Press Release: New Generation Video via Email - Client: VmailXpress - Date: September 2001

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Video via e-mail has previously been the exclusive domain of high-end corporates with hefty budgets. At about one-tenth the cost of competitors' services, VmailXpress(sm) provides small to medium-sized businesses with access to an innovative, targeted marketing tool previously out of their reach.

Unlike cumbersome player-based solutions that require distracting software & plug-in downloads, VmailXpress is Java-based, allowing clients to send embedded audio & video messages that play automatically when recipients open an e-mail message.
For 93% of users, a VmailXpress videomail will stream the first time without requiring any further action on the part of the user.

Since Java-based content is not tied to a computer, the recipient gets the message instantly and automatically, regardless of bandwidth or operating system, and on all popular e-mail clients such as Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Starting at $995, VmailXpress includes a professionally produced 30-second video/audio message and distribution to 1000 nominated e-mail destinations. This compares more than favorably with competitors who charge as much as $5,000 per videomail campaign! Additional videomails can be sent for $15 per 1000 addresses.

VmailXpress can improve any clients' online marketing trategy, translating to a cost-effective alternative for all forms of online communication and information distribution -- from advertising and marketing, to entertainment teasers, instructional and training videos, Technical support, and even political campaigns.

From inception to delivery, VmailXpress is a complete package - creative concept to provision of talent, full multimedia production to online delivery. With our production partner NetKontent Digital Media, a videomail campaign can be scripted, shot, edited and delivered as a VmailXpress videomail in about 7 days.

NetKontent Digital Media are specialists in digital video production and post-production for the web. They also create video banner ads and can encode existing content using the most popular video codecs, including Real, QuickTime and Windows Media formats.

VmailXpress is based on VideoClipstream(TM), a patent-pending encoding technology by Destiny Media Technologies. Licensed by NetKontent Digital Media, VideoClipstream & Clipstream embeds playerless, streaming audio and video directly into a web page, banner ad, or HTML-compliant e-mail. The product works at a variety of bandwidths -- from the slowest modem speeds to high-speed broadband -- allowing the entire range of internet users to receive a quality video experience.

And it’s portable, allowing viewing on all major platforms including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and even wireless devices ‹ boosting site 'stickiness’ and making it much more cost-effective for web developers, content providers and MIS administrators to maintain and support.

VmailXpress heightens competitive advantage and is accessible to advertisers in terms of providing a 'friendly' known denominator they are used to ‹ the video commercial. Unlike static e-mails, VmailXpress offers the multi-dimensional, attention-grabbing experience of television in practically any inbox!

For more information, please see (Click “demo”) or or call 562 235 7575 / 323 259 8078

Written by Craig Stephens

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