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Kev and Shar reunited?

Kevin Federline, husband of pregnant popette Britney Spears has been seen having secret meetings with ex partner Shar Jackson at a mutual friend’s apartment in the LA suburb of Sherman Oaks.

On Monday June 20, Federline was spotted hugging and canoodling with Shar in an underground parking lot beneath the suburban apartment building. According to a witness, the pair were involved in intense conversation for nearly half an hour inside Kevin’s car.

Britney’s one time love rival, Shar walked down from her friend’s apartment and met Kevin, the source said. "Initially they sat inside his car, where they talked for about 30 minutes. They then got out of the car and continued talking for about another fifteen minutes.".

"Kevin looked frantic, he gestured with his hands continually and would put his head down when Shar was speaking. It looked like she was calming him down, offering him advice," the witness added

After standing by the car for about 10-15 minutes they embraced and kissed one another Kevin then climbed into a white Mercedes alone and exited the lot, driving away, while Shar returned to the upstairs apartment via an elevator, the witness said.

According to the insider, this was second meeting the former couple had at the apartment in last three weeks. A previous meeting was witness on a prior Sunday. One motive for the meetings could be Kevin’s nervousness about Britney’s pregnancy.

In an interview last month with UK newspaper, The Daily Star, the Moesha actress claims the 27-year-old dancer told her he's struggling to cope with Spears' pregnancy, because it has happened within months of the birth of Kaleb, his second child with Jackson, his shock wedding and the beginning of his burgeoning pop career.

In the article, Jackson was quoted as saying, "Kevin has told me he's under intense strain and he doesn't know if it will all fall apart In the past year he's broken up with me, been through a bizarre wedding and become father to a new baby, with me, and another on the way with Britney."

Nothing to Crowe About

Despite claiming his 1992 formed band Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts broke up due to "creative evolution," and his need for "writing unrestricted," former members say continual infighting and Crowe’s controlling hand leading to the band’s ultimate demise.

Crowe was said to be "argumentative," and "pig headed," with little consideration for his band mates according to a former drummer for TOFOG who spent time with Crowe and other members playing live and recording internationally during the last ten years.

" Russell had a very hectic schedule and found it hard to bond with us. We found out about cancelled tours and recording sessions via the media. He didn’t bother to actually contact us himself. That’s actually the same way we all found out the band had apparently split just a few weeks ago, via the internet, " the disappointed source claimed.

The source added that unlike other bands that "shared creative vision," Crowe was more concerned with expressing his own ideas. "He was often distracted. Unlike other bands I have worked with, he was the big wheel. We more or less just backed him and there was no real equality, which is what you’d expect after being together since 92."

During recording sessions and rehearsals, tensions often rose the source claimed. "Things often got ugly when other members didn’t go along with Russell’s ideas. We actually came to blows on occasion, once during a recording session, we had to hold him back after a disagreement with a sound engineer."

On his website on March 25, Crowe announced the band had split, saying, "Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, "would seem to have dissolved/evolved.".

"While that holds certain disappointments, they pale in comparison to the joy of writing unrestricted, of talking from my heart and mind simultaneously about things that are important to me right now … as a 41-year-old father/husband/lover/man,"
In a later posting to the site, Crowe said a new album is forthcoming, but with a new band lineup
Johnny Knoxville

Already linked to Lindsay Lohan, and UK supermodel Kate Moss, actor and former Jackass star Johnny Knoxville (AKA Philip John Clapp) is allegedly the dark secret behind the strained marriage of Jessica Simpson and Mick Lachey.

Having earned a reputation socially and professionally as a compulsive womanizer, Knoxville has reportedly confessed to pals he feels intense guilt about undermining Jessica and Mick’s union.

According to an insider, Knoxville confessed to a fling with Jessica while filming Dukes Of Hazard in New Orleans at a recent social gathering with his former Jackass cohorts. The source claims Knoxville was uncharacteristically "downbeat and morose," at the gathering. "After being questioned by a longtime pal about his dark mood at the party, Johnny said he felt " guilty at having broken up a marriage," the insider claims.

According to the source, Knoxville recounted a fling between himself and Dukes Of Hazard co star Jessica Simpson, which took place over several weeks during breaks in shooting. The source claims to have overheard Knoxville describe how the pair would party at local clubs and bars and later retreat to hotel rooms – together.

"Johnny was obviously very upset and depressed," the source added. "He kept saying how bad he felt and how much of a mistake it was. According to the source, the alleged fling continued for a month long period while Dukes Of Hazard was being filmed in New Orleans.

Despite a marriage of over ten years to clothing designer wife Melanie and his five year old daughter, Madison, sources say Knoxville has an open relationship, with his self confessed "arrangement," harking back to the early days of his marriage.

Knoxville’s high social profile sees him constantly attending premiers and visiting clubs and bars. Insiders say the Jacakass originator is borderline predatory, with a penchant for petite twenty somethings.

Baring an uncanny resemblance to Ashley Simpson, an unidentified source recalls how she was recently seduced by Knoxville after meeting him at LA’s hip Spider club.CS3

The 22 year old LA based ad agency employee confided, " I am a regular at the club and usually go there with friends. Johnny just showed up alone one night and started flirting with our group. As things progressed he singled me out and we started dancing and drinking," the source said. CS3

"He’s very funny and charming. I asked him about his marriage and at first he said he was separated, then he said he had an arrangement and his wife. I was kind of into him so I didn’t push it at the time." The source said.CS3

The source claimed after the club closed its doors at 2am, both her and Knoxville headed for a hotel on Hollywood’s sunset strip. " Johnny paid for the room, we had fun for a few hours and then we both left. I dropped him back near the club in my car before I went home," said the source CS3

Mena Suvari gets her man

Hollywood star Mena Suvari, renowned for her role as a teenage temptress in the 99 hit film, American Beauty is holidaying in Sydney with the Australian man she recently left her husband for.
The 26-year-old star of the Oscar winning flick is dating her pilates instructor Jay Bulloch, a Sydney local who relocated to LA almost 10 years ago. The pair arrived in Sydney this week and have shacked up at an exclusive city hotel before heading north for a 10-day retreat at an idyllic luxury resort.
Suvari filed for divorce from cinematographer Robert Brinkmann - 17 years her senior - only six weeks ago, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.
Paula’s hairdresser abuse//

Former pop diva and American idle judge Paula Abdul has been banned by four different hairdressers in Beverly Hills after repeatedly breaking appointments with the upscale salons.

Sources say the star has cost various salons thousands of dollars after forfeiting on countless appointments for coloring, styling and cutting at salons including Albus, Yuki Sharoni and Boutique.

While Paula uses the excuse of her chaotic schedule as the explanation for her flakiness, business owners aren’t impressed, and have banned her from further appointments.

Paris in ruins?

Tempers flew at LA’s Spider club on Monday night, when recently engaged Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis launched into a boozy argument in the middle of the packed club.

Despite being surrounded by legions of onlookers, the mega rich pair had a major screaming match which lasted over ten minutes. According to a source, trouble started near the club bar and spilled onto an external balcony, where Latsis was seen physically restraining Hilton while she let loose at him with a barrage of expletives.

After some minor grappling, Hilton stormed out of the club with hubby to be following close behind. After retrieving their car from the valet, an obviously drunk Hilton, her dress stained with spilled cocktail, refused to let a slightly more sober Latsis drive.

Inside the car, the argument continued, with Lastis finally convincing Paris to leave the driver’s seat. Despite Hilton’s verbal abuse he commanded the wheel, speeding back to their shared home in Beverly Hills, a palacial mansion owned by the Latsis family..

Things must have got worse upon arriving home, as the next day ( Tuesday) Paris was spotted out at upscale eatery Koi minus her beloved, in his place was her 8 year old brother Conrad.

On Wednesday there was still no sign of the couple reuniting, with Paris leaving the Beverly Hills mansion alone in a Ferrarri owned by Lastis.

According to a source, Paris is renowned for being an aggressive drunk and has encountered trouble several occasions due to vodka fuelled abandon.

The nightclub incident is particularly ironic, considering Hilton’s declaration last week that she is "over" being socially active.

The heiress, told US magazine Newsweek that she is now focusing on marriage and motherhood. "I don't enjoy going out anymore," she said. "It's such a pain. It's everyone saying, 'Let's do a deal! Can I have a picture?' I'm just, like, 'These people are such losers. I can't believe I used to love doing this.

Brit and Kev – Trouble in Vegas?

Celebrating her father in law’s 50th birthday last week saw Britney Spears settle into the Palms casino for five days of relaxing and partying with hubby Kevin and family members.

It started out as happy couples for the Federline’s, but by week’s end, Kev the "love rat" had become restless, hitting several Vegas clubs solo to party with a variety of women while his pregnant wife stayed in their hotel room.

Wednesday saw the couple in a veritable lovebird marathon. At around 8pm the blissed out pair were spotted snuggling and hold hands while they dined at The Palms. Post dinner they attended Cirque Du Soleil at the Bellagio hotel, where they watched "O" and its 74 artists perform on an aquatic stage.

The happy couple rounded off Wednesday nigh arriving at hip new speakeasy style nightspot, Tangerine inside the Treasure Island Casino at 11 p.m. where they caught a 1920s burlesque styled show. Sensible mum to be Britney stuck to bottled water while Kev chugged down the beers.

Mr and Mrs Federline appeared again on Friday night after attending a party at The Palms "Real World" suite. There, with assorted Federline family members, they celebrated the 50th birthday party of Federline senior. After the family affair, the more famous Federline’s headed for Body English Nightclub inside the Hardrock Casino.

Again sensible Brit, dressed down in white smock and jeans sipped bottled water, obviously considerate of her pregnant state. Close by her side in a private VIP booth, homeboy Kev, resplendent in baggy jeans, du-rag and hi-top sneakers again downed several beers. At around 1am, Britney returned to the Palms in the company of a bodyguard, while Kev stayed on, continuing to drink and socialize in the VIP booth with several men and women

Saturday saw Britney again lying low, remaining inside the hotel room at the Palms Casino where sources say she enjoyed snacks and several movies. Meanwhile Kev hit the town solo.

Kev headed for Rain nightclub inside the Palms at around midnight, attending more birthday celebrations, this time for maverick basketball player Dennis Rodman. Inside the club, Kevin laughed and partied with various women.

While there was no obvious target for his affections, sources say he wasn’t quite forlorn about facing the night alone, drinking and dancing until the wee hours – its unknown as to who footed the bill for their weeklong stay.

Written by Craig Stephens

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