Ruby My Dear, 7HollywoodMag - Fall 2013/14

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In operation since  March 2013, The Ruby have created a unique niche, answering the prayers of many with an array of designer options, from H&M and YSL to rare sixties Dior and vintage selections.

Whether you’re a stylist tired of kitting out models on your own dime or a savvy fashionista craving a unique, albeit temporary look  - The Ruby has an answer. Ruby was conceived by  partners Maya Krispin and Peter Max-Muller, both stylists who  pull from their network of stylists’ stock to create a mountain of options for both men and women. 

Targeting stylists and  costume designers The Ruby puts a new spin on the rental house concept, as the first consignment-based  house where people (generally stylists) can get paid to rent their clothes. Reveals Maya, "We're now working with stylists all over the world - not just in LA - shipping to London and New York. We also love our personal clients who pull for red carpet events and such."

Asked what inspired  the concept, partner Ruby Krispin reveals she was forever confronted by woes as a working stylist and hoped to create something that would solve her problems. "There is nothing worse than stressing out about not being able to get good clothes for a job and want to eliminate those stresses for our fellow wardrobers."

"We wanted to create a place where stylists could come and get their entire job prepped in one place, a one-stop-shop with a curated assortment of vintage & modern designer clothing  and shoes. Stylists have the opportunity to pull amazing designer pieces even if they are working with a tight budget. We're also not season specific, so we differ from retail stores in that way. Sometimes you just need that perfect fur in the dead of summer." 

Citing some of her favorite designers as Givenchy, Tom Ford, Balenciaga leather, Miu Miu, Alaia, and Balmain, Maya says Ruby has already achieved huge success. "Stylists prefer to keep their work on the DL, but let's just say we have gotten some amazing placements thus far. Lots of celebs, musicians, film and tv. Also some really big advertising campaigns."

In closing west coast based 7Hwd was keen to get Maya’s take on the eternal east/west coast divide when it comes to the fashion world. "LA style is pretty low key, casual. It goes with the pace of the city, the weather, its almost acceptable to go to a job interview in flip-flops. I think people take more time in NYC & definitely make more of an effort. It will & always will be more fashion than LA. Luckily now that The Ruby is here, we can help with that."