Odd Future/Coachella – NME – April 2011

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Odd Future Coachella

 Rising above the corporate dogma that is this years Coachella with  its overt security, sports fan patronage and plethora of desert  fuelled beerbarn intellect, Odd future are the glistening moments of promise.

Divorced from misogynist cliché, testosterone fuelled ball grabbing and more Odd Future redefine hip hop for those who know care or are at least there.

As a big thing hopeful to redefine a possibly tired genre Odd Future delivered, with a clusterfuck of Coachella fans  and  more. Teen wizardy defying the monolith of pre deteremined corporate branding.

This is hip hip renewed reinvented reinvigorated in an id prefer to preserve wildlife to brawl over chicken and wfafles kind of way. Inkeeping with the alternate vortex of time that applies to music sensations,  OF have arrived and captivated press, luminaries and an assortment of decent  females in cutoffs.B

Playing the  cavernous Sahara tent at a prime late-afternoon slot,  they catered to a simmering mass of kids festering to a pre emptor of internet hype and club gossip.

You gotta l;ove when and urban gang of kids play homage to wolves over ghetto angst. . In just a few months, Odd Future has turned from  online wonderment  to hyped in the hood  renegads redefeining westcoast  hip hop stylee,

Fuelled by a sheltered heritage of computer games, mp3 hip hop nostalgia and more theirs is a land of brazen departure from the morays of urban iconography. Their signature track"Sandwitches," delivered – rough ragged and raw.

Dig the new breed as they say – inkeeping with the crumbling empire these kids are on the case, an embodiment of what is here and now. Yes the Coachella crowds loved in  with a festering crowd testament to their  timeliness.

Hip hop in the US has been if its not broke don't fix it, but Odd Future are keen to desecrate the corpse. They've got a loyal fan of new age fans that adore them, eating up their every utterance.

  Yes they are here they are now like a  reinvented caste of hip hop 2011, like  a Wu Tang Clan with a sensibility for animal liberation, poltical correctness and  brotherhood rather than a penchant for Hummers crack and guns

Hipster hip hop ? Storming the stage like a jail formed basketball team  Tyler's hoarse edged warblings wer captivating, a big thing in the works .

Odd Future comanded a loyalty and patronage  beyond any act at Coachella. They even have the own catchphrases, "swag," "golf Wang," and more which seem to be some form of in joke for their brethren,

 Still they are the shit for now even though too many cooks element to posse rap  may apply with a stage full of people. Ultimately theses kids  have amassed a cult following among the LA  scenesters. Lindsay Lohan dancing backstage could be a foreboding, but for now they can do wrong