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Lindsay’s Burn Book

Its seems to be a case of art imitating life for fallen starlet Lindsay Lohan. Just like her character Cady Heron in the film Mean Girls, Lindsay has started her own Burn Book.

Yet unlike her on screen character Cady, who made detailed profiles about the other girls in her fictitious school, in the “Burn Book,” Lindsay is instead bitching about fellow actresses.

According to a source close to the starlet, Lohan liked to look at the book in the company of friends, while partying at home, reading out her comments an adding to them with the aid of her bitchy pals.

The insider claims Lindsay kept record of every slight she received at the hands of other celebrities, and the more she abused vices,  the more arrogant she became.

“She would big note herself and put down everyone else, it was really based on  the drugs she was taking, she was out of control, and her ego was soaring uncontrollably.”

The source claims Lilo had many choice  words for assorted celeb actresses, including the following,

Keira Knightley is "a flat, shallow, cardboard cutout of an actress."

Jessica Biel is a "phony, scheming, joke of an actress."

Scarlett Johansson is "ugly, fat and has no talent."

Jessica Simpson "can't sing and is dumb as (bleep)."

Sienna Miller is a "no-talent crackhead."

Meanwhile, Lohan is said to be at Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab center in Sundance , Utah . Sources say the wild child checked-in during the weekend of August 4 to begin a minimum 30-day stint.

 Cirque Lodge was named one of the country's top rehabs by Town & Country magazine and costs about $30,000. The private facility only accepts 16 residents at a time. The center is tucked away in the hills of Sundance , Utah .

 According to it's Web site, the Lodge is unique in its treatment for drug abusers by individualizing programs for each patient. Lindsay's court date for DUI charges is set for Friday, Aug. 24.

Kfed' And Brit’s Hidden War

While ex wife Britney Spears resurrects her career and her reputation  ex hubby rapper Kevin Federline is still embroiled in a secret custody battle with the reformed starlet.

Insiders say that Britney’s aggressive tactics to catch out Federline  as a neglectful parent  andgain full time custody have led him to secretly move from his former home in Tarzana in the San  Fernando Valley .

 According to sources Britney is determined to win her kids back full time  and is  pulling out all stops, including hiring a team of private investigators to watch and follow Federline.

“ Kevin is now getting very serious with girlfriend Alison and has moved in with her. They are keen to start functioning as a family and want to escape Britney’s controlling ways.”

“Kevin is always watched  both when he is with his kids and when he’s out with friends. When he went to Vegas just weeks ago, he had a private investigator tailing him the whole time, trying to get evidence that would undermine Kevin’s rep as a fit Dad.”

Federline and a group of around 15 close friends celebrated his move to a new house just miles from his former home in Coldwater Canyon on Monday night.”

Just last week, Kfed and his new girl were spotted for furniture in the San Fernando Valley . The smitten couple are now setting up at their new home after Kfed recently moved from his upscale five bedroom rented mansion in  the plush suburb of Tarzana.

The pair were first spotted in the yard outside Kfed's home back in April of this year, though they have been secretly dating for several months.

The pair were first spotted in the yard outside Kfed's home back in April of this year, though they have been secretly dating for several months

Drew Likes It Both Ways

While she's been spotted out of late with toyboy actor Colin Hanks, it seems Drew Barrymoore has a penchant for girls too.

Insiders say Drew and  film producer pal Nancy Juvonen ar more than just pals, and have enjoyed an on again off again romantic relationship for over five years.

 Drew and nancy are also business partners who own a production company called Flower Filmswhich they fomed after meeting on the set of the original Charlies Angels movie back in 2000.

In addition to their day to day interractions, at their Beverly Hills offices, the child-actress turned movie star and producer  has been spotted out regularly with girlfriend Nancy.

Since first meeting back in 2000, the loved up pair have enjoyed vacations in Mexico, Hawaii, and Europe and worked on various international projects together, including Music And Lyrics in London, Fever Pitch in the Phillipines and 50 Firsy Dates in the US.

Just  a week agao, Drew hosted an 80's prom-themed birthday party for Nancy Juvonen at her home in Los Angeles. Drew treated guests like Courtney Love, Jimmy Fallon, Ricki Lake, Kathy Griffin, and Michael Vartan to prom photos upon their arrival. The 70's prom theme Sixteen Candles was played on loop, and a long haired DJ played assorted seventies hair band rock.

Sources at the party revealed guests dressed in theme in cheesy stin tuxedos and outrageous gowns form the seventies era. While Drew's other bosom bud Cameron Diaz didnt make it due to promotional commitments for the movie Shrek 3 in Australia, Drew sought comfort in the arms of pal Nancy.

"They were having an outgrageous time," a source reveals. "They snuck of to smoke what appeared o be several joints while dinking vodka from a bottle. They then stripped off and were sitting in a hot tub making out, they were full on mouth kissing, it was outrageous." the insider revealed.

According to an insider Drew and Nancy  enjoy a bizarre relationship that has endured."Drew and Nancy are very into one another,  Nancy has been everything to her, she is  eight years older than Drew and has been like an older sister, mentor and lover.

They have a great rapport which has endured Drew's full time relationships with men over the  years, they will always be there for one another."

Beckhams Decorate LA Home

Despite already having spent $22 million on their new Beverly Hills mansion, Victoria and David Beckham have invested a further $500,000 decorating their Los Angeles home.

According to insiders, David has given the nod to Victoria has to appoint an LA based interior designer to completely overhaul their new six bedroom home home, with new color schemes, furnishings and an elaborate home entertainment system.

The source claims, that much of the home will follow a traditional Spanish Villa feel, wih most of the home's furniture from their current residence in Madrid being shipped over for the new home.

"david wants to replicate their bedroom in Madrid and they also want a nice lush garden, so there's some outdoor landscaping work that will be done. They're thinking of an outdoor Pagoda where they can enjoy outdoor dinners and lunches for guests and really enjoy the LA summer."

The source claims that the home's kitchen has undergobe rnovations, while murals painted in the rooms of boys Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz have also been verey expensive."Victoria has spared no expense to ensure they will be comfortable, she really wants this to be a true home for the whole family."

Paris Camping  Out for Jail?

The latest in Paris ilton's impending jail term has seen an Arizona jail warden offer his tent styled prison as an alternative venuw should she get off due to the overcrowded US system.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has suggested the possibility of housing Paris Hilton in Tent City, his notoriously bare bones jail facility, which doesn't even have air conditioning.

The inmates sleep in tents on bunks, making the cost of running Tent City incredibly low. Arpaio spoke with L.A. County's chief of jails and made the offer as a creative solution to avoid allowing the heiress to walk away from her sentence scot-free.

"I just made an offer," Arpaio said. "Instead of reducing her sentence, which I feel is wrong, why not bring her over here?

We can incarcerate her here. She can do her time over here." And according to the Maricopa County Sheriff's department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff is considering the proposal.

"Oh, I'd love to have her here," Arpaio said. "Just another celebrity. Not that I'm a publicity hound, but I'd imagine if I had her in these tents there'd be (publicity)."

Paris To Get Off?

Despite the gloomy forecast for heiress Paris hilton an jail term, insiders say Paris will only serve a few days due to overcrowding.

According to  sources at the Century Regional Detention Facilty. Paris  islikely to avoid the torturous sentence  that been so heavily publicized since her hearinjg last Friday for breaching parole conditions.

The insider claims  that even if Paris does pay a visit to the 2200 strong facility, her stay will be relatively short and pleasant.

Not only will she be housed in an “isolated pod,” for “special needs,” prisoners such as ex policeman and government officials, but she will also receive extended leisure periods of up to two hours a day, and have no work detail; whatsoever.

Reports about Paris being accosted by gangs of aggressive lesbians while showering are also false, says the source." Paris will be enclosed in a pod that will isolate her from other prisoners, it is low risk and secure."

“Lost star Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced to thirty days for a similar offence in Hawaii , but spent two hours in jail. For Paris it will be similar, there’s very little chance of her going to jail,” the source claimed.

Robbie Attacked by Goodfella

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams faced the wrath of neighbor Joe Pesci after several of Robbi'e mates parked outside Pesci's home while Rob hosted a recent football match on his home pitch.

Sources at the game, say a furious Pesci stormed over to Robbie's home brandishing a golf club and threatening to  batter Rob with it unless he had all the cars romved from outside Pesci's home.

According to an insider, "Pesci scaled a fence with a ladder and literally approached Robbie as he was playing, waving a golf club in the air and swininging it round, it was bizarre, like something out of a comedy film."

"He was acting like a madman, borderline opsychiotic screaming sweating and waving the club around, it was insane, Rob was quite nervous and had to move away several times as Pesci swung the club at him."

The sources claims that Pesci was full of threats barking, "Which one of you mother****ers blocked my drive? If you don't move in 30 seconds, I'm gonna smash your windscreen."

"We literally had to stop the gamje while Rob calmed him down an found out who owned the cars parked outside his home. hat whole process took about thirty minutes, so we had a break then got back to the game afterwards." 

Britney Dances Herself Thin

Popette Britney Spears is finally getting her fitness level back on track and is hoping to “dance herself thin,” at a Malibu dance school.

Insiders say Brit has already been doing cardio work with the assistance of a trainer at her Malibu property, but is keen to get back to what she knows best, dancing, as a means to lose weight and get back in shape.

According to an insider, “ since she was a mousketeer, Britney has always danced to get fit , she’ lioves music and dancing and feels its in her blood to dance, whereas jogging and other gym oriented routines are just tedious for her.”

According to the insider, Brit will book three sessions a week at Malibu Cross Creek dance studio. She is commence sessions on October 10 and will be dancing with four dancers, two male and two female, who she has previously used on tour.

Paris And Stavros Birthday Binge

Hosting her boyfriend’s second birthday party in wek, Paris Hilton set tongues wagging when she refused to leave Las Vegas Club Tao, despite a mysterious recurring nosebleed.

Hilton serenaded her Greek heir boyfriend with several karaoke styled songs throughout the night, prior to her mysterious bleeding nose, which had many theorizing as to its connection with illicit substances.

In addition to singing for Stavros, Paris also gave him several lap dances throughout the night and even made out with other women in front of him. Witnesses claim Paris put on quite a show, unleashing her penchant for role play.

As the party, champagne and vodka overflowed, so too did Paris nose bleed. According to a witness, “it was gross, she just kept wiping it away with a tissue but it kept bleeding, “ at one point it was all over her arm, and it started rubbing on other people.”

Insiders claim Stavros became annoyed at Paris ’ apparent disregard for her condition, and tensions reached boiling point when he insisted she leave the lub and tend to it in the privacy of her room.

“They were screaming at one another, Paris yelling ‘You don’t appreciate me.” Insiders say Stavros himself left club Tao, just minutes after Paris , meeting her at their shared room at the Belagio Hotel Casino. There for just under an hour alone, the pair then invited several friends to the penthouse suite to resume the party, which sources say continued until the early hours.

A few days earlier, on April 19, Paris threw a surprise birthday party for Stavros at her Hollywood Hills mansion. Revelers included: Nicky Hilton, Kevin Connolly, Brett Ratner, Milla Jovovich, Vincent Gallo, Elisha Cuthbert, Kimberly Stewart, Jon Alagem, David Katzenberg, Brody Jenner, Andy Milonakis, Casey Johnson and Lucas Haas.

Paris recently renovated her home, which she jokingly dubbed Club Paris, and many of her friends saw the finished product for the first time Monday.Around midnight, Courtney Love made a surprise appearance, accompanied by Billy Corgan and a female drummer.

Love was dressed in all black, wearing strappy, diamond-covered heels, and her hair adorned with decorative fabric.  At 1:30 A.M.,  various revelers jumped in the pool, including Stavros - clad in his boxers - and Paris (who went swimming in her dress).

Tom Cruise Press Junket Surprise

 Despite canceling all press conference obligations upon the birth of daughter Siri just a day ago, workaholic MI3 star Tom Cruise surprised all at a press meeting for international media on Wednesday afternoon at Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel.

Cruise made the unexpected appearance at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills where he addressed a large gathering of print and electronic media outlets from Europe, including new teams from Holland , Italy Germany and Spain .

 Despite stern warning from Cruise handlers that they weren’t to broach any personal questions, several shrewd European reporters  extracted some key information about baby Siri..

One German reporter was ejected from the conference after directly asking “ how is the baby,” yet after being confronted by a Dutch reporter baring gifts for Siri, Cruise thanked her, commenting“ Katie and Siri are in good health. Siri looks just like her mom, she has dark hair.”

Cruise also confided that he would not be taking any time off in the near future, and aimed to fulfill his MI3 promotional commitments worldwide. “I will be traveling with the whole family,” he revealed.

In further unexpected Siri gushing, Cruise also mentioned he surprised how calm and peaceful  the baby was. Asked what key lessons he hoped to teach his daughter, he responded “Siri will teach me more than I will ever be able to teach her.”

The press conference started at 11am on Wednesday April 20, yet Cruise didn’t arrive until 1pm, cutting short several interviews and speaking only to reporters from different European regions.

Written by Craig Stephens

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