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Nicole Sexes Up For Keith

Understated actress Nicole Kidman is vamping herself up for hubby to be Keith Urban, transforming her petite frame with a new diet and xercise regime.

According to a source, Kidman is determined to captivate her fiancé with a curvy new frame. With the help of a trainer, Nicole has adopted a new weight training regime that aims to accentuate her thighs and buttocks.

"Nic works out five days out of seven. Her usual routine saw her doing lots of  yoga and cardio, including jogging. With her eyes set on a more voluptuous look, she’s doing more weight training," said the source.

According to the insider, Kidman’s new regime includes high volume of squats and dips, with high repetitions and heavier than normal weights. "She’s squatting over 100 lb on occasion," the source said.

In addition to her exercise regime, Nicole has also overhauled her diet,  says the insider, opting for protein shakes and steaks. She’s also upping her carb intake with pasta dishes and lots of vegetables.

"The media always joked that Nic existed on a lettuce leaf a day, that’s definitely changed. She wants to make Keith happy, and if her can manage to lay off the booze for her, she can put on a few pounds for him."

And what better way to highlight her new curvaceous bod? Sexy new lingerie of course. According to a source, 38 year old Kidman spent over $2000 at lingerie boutique Mixona in Soho New York on January 28.

Meanwhile at a low profile performance in Florida this week, as part of his 2006 Still Alive Tour, Urban dedicated a song to his future wife, a Brooks and Dunn cover titled Brand New Man.

The song recounts the tale of a former drug addict's wild days, and how the love of a woman changed his life. "I used to love 'em and leave 'em, I'd brag about my freedom," Urban sung. "Then I met you, now my heart beats true. Baby you and me together, feels more like forever.

Heath The Doting Dad

Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger, has reformed his wild ways, opting for the role of doting Dad over party boy.

Now more attuned to changing diapers than clubbing and drinking, sources say the youthful 26 year old has been "radically transformed," by fatherhood.

According to a source, hunky ledger, who previously had live in relationships with Naomi Watts and Heather Graham now prefers yoga and homemaking over skateboarding and guest DJing.

"Heath is totally wrapped up in his relationship with Michelle (Williams) and 3 month old Matilda," said the Source, who added, "He always faced challenges about his
maturity in his other relationships.

"With both Naomi (Watts) and Heather (Graham) Heath shared live in relationships, though it wasn’t unlike him to hit a club and stay out all night alone," the source said.

"Now he has accepted a new outlook along with a new responsibility. He knows that he wont get away with wayward behavior with Michelle, and he definitely doesn’t want to lose her.

According to the source, Oscar hopeful Ledger has also adopted a healthy new lifestyle, with a focus on exercise and diet.

" Michelle and Heath are very much into yoga. Heath has also given up smoking for the sake of the baby, and is even learning to cook."

Gwen Stefani shops for Baby

Fashionista mom to be Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale are keen to ensure their first born, expected in June  is a hip dressed bub, splashing out over $30,000 on baby clothes at a trendy London boutique.

Stefani, 36 and Rossdale 38 spent several hours at the up market Elias& Grace boutique in the hip suburb of Regents Park last week, where they bought up big. According to a store source Gwen bought items from the entire range of Petit Batueau baby clothes, with some purchases in three and fours sizes of the same garment.

"Gwen and Gavin were already behaving like proud parents, visualizing what their baby would look like in  various outfits.  Gwen kept saying she’d like some items in her own size, oohing and ahhhing the whole time, while Gavin looked on giggling."

According to the store source the pop star couple purchased booties, hats, miitens, pyjamas, jumpsuits, bibs, diaper covers, shorts and t-shirts. "Gwen bought the item in a range of colors, which could be suitable for either a boy or girl," the source added.

Insiders say Gwen intends to add both a maternity line and potentially baby clothes to her already booming LAMB range, which she will start work designing as her pregnancy advances.

Meanwhile Stefani’s penchant for limited edition designer items wasn’t neglected during the trip. The Holla Back girl splashed out a further $5,000 of designer maternity wear, by Vivienne Westwood and See by Chloe at other nearby boutiques.

Britney’s Acting Ambition

After nurturing a singing career since the age of 11 and selling albums in excess of 60 million, popette Britney Spears is set to focus on an acting career

With  huge buzz created over last week’s announcement that Brit will guest on a forthcoming episode of TV show Will & Grace on April 13,  playing a Christian conservative, sources say  Mrs Federline aims to develop her acting over the next year.

According to an insider, Britney has taken inspiration from former boyfriend Justin Timberlake and hopes to nurture a serious working option as an actress. "Britney realizes she can’t be a teen queen forever and  she also knows that crossing over  to appeal to an older market as a singer has limited scope."

"She has spoken to Justin about acting and she’s realized it’s a logical step," the source added. "Britney really wants to evolve as a performer and even cash in on her quirkiness."

The insider claims Brit has already had several meetings with her agents who are currently devising a strategy for her serious reinvention as an actress, scoping out prospective movie and TV roles.

Meanwhile, says the insider, Britney is in the process of organizing private tutoring to develop her acting skills.

In addition to the reality show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic  that aired last year on UPN, Britney’s last experience as an actress came in the 2002 teen road film Crossroads.

Eva’s Long Distance Loving

Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria has a novel approach to maintaining her long distance relationships, adopting regular phone sex as a way to maintain intimacy with her men.
According to an insider, the sultry 30 year old Latina isn’t all about looks, with a liberal sexual philosophy also a key part of her raunchy persona.
Eva explored wild sexual boundaries with all her past men," the source claimed. "Tyler Christopher (General Hospital actor) JC Chasez (NSync member) Mario Lopez (actor) and basketball player Tony Parker all had long distance relationships with Eva at one time or another."

"Eva is a very sexual person. She’s also very broad minded and has used phone sex with all of her partners as a way to cope with the tyranny of distance. As all of her men were in the entertainment business, there were big stretches when they were apart, so they used phone sex as a way to keep things spicy and maintain their bond." The source said.

Meanwhile, underscoring Eva’s brazen sexuality was her recent public declaration about her use of sex toys. In an interview last year, she told a UK newspaper "Its important for womenb to be in touch with their sexuality, and that sex toys are a 21st century way of doing this."

In another interview with a womans magazine (Cosmo), Eva also extolled the virtues of the Brazilian wax," Every woman should try a Brazilian because the sex you have afterwards will keep you coming back for more. The first time I did it after the wax I was like, 'What's going on with my body? Oh, my God!'

Let Them Eat Cake Say Olsen Twins

Defying the clichés about eating disorders and their petite frames, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made the uncharacteristic move of investing in an exclusive Los Angeles cake store/ bakery.

Having a range of celebrity clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Springsteen and Carnie Wilson, as well as the Olsens, upscale bakery, Sweet Lady Jane specializes in exclusive tailor made cakes and desserts, with some made to order cakes fetching over $5500.

According to owner/manager Jane Lockhart, the store, in operation for over 18 years will benefit from the injection of $2 million in funding from the Olsens. The investment will be used to establish a wholesale division, which will eventually develop a range of new and existing products under the Sweet Lady Jane brand to be distributed nationwide.

Still its not all business for the Olsens, whose collective sweet tooth has been added motivation for their new business venture. After being introduced to the store by a mutual friend, Lockhart says Ashley and Mary-Kate became smitten with her stores big range of cup cakes.

Lockhart says Sweet Lady Jane offer unique home style products that feature all natural ingredients including fruits such as apples, carrots, bananas, peaches and berries as well as fresh dairy products.

Always preferring to visit the store personally rather than dial up for delivery, Jane says the Olsens have also displayed preference for  a range of other high calorie goodies at the store. " The twins always drop in and buy, they sometimes eat in," says Jane.

"Mary-Kate and Ashley are very fond of our triple berry cake," Jane says. "they’re also into our range  of cookies and cupcakes, and  are particularly fond of cupcake flavors vanilla/ chocolate, carrot, banana, peanut butter and chocolate combo," added Jane.

Justin and Cameron’s Golfing Escape

Hot celeb couple Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake opted for a romantic getaway with a difference this week, taking a seven day golfing vacation in upscale Palm Springs California.

The "it" couple united in the Californian resort town, just four miles drive from Hollywood, while Justin took part in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Golf match. While her beau slogged it out over 90 holes, on three different courses, Cameron took in some much welcome R&R.

According to an insider, Cameron also enjoyed a turn on the course, taking in several holes with Rachel Bomar, personal assistant to Justin Timberlake, as well as his cousin. Displaying her usual wild streak, sources say Cameron enjoyed several beers while driving between holes in a golf cart.

According to a witness, Cameron definitely looked the part, dressed in green slacks pink vest and white golf shoes and visor, though she was decidedly less serious than Justin, giggling throughout the game.

When she wasn’t on the course, Cam enjoyed several spa treatments and gym workouts, says a source. "She drove around the area in her Prius hybrid," the witness said. When she wasn’t playing golf, or at the spa, sources say Cam made the most of the balmy 70 F temperatures, jogging on resort grounds and even swimming in the her heated resort pool.

The lovebirds also found time for some romance while staying at the prestigious Bermuda Dunes resort. Opting for the privacy of their suite rather than I the restaurant, they ordered room service and reveled in the privacy of the room, rising at past 10am on more than one occasion during the week.

On Thursday January 19, Cameron left the resort solo, boarding her blue Toyota Prius alone for the four hour drive back to LA., leaving Justin to  see out the tournament till Saturday January 21 .According to witnesses, the couple embraced for a lengthy period in the resort car park, kissing and cuddling for an extended period.

Dressed in long sleeve black t-shirt jeans tucked into knee high Ug boots Cam appeared truly engrossed in her man said a source. " she was  gazing into his eyes with her hands around his neck, kissing him passionately for over ten minutes," a witness said

According to the source, equally smitten Justin, dressed in dark red hooded shirt and grey track pants  lingered in the carpark as Cameron drove, off, waving to her before heading back to his room to change into golf gear.

Celebrity participants for the 2006 Classic include: Marcus Allen, Yogi Berra, Michael Bolton, Glen Campbell, Don Cheadle, Roger Clemens, Alice Cooper, Carson Daly, Tom Dreesen, David James Elliott, Mike Eruzione, Samuel L. Jackson, George Lopez, Cheech Marin, Craig T. Nelson, Shawn Parr, Joe Pesci, Maury Povich, Darius Rucker, Burt Rutan, Sterling Sharpe and Justin Timberlake.

The celebrity field's schedule is as follows: Wednesday, Jan. 18, Bermuda Dunes Country Club; Thursday, Jan. 19, La Quinta Country Club; Friday, Jan. 20, Arnold Palmer Private Course at PGA WEST; Saturday, Jan. 21, Classic Club, which is the Classic's host site for the first time.

Joining the celebrities is a professional field headed up by defending champion Justin Leonard. The Classic will be televised on USA network during the week and ABC Sports on the weekend. At stake is a tournament-record purse of $5 million, $900,000 goes to the winner.

Nick’s New Girl

 Despite reports of a relationship with Ohio State student Danielle Calo while appearing at a celebrity football event last year, rebounding newlywed Nick Lackey has been spotted with a new mystery blonde in Hollywood in recent weeks.

According to sources, the new unidentified blonde is a catalogue model aged 25, who recently relocated to LA from the Midwest.

Nick and his new girl were seen at Beverly Hills hotspot Koi last week, where they reportedly reveled in one another’s company as well as the Asian fusion food.

"He kept holding and stroking her hands throughout the meal," said a witness. "They were very cosy together, chatting throughout the meal, you could tell they were very familiar with one another."

According to the source, after enjoying a round of saki cocktails, Nick and his mystery girl shared several dishes, including wonton soup, jumbo prawns and Chilean Sea bass.

After their main course, the smitten pair enjoyed another cocktail and a dessert. "They lingered for nearly an hour after eating," said the insider

"The again held hands and Nick moved his chair closer, holding her hand and stroking her arm." According to the insider, Nick planted several gentle kisses on the mystery girl’s lips before the night was over.

Jessica Simpson Buys Beverly Hills Home

After selling the Calabasus home she once shared with ex hubby Nick Lachey to Malcolm in the Middle" actor Justin Berfield, Jessica Simpson has relocated to Beverly Hills, purchasing a $3 million home in the upscale suburb.

According to an insider, like her previous property, Jessica’s new four bedroom home it also features a rehearsal studio and gym. Its is also equipped with spa and sauna, and an elaborate full service kitchen.

"Jessica has big plans for the property and will eventually have a recording studio built there," the source said. The former Newlywed also plans to have extensive landscaping work done as well as work on storage spaces.

According to the insider, Jessica is very keen to give her new home a personal touch. "Much of the layout of the Calabasus home and the furnishings were chosen by MTV, so neither Jess or Nick had much say in the way things looked," the source said.

"With this new home Jess wants to give it her signature touch," the source said. "Jessica is currently meeting with interior designers and is madly shopping for furniture and furnishings.

And what about the overall look of the home? "Some of the rooms will be totally over the top, while others will have a more conservative feel," the source said.

Mischa’s Volatile Relationship

While their much publicized relationship with rocker Cisco Adler is renowned for its passion, a hidden volatility underscores their five month old romance.

According to sources, a seven year age difference and contrasting personalities has seen repeated instances of temper tantrums, with ugly melt-downs peppering their seemingly idyllic relationship.

Recent incidents of public squabbling include new years eve, when the couple erupted into a screaming match while attending  a party at the Hotel Victor.  Sources say the fight started over Adler’s discomfort with Mischa’s younger friends.

A December skiing trip to Aspen also took an ugly turn, when Cisco erupted following Mischa’s apparent  interaction with a mystery man. According to a source, the argument started while the couple ate a hamburger meal at  the Aspen Club.

"Cisco was screaming at her, though the guy had already left, either due to embarrassment or fear of Cisco’s wild temper. People were staring and he was really out of control, yelling loudly."

According to the witness, the argument again reared its head at Aspen Club Cloud 9, where Mischa and Cisco headed after their meal. "They took a ride over and everything seemed to have calmed down, though after a few drinks, things again took a turn for the worse, Mischa stormed off and he followed."

In November while at LA hip nightspot Club Roosevelt, sources say Cisco again displayed his wild temper, throwing a glass at an unknown male after he apparently made advances to Mischa.

"It was nothing at all, the guy just paid her a compliment, but  it just got out of hand,  Cisco really overreacted," revealed the source.  Security staff eventually calmed the situation, according to the source.

Renee Zellweger’s new mystery hunk

Rebounding starlet Renee Zellweger seems to have forgotten her failed marriage to Kenny Chesney, having been spotted out with a fresh new toy boy twice in recent weeks

 According to sources, Renee was first spotted with her new  mystery man while at  club Bed in Miami  during  a new year’s break. Tongues have again been set wagging when the unknown hunk again

Last week at a Golden Globes after party in Hollywood.

Petite Renee, resplendent in clinging gown reportedly snuck her new pal in to the party just under an hour before it closed. According to a source, there was much begging and pleading with security due to his lack of credentials.

According to an insider, after much effort hiding from photographers, the pair snuggled in a corner, dancing and giggling. "They are very obviously into one another," the source said.

"At one point, Renee’s mystery man gallantly snuck off to a nearby table, later returning with a bottle full of champagne," the source  added. After partying the night away, insiders say both Renee and her mystery man evaded media intrusion via a side door entrance, scoring a ride to a nearby hotel.

Britney’s Spiritual Makeover 

In a move bound to unsettle her pop anthem mentor Madonna, starlet mom Britney Spears has opted for a spiritual makeover transferring allegiance from the Kabbala to Hinduism.

Spears and son Sean Preston drove from her Malibu compound on Tuesday morning to  the nearby Virgenes Canyon Hindu Temple, accompanied by a lone bodyguard/ driver.

At the temple, both Britney and Sean Preston received blessing from a Hindu priest in an ancient Hindu ceremony. According to an insider, inside the temple grounds, Britney, barefoot in accordance with Hindu ritual visited various Hindi shrines throughout the grounds.

Accompanied by a Hindu priest, Britney bathed various deities in water before

the Hindu priest blessed both she and Sean Preston with several sacred Hindu prayers read in Sanskrit

Dressed on white hoodie sweatshirt and jeans, Britney emerged from the ritual grinning, says the witness. Clutching baby Preston who was wrapped in a white shawl, she also had an ancient Hindi Bindi symbol (a small red circle) on her forehead.

Still it was not all hard core spiritualism for Brit and Sean. After the blessing ritual, Brit and bub headed for some hardcore retail therapy at nearby Toys R Us, emerging from the store with several large boxes.

The day also marked some controversy in that Brit attended the ritual minus her wedding ring. Despite suspected marriage trouble, sources say, the absent ring was simply due to requirements of the ritual.   

One week prior Brit fuelled rumors her that her marriage was on the rocks when she was photographed shopping at  California’s Beverly Center without her wedding ring .

Angelina’s Pain over Mom

Beneath the joy of her pregnancy to partner Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie hides the strain of her cancer stricken mother, a pressure that has weighed heavily on her emotions and on her relationship to Brad.

According to insiders Marcheline Bertrand’s cancer has effected Angelina deeply, prompting much soul searching in terms of her perception of family and her current relationship.

Insiders say Angelina’s biological mother, Marcheline is at the core of Angelina’s resentment to her father Jon Voight, whose neglectful parenting and constant womanizing fuelled eventual estrangement from Angelina.

"Despite his claims she was mentally ill, Angelina actually had clear cut reasons to resent him. During the years they were married 1971-78 he had continual affairs, and was seldom at home, all of this before Angelina was ten years old."

According to the insider, now  that French /Canadian Marcheline is ill, Angelina is gutted,  and is determined to ensure her natural mom is there to see  her  create the tight knit family she never had.

"Angelina is very committed to having a balanced family, and doesn’t want to repeat the dysfunctional mistakes her parents made. She wants to be compassionate and devoted, definitely not another showbiz mom," the source said.

According to the source, Brad’s strong commitment to family has seen him sympathetic to Angelina’s vision, "yet he is concerned she may spread herself too thin emotionally at a time when he and her kids really need her."

"Angelina’s idyllic idea of family has put pressure on Brad, who can see she has a lot of baggage, he’s hoping to be the ballast she needs to ensure their future family stays on the right track."

Sources say Marcheline Bertrand is currently  is receiving specialist cancer treatment from Beverly Hills clinic, while convalescing at her Hollywood Hills home.

Britney An Overprotective Mom?
Loving mom Britney Spears’ overprotective approach to raising five month old son Sean Preston  could be the root of ongoing tensions between husband Kevin  while also delaying her career comeback.

Insiders claim Britney’s seldom publicized approach to parenting has seen her experiencing difficulty letting others baby sit Preston and has even led her to problems with others holding and feeding him.

"Britney is very paranoid about Sean Preston and she has great difficulty with others touching him," the source said. "Brit has even had problems with other’s changing his diapers, fearing they will harm him in some way."

According to the insider, Britney’s overprotective hand sees only her mother Lynn and husband Kevin  permitted to nurse the child for lengthy periods. While a live-in nanny at her Malibu home also changes diapers, the insider claims, Britney constantly overseas interaction. between the nanny and Preston.
"Even on rare occasions when Britney leaves the baby with a sitter,. she calls constantly an wants to know every detail," the insider said. "She seldom leaves him alone with a sitter, and always makes sure that in addition to a nanny, either Kevin or another family member are there."
Recent public outings have seen Brit display her protective ways. On December 31 when  she headed to beachside eatery Moonshadows, just minutes from her Malibu mansion to lunch with her cousin Laura Lyn Covington, sources claim Brit coddled Preston throughout her time at the restaurant, holding him throughout the meal and only nibbling on her seafood lunch.
Britney also cancelled a trip to spend New Year Eve with her family in Louisana, so she could spend some "alone time," with Kevin and Sean. Insiders say Brit’s real reason for canceling the trip was so she didn’t have to deal with the issues with transporting Sean.
"She is concerned for his welfare and the risks associated with flying," the source said. As of January 9, Britney had checked into a Beverly Hills Hotel, for more "alone time," with Preston. Meanwhile Kevin is at their Malibu home and has resumed working on recording  material.
 Nicole Richie & Stevie O ?

Just weeks after calling off her engagement with  DJ boyfriend Adam Goldstein AKA DJ AM,  could reality starlet Nicole Richie have found a replacement in quirky Jackass star  Stevie O?

LA spies say yes. According to witnesses, the pair were spotted out lunching with on Monday Jan 9 at longtime celebrity haunt Jones Bar/ restaurant in West Hollywood.

Reportedly in a party mood, the unlikely pair were joined by Stevie O protege Chad Muska, a  pro skater and  Hip hop artist and an unknown female.

According to an insider, the foursome downed beer and shots and dined on traditional American fare, including steaks, salads and cheeseburgers. "They were pretty rowdy, laughing and joking," the source said.

Staying at the bar for just under two hours, the source says  Nicole and Stevie were very friendly. " She was obviously amused by him, laughing loudly throughout their stay. At one point her had his arm around her and kissed her cheek, which didn’t phase her at all," the source added

Instead of her usual choice of chic designer threads, Nicole chose to blend in with the gang in knee length camouflage pants and t-shirt.  Jeans and t-shirt seemed the uniform of choice for the rest of the posse.

According to the source, after just under two hours, the group called for a check which was covered by Stevie O.

Hardly the morose girl seen over the holidays, Nicole was reportedly in fine spirits "Nicole and Steve held hands as they went to the front door, they really looked like a couple," the source added.

After boarding two separate SUV’s outside the West Hollywood bar/restaurant, sources claim the foursome continued their Monday afternoon soiree at the Hollywood Hills home of Stevie O, kicking back in his yard.

Intimacy Over Ritual For Angelina and Brad
It was back to work for starlet Angelina Jolie as she boarded a flight for the Dominican Republic from LAX  on Thursday January 5 to resume her duties on the forthcoming movie The Good Shepherd with co star Matt Damon.CS1
Meanwhile, contrary to the buzz over a rumored wedding and impending pregnancy, insiders say Brad and Ange are content with things for now, and are more concerned with maintaining their careers and nurturing their existing family.CS2
Rumors abound about the Jolie- Pitt union, from her intake of pre natal vitamins to their recent ring purchases ( which  were xmas gifts) yet, maintaining consistency seems to be their key agenda at present.
According to an insider, while they are defiantly a family, Brad and Ange want to take things slowly. "They are taking things a step at a time. Brad’s adoption last December was definitely a symbol of their longevity, but they don’t feel the need to undertake any other gestures just yet.
In terms of marriage the source says both Brad and Ange have obvious reservations. "They have both been in marriages before and so feel that additional ceremony would be too contrived and unnecessary.
According to the source, the star couple’s immediate plans will see them maintain their mutual career obligations, while nurturing their family and continuing their philanthropic activities.

They are stars and command much attention, but in reality, for Brad and Ange right now, its more about intimacy. At present they’re happy with what they have and don’t feel the need for grand public gestures of their union," the source revealed.

Nic and Keith Share Xmas

Resisting the appeal of her kids and a Australian summer, Nicole Kidman instead opted for the arms of her lover Keith Urban, and a down home yuletide at his Nashville home.

Xmas for the Aussie couple marked a repeat of thanksgiving, when the star Aussie couple celebrated the holiday with Keith’s parents again at his Nashville mansion

According to sources the couple enjoyed traditional xmas dishes including Turkey, chicken and ham, though they added a twist with the additional of some rare Australian delicacies including seafood and a huge selection of wines and cheeses.

Kidman was spotted strolling hand in hand with Urban in Percy Warner Park in Nashville late on Christmas Day. Keith’s mother, Marienne reportedly accompanied them.

Unlike earlier Nashville trips, when the couple ventured into local bars and cafes, Nic and Keith chose to stay at Keith’s property. Sources say, thee couple also went hiking and horse riding during their stay at the property, despite the chilly temperatures.

After their stroll, the trio reportedly headed back to the property, where Keith decided to make an outdoor fire in his backyard. Urban reportedly instructed his employees to gather wood while visiting town, and just after sunset, the family headed about 50 yards into the backyard of the property, where they lit the fire and stood around it. After about 40 minutes, they headed back indoors.CS1

Just a week earlier, further underscoring their devotion,  the couple met up in Las Vegas on December 18, where Keith was performing at the Radio Music Awards. The coupled stayed for two nights, December 18 & 19.

Fuelling speculation of wedding bells, both Nicole, her mother Janlle and Keith had suites a the Four Seasons Hotel on South Las Vegas Boulevard. The trio were spotted at various venues, shuttled by a silver limousine to the exclusive Japanese restaurant Nobu, inside the Hard Rock Hotel and later at the Mandalay Bay casino wher they were seen playing blackjack.

Meanwhile Nic and Keith’s relationship has been attacked by UK press,  with several stories critical of their longevity. "I'll be very surprised if the relationship lasts," Keith's former manager Gary Shaw told the London Sun. "He is in it for the chase. He likes to go after what he wants and if he can't have it, he wants it even more. He would be intrigued by anything and anyone he couldn't get."

In the same story, Keith's ex Laura Sigler is singing the same song. "Nicole and Keith might date for a while," she speculates, "but it won't last very long. I don't know her but I know him very well."

Naomi Pregnant?

King Kong star Naomi Watts, 37 is at the center of pregnancy rumors after she was spotted visiting a fertility specialist in Australia in the company of boyfriend Liev Schreiber 38.

According to sources, the couple, in Australia for an Xmas break were spotted  visiting Chinese herbalist and fertility expert Lily Liu, at her clinic in north Sydney, just a few miles from  Watt’s mother’s home.

According to an insider, Naomi  and Live drove to the herbalist in their hire car from rented accommodations after visiting the actress’ mother. " They were dressed for hot weather in jeans and t-shirts. They walked into the clinic together and after about an hour they left hand in hand. They were very affectionate with each other, very touchy and feely and all smiles, Live was rubbing her neck and shoulders."

Sources say after visiting the clinic, the couple visited nearby café Deep Blue, where they ate sandwiches  and drank juice, they then headed back to their rented home.

In a recent interview with Watts recently admitted she was desperate for children, but was worried it might be too late to conceive. She said, "I wish it could have happened a little bit sooner. I have wanted a family since I was 19 -- certainly to have children."

Watts 37 and Schreiber, 38, started dating in May after meeting at the New York's Museum Of Modern Art's Costume Institute Gala. Watts reveals she feels completely comfortable with the American actor, who she will spend the next few months with, filming The Painted Veil in China.


Britney Heartbroken by Hurricane Katrina

The deadly wrath of Hurricane Katrina has deeply effected mom to be Britney Spears.
With her home state directly in the path of the horrific storm, the self confessed "Louisiana Girl," is fearful for family and friends stricken by the hurricane.

Britney has a number of family members based in Kentwood, including aunts, uncles, cousins and a grandmother, and while all of them have evacuated the sleepy town to nearby Texas, she is understandably upset by the disaster.

Further cause for concern for Britney is the untold damage to her Kentwood property
The multi million dollar Kentwood estate, called " Serenity," is said to have has suffered extensive structural damage to its roof and windows. With entire streets of Louisiana under water due to rising flood waters, the exact extent of the damage wont be evident until the area is again inhabitable.

According to an insider, Britney is extremely worried and has been riveted to the storm coverage. "She is not so much concerned for her property as she is her family and friends. Louisiana is her birthplace and she holds it very close to her heart. " CS1

"The hardest part for Britney has been not being able to get in touch with her family and friends. Not knowing the extend to the damage and what she can do about it, the last week has been a big load, particularly in her condition," the source added. CS1
Earlier this year on her her official website Britney told fans: "I think when Kevin and I start a family we might build our dream home right behind my mom’s. It’s true; home is where the heart is. For some reason, I can relax so much better when I’m in Kentwood. It’s like food for the soul."

Lindsay’s Midnight Run

Despite claiming she abandoned her European promo our for Herbie: Fully Loaded to comfort her mother, Dina, 42, during Stateside divorce proceedings Lindsay Lohan has yet to play the role of doting daughter.

Wildchild Lindsay’s bizarre approach to family bonding might better be translated as constant partying. Her month long party-thon started on in early August when she visited a range of Alist hotspots in the Hamptons, partying until the wee hours before continuing at rented house until well past dawn the next day.

Hitting LA a week later, Lindsay has since been spotted at a hot of hip nightspots, including the Tropicana Bar,at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the newly opened Cabana Club on the Sunset strip and her old favorite, the Spider Club.

Sunday Aug 22 saw L:indsay and two galpals make an early escape from their newfound haunt, The Cabana Club. The trio took the unusual step of driving for nearly three hours to San Diego where they carried on at a house party till well over 4am.CS1

According to a source, the trio left the club at midnight. Redbull and cigarettes in hand. They then boarded a black Mercedes and headed for the 405."They were really gunning it along the freeway," said the source doing well over 100mph. They were having a great time, music blaring." CS1

Arriving at just after 230am, Lindsay and her unknown galpals headed for a large oceanside home in the upscale city. After just minutes, bass heavy music could be heard from the street below. Shortly after a posse of over five cars showed up. "You could tell it was a wild time," the source added.CS1

Britney to retire from public eye?

With only weeks to go before the delivery of her baby, it seems Britney Spears has opted to temporarily retire from the public eye, acknowledging her delicate physical and emotional state.

On a trip to upscale Bacara Resort and spa in Santa Barbara California last weekend, Britney remained in her $5000 a night luxury suite for her entire stay, leaving only to attend massage and water treatments at the hotel’s spa. Cs1

Britney left her Malibu home on Saturday morning, staying at the hotel for two nights. Meanwhile, hubby Kevin Federl;ine remained at the couple’s Malibu home and went bowling with pals on Venture Blvde, while Brit took her weekend retreat. CS1

Since returning to her Malibu home on Monday Brit seems to have relinquished her usual morning regime of visiting Malibu Coffee Bean for smoothies and other errands like browsing for DVD’s and shopping. According to an insider, "Britney is down to earth and likes to get out and about so she doesn’t feel trapped or cooped up, but now its time to be careful before the baby comes."CS2

According to sources due to her increasingly sensitive physical and psychological condition, Britney has taken advice from her doctor and opted to keep a low profile. She is scheduled to check into a luxury suite at a Scottsdale Arizona hospital in early September. CS2

Written by Craig Stephens

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