ShinyArt's Portable Gallery -  September 2011

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Transforming the flat screen TV into a unique artistic forum is where it all started for started San Francisco based company ShinyArt. Now they've upped the anti with an Ipad app,  that ventures into the realm of a portable gallery – well sort of

The ShinyArt  concept is simple – market flatscreen TV's to assorted venues and display on them a collection of art specifically designed for the client and venue. So they'ne now done the same with an Ipad

Browse and rent contemporary video art from the ShinyArt internet site and stream it onto your television for curated video art exhibitions in your home. Create an ever-changing exhibition of abstract or representational video art on viewing screens in corporate or public spaces.

The new iPad app, designed by the development team at ShinyArt and created by Mobovivo, provides the option of viewing video art exhibitions either on your iPhone or iPad, while on-the-go, or on your television screen.

In just a few easy steps access artwork created by visual and sound artists and filmmakers from around the world. ShinyArt provides easy access to the same video art works you find in galleries, museums, and at film festivals, along with the option of displaying these images on your own devices, and in your own home or corporate space.

Company CEO Kristy Phillips explains, "ShinyArt is a service that rents video art for display on HDTVs that are becoming ubiquitous. Video art has been around for about 35 years but with the growing popularity of flatscreens, we feel there is a unique opportunity to bring this art out of galleries and film festivals and into public spaces with new audiences and new contexts for viewing art."

Phillips adds, "This is the only app available that is designed to display a curated exhibition of video art on your mobile device and your home television. The exhibitions are accessible and brief, with lots of interpretative information about the work, as well as anecdotes from the artists that really allow their voices to project. Exhibitions change monthly and the first month of the app is free.