Modeling's Bare knuckle Approach - Loaded - November 2012

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Modeling's Bare knuckle Approach

Another typical day on a film shoot in downtown Los Angeles, two actors work a romantic scene. They kiss and linger outside a deco hotel, a camera on rails shutters past, then they part, one making for a door, slowly she reaches for the handle, only to be interrupted by a director barking "cut".

The actress is then replaced by a double. Not one devoted to stunts, instead she's a diminutive looking woman, not even dressed similarly, as her hands  are the focus of the shot.

A cameraman with a harness moves in, then shoots a close up of  the double's hand as she slowly opens the door, around eight seconds later and  her job is done.

Becka Black is a hand model. When she's not playing keyboards and singing with her band The Moonbeams, she's on set opening doors, pressing elevator buttons and holding ballpoint pens, cigarettes or playing dead on a variety of film sets around Los Angeles.

Beck reveals, "my first hand doubling job was for a pilot I was called in to press elevator button" for the show's promo, that only paid  $120.00. For the SAG rate dramas I've been paid a handsome $150 an hour, accumulating more if overtime is warranted."

She later worked on the Warner Brothers shows Without a Trace, and Cold Case for several seasons  as the 2nd unit actress/hand model.

Asked to recount a handful of her most glorious career moments, Beck confides, "I had a black box trapped scene where my wrists were tied with a rope. I had to get into a dark chest, and try to escape out of the box, with the camera on my finger nails as they scratched the sides. In another scene I wore fake blood on my hands while  trapped in the back of a taxi cab, the shot was to show the blood forming on the characters hands."

Still its not all dark stuff, Beck sees hand modeling as a natural path considering gateway to a big future. "Im hoping for big things, until then I"m rocking it out, playing keys with these hands, writing music and screenplays..I'm a film maker currently acting in the theater, and seeking to get my hands, face, and voice in many amazing films, tv shows, concert stages, and recording studios as I can.".

Written by Craig Stephens

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