Editorial: Lights Bullets, Action- Magpul’s Fun Toy - Publication: Loaded Mag UK - Date: January 2010

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Here’s one for the manic paintballer, weekend warrior or Rambo fetishist -  a compact folding machine gun that’s disguised as a flashlight (that’s a torch)– a handy tool for any living room.

 Now a prototype, though set for release next year, the US manufactured Magpul FMG9  has been specifically designed  as “a concealable, but readily accessible weapon,” aiming to cater for global  federal agencies (including UK MoD), CIA, FBI, Dept Of Home Security and police.

According to Magpul spokesperson Drake Clark, ““the FM G9 has a range of 100 yards, is loaded with 33 rounds of 9mm ammunition and  is  capable of shooting 1300 rounds a minute. It features Glock 18 machine pistol components, including magazine and barrel.”
Drake likens firing the gun to  an Uzi or similarly sized automatic weapon. “The recoil is similar to shooting a nine mm pistol,  it’s substantially less because you have  a stock mounted to the gun which is absorbing the impact. Shots are much more rapid and more accurate, with quicker follow up shots.”  He points out the window to a pickup truck a stone’s throw from his office in rural Colorado adding the gun would tear it up in seconds.

So what is the gun specifically designed for? “The gun is ideal for close quarter battle, ideal for close in work such as clearing a house or  close personal defence , specifically designed for any organization that requires  that they don’t have a weapon out in plain view.”
Designed by Magpul VP, Mike Mayberry, the gun’s design is based on a pistol that originated in the late sixties called an Ares FMG9, conjured up by a bloke named Eugene Stoner , still Clark claims the FMG9 is miles ahead, “There is nothing out there that is as compact and concealed  on the market.”

In terms of the weapons’ ability to be disguised, Drake says Magpul are also currently toying with other novel ideas,  with the gun easily disguised to mimic a range of  everyday items, ensuring the element of surprise and fashion consciousness  is always  a forethought
.“We’re also looking at other options to the flashlight in terms of disguising the weapon, whether that’s a woman’s purse a PDA or a laptop battery or external hard drive . We’d find a design that was generic to make it look identical to one of those items, depending on the client’s needs.

We are currently fielding confidential enquiries via a covert email account many global  federal agencies (including UK MOD that is interested in purchasing the gun. They found out about it via the video on U Tube which was one of the highest circulating videos about a weapon on the internet, our marketing is one of the strongest in the industry.

On a lighter note, Drake says the gun can also be converted to hold simple gas fuelled pellets, suitable for paintball is less deadly pursuits Drake adds, “We always envisage what is the mission of the product over anything else and the mission for the product is to have something easily concealable that is in plain site  that can be transformed into a functional weapon quickly The collectors market is also big, but we always design for the mission first.”

The FMG9 will sell for around $2000 USD, sometime next year, though its arrival says Magpul is dependent upon customer’s ability to commission their mass manufacture.

Written by Craig Stephens

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