Editorial: Licence Plate Web Address - Publication: Direct Marketing Magazine - Date: September 2001

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Dana Point, CA based company, Platematch have released an Internet address directory system it claims will enable vehicle to vehicle email messaging. The www.platematch.com website offers its membership the ability to have business and personal WebPages that are locatable by the owners vehicle license plate number.

According to Platematch.com spokesperson, Greg Powers, “It has been our experience that many small business owners have websites and they are not receiving any hits because no one knows about them. Our website brings together an untapped off-line marketing tool and encourages (and simplifies the process) for people who spend countless hours in their cars each day be identified by their businesses or trades”.

Powers said business WebPages offer a clean template so that non-programmers can add photo's and detailed descriptions about their business and what they do. “In addition, the member can put in a link to their own websites and their business address and telephone numbers if they so desire. Additionally, if a member is concerned about their privacy, and they do not want to share their email address or telephone numbers then users are offered the ability to leave them messages, that are stored in the PlateMatch.com system for retrireview later by the member”.

As part of their marketing campaign that encourages people to use the license plate as a tool, Platematch are giving away free license plate frames to members that say "Find Me At- Platematch.com" or "Rate My Driving - Platetmatch.com".

“We are working to give all our members as much, or as little exposure as they desire through the most obvious public identification around -the vehicle license plate,” Powers said. “Additionally, Platematch.com, Inc. is currently working out the details for an European and an Asian launch.

Written by Craig Stephens

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