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Rumors abound over the next extreme wave of sexual fetishism. Up there with the best of them is a new craze which gives entirely new meaning to the term " break and entry", with daredevil couples across the US breaking into people’s homes to have sex.

Spiced up with a bit of role play, this apparently titillating, though decidedly risky mix of crime and sex often targets upmarket vacation spots, with offenders aiming to explore vacant mansions and their ample sized bedrooms - much to the annoyance of rich homeowners and the police.

Cases of  the growing trend have been reported throughout the US, including New Orleans, Malibu, San Diego, The Hamptons and Provincetown Mass, the common denominator? Big empty houses belonging to rich people.

One recent police report cited a typical case, which occurred in the monied vacation spot of Provincetown Massachusetts in March 2003. According to the report one 19 year old girl and a 21-year-old male were busted having intercourse on the living room floor of a local home. Ironically, a semi-retired psychiatrist who happened to be at an interstate conference owned the house.

The pair was caught when a local security patrol detected a broken window. The girl was wearing t a robe owned by the property’s owner, while the male opted for a cooking apron.

A later confession by the couple revealed they had been dabbling in the practice for some months, targeting various homes in the area. Despite minor damage, there was no corroborative evidence to suggest the pair were intent on robbing the house.

Detective George Zisopoulos based in Malibu California agreed the fetish constituted a genuine trend, with increasing incidents in his district. "This type of break and entry is a recurring problem, with affluent families and their elaborate estates the usual targets."

"The perpetrators aren’t motivated by the prospect of money, they’re usually just into it for the kicks. These people are usually first time offenders, and its not a male initiated thing, both women as well as men for whatever reason, have confessed to being motivated by the sexual gratification of entering another person’s house and committing a sexual act.  

Testament to this new trend is a new independent film based on the whole phenomena. Called Erosion, the film, created and directed by an LA based duo recalls the fetish based extremism of Kroneberg’s Crash, a movie about a weird crew of people who get off having car crashes and sex afterwards.

Part thriller, part docudrama (part comedy?)Erosion focuses on two key protagonists, two married people who converge to pursue an ongoing extra curricular dalliance, with the twist that they share a weird obsession for breaking into people’s homes. Erosion is scheduled for release next year. What ever happened to the backseat?

Written by Craig Stephens

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