Artist Anne MCcoy - March 2012 -

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With pencil drawings as her central medium, Los Angeles artist Ann McCoy returns to Mid Wilshire's Bleicher Gallery on La Brea for for a solo show opening on April 21.

Mccoy says her enormous and elaborate pencil drawings, are thematically aligned to alchemical theory and Jungian analysis. She has been celebrated and collected internationally through the most prestigious art institutions, awards and auction houses in the arts including LACMA, MOMA, the Whitney, and the National Gallery of Australia.

Asked about the concept behind her work, McCoy reveals, "The egg of the philosophers, the ovum philosophorum refers to the vessel in which the creation process takes place. Many creation myths begin with an egg that divides and constructs the world, for example, part of the shell becoming the sky.

She continues, "In this way, the egg gives birth as a universal parent.The egg becomes subject and object for the alchemist who is transforming himself perpetually.Decay and rebirth are implied when the egg decays and the bird is born."

"The egg has been present in my work and dreams. Some sort of birth or creative act is always implied. Birth is often paired with difficult circumstances, both personally and in mythology. Christ was born in a stable under impoverished circumstances and Occupy Wall Street began with a bunch of kids in tents with no funds.

It is these difficult births that interest me. I hope we are seeing a shift in values and consciousness among the youth who are rejecting a culture of greed and war."

Alchemy also reckons thematically in the work of Ann McCoy. She pursues expression of her unconscious, orange mauve and magenta tones rekindling visions of her travels, dreams and personal reflections.

McCoy's drawings and other watercolors conjure a curious narrative that captures her creative mantra, " let my intuition grasp personal meaning first, letting one's own personal folk tales provide insight."

Written by Craig Stephens

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