Senior Jewish Rapper (SJR)-- Sept 2011

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Seventy years old could be perceived at the cut off date for the average rap artist  though for Gittle Langner- Saks  AKA SJR - Senior Jewish rapper, its only early days

A former lyricist and now hiphop artist, Mid Wilshire native SJR is carving her own niche, with regular live performances and impending writing and recording deals.

SJR's career milestones include lyrical collaborations with a range of esteemed performers, including Joe Sample Of 60s outfit, The Crusaders, Portugese popster Walter Wanderly and Broadway Producer Lehman Engle

Nowadays she  shoots from the hip with ample hiphop irreverence, having penned  imminent classics  including In Search Of Health, Im A Belly Button dancer and the incendiary  anti corporate  anthem, I Curse Em. Her next show is at Comedy Union on October 10.– Check her rhymes at m8