More Agony Than Ecstasy – The Digital Art Of Kiki Seror, 7HollywoodMag - Fall 2013/14

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Sex, desire, eroticism and seduction are just some of the themes explored in the confronting and disarming images, videos, installations and of LA based digital media artist Kiki Seror.

Removed from the manufacture of commodified art Seror’s experimental streak sees her dabble in video and installation Seror observes and agitates,  analyzing everything from porn to misogyny and the objectification of women,  teasing the viewer with a variety of slickly produced works that  embody technical dexterity and vision.

An expert  in the creation of hi tech and polished confrontational kink , Seror’s show at LA’s CB1 gallery during the summer of 2013  coupled a live performance in the gallery  with live streaming on social media portal

Calling the performance Hysteresis - A Social Teleaction, Seror defined it is a multimedia event  with the intention to "explore the blurring boundaries between public space and private life, the visible and invisible, and the observer and observed." In light of recent scandal about government surveillance in the US,  the  show was particularly significant as it delves into issues regarding community and individual privacy.

Other milestones pieces included a show at LA’s I-20 gallery, "The Killer In Me And The Killer In You," which  consisted largely of augmented porn videos. Women in the various classic scenes were rendered out to leave only pumping male genitalia, awkwardly thrusting at black space. In a bitter sweet act of irony, the work was created while Seror spent time living in Amsterdam, in close proximity to its red light district.

The show Men Performing Masculinity: Surgeon of His Honor. 2009, consisted of nine videos  made with a 3/4-inch surveillance camera,  and arranged in grid formation. Each video image depicted razor blades swiftly carving up the stubble of various men. The seemingly innocent action was  given provocative reinterpretation, intentionally sexualized as the blade moves in a not so mechanical manner.

After exhibiting at the Freud homestead in Vienna  Kiki spent four years in Amsterdam, where a romance with a sailor, often at sea, afforded to her the time to indulge in a comprehensive project that involved interviewing sex workers in the city’s red light district. Transcripts of these salacious exchanges were then frozen in time, transformed into 3D textual arabesques and framed in her signature light boxes:

Seror has a willingness to embrace the socially taboo with open arms. Her penchant for aesthetic surveillance and brazen analysis of human sexuality and the objectification of women is often unsettling, but more frequently amusing.

She describes herself  simply as a visual artist working with digital media. "By means of photography, video, sculpture and installations I aim to translate rapture and imagination, to take the viewer no further than the initial illusion allows."

Recounting her numerous impactful shows lists a range of esteemed international galleries and museums. New York; Apex Art, New York; the Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna; and Nils Staerk Contemporary, Copenhagen among them. Seror's work has also been included in group exhibitions such as Don Juan, Vienna Kunsthalle (2006); Jeugen von heute, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt (2006); and a myriad of others. 2014 sees her continue to tantalize and disturb with shows in LA, Europe and beyond . More about her at