "god."

Asked if he has any advise for budding artists? Houcade confides- "Be free ,go to school or not, listen everybody, just do what you feel right now. And if you do the opposite the day after, you shall become better. A mistake today is a progress for tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to be. Be ambitious, never pretentious."