Lucas Nelson (son of Willie) supports AIDS Charity

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Defying his years, twenty year old musician Lucas Nelson (son of Willie) is already embracing the importance of philanthropy. Lukas and his band (Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real) headlined a fundraiser for the Pasadena  AIDS Service Center (ASC), at the iconic Troubador in West Hollywood last Saturday (August 20).

With an uncanny resemblance to his fathers vocal style, Lucas performed a variety of blues rock styled tunes to an enthusiastic crowd, who helped raise a sizeable contribution to keeping ASC buoyant.

Asked by Take Part what motivated his involvement in the fundraiser, Lucas revealed, "AIDS is a very serious issue.  I have several friends who are afflicted with the disease and close to me, so Im motivated to do anything I can do to help and give something back. We raised a bunch of money fo the center, which is fantastic.

He added, "The  fight against AIDS is often forgotten and we lose focus to other diseases such as cancer, though AIDS is still there and we haven't found a cure yet.  People like Magic Johnson have been able to survive with it, though he isn't typical of those who suffer from the disease, its still an unanswered question."

AIDS Service Center (ASC), the largest AIDS service provider in the San Gabriel Valley, is a community-based non-profit organization, providing free direct services to men, women and children with HIV and AIDS throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County. To help stem the spread of HIV, ASC conducts educational outreach to the communities at large in English and Spanish.

Philanthropy isn't new for the Nelson clan. Both father Willie and Lucas are involved in fundraising and lobbying for Farm Aid a nonprofit organization whose mission is to keep family farmers on their land.-

Willie, Neil Young and John Mellencamp organized the first Farm Aid concert in 1985 to   raise awareness about the loss of family farms and raise funds to prevent displacement of farm families. The organization has since raised more than $39 million.

The Nelsons also patronize several other worthy causes, including  Free The Slaves, an organization that aims to underscore the plight of the 20 million people who work under slave like conditions globally. Other supported charities include The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, Best Friends Animal Society, Crossroads Centre,Feeding America, Green Music Group and more.

An avid surfer, Lucas is also involved in Surfers Healing, a body that provides therapy for Autistic Children.