Press Release: Painter Yurika Nakae at Pasadena Fine Art

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Defying traditional labeling associated with fine arts genres, "abstract impressionist," Yurika Nakae will  stage her first solo show at Pasadena Fine Art, with an opening scheduled for Saturday March 27 at 630pm.

Yurika Nakae was born in China.  Her Chinese name is Jiang Lieqin. She moved to Tokyo in 1992, where she took part in over twenty exhibitions in a ten-year period, attaining recognition for her works by print and electronic media.

Explaining her unorthodox definition as a fine artist, Yurika confides, "Many of my paintings might be described as abstract, and many might be described as impressionistic, so I suppose "Abstract Impressionism" is the genre my work might be placed in.  But this is an artificial distinction for me.  I don't think in terms of genre when I paint.

Yurika explains her work is more about imparting her emotions than adhering to genre aligned technique. "For me, paintings are very much about emotions.  Even though a beautiful scene may inspire me as an artist, it is the emotions the scene inspires in me that guide my brush"..

"Art is a kind of emotional communication that starts with the source, then moves to me, then finally to the person viewing my painting.  My emotional connection to the viewer is just as important to me as my emotional connection to the source.  So, in this sense, the viewer is also an inspiration to me."

Citing the likes of Monet, O'Keefe, Klimt, Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Cezanne and  Dali as her key influences, Yurika is keen to reinforce the autonomous nature of her creative vision. "For me inspiration for a painting can come from anything, anywhere, anytime.  People I've known, places I've been. You could almost say the paintings chose me, because it's not as if I decide to go out in search of ideas for paintings.  Something will just jump out at me."  

 For example, I was on a flight not too long ago, and was looking at a wide river snaking across the ground below.  I had to ask the flight attendant for some paper so I could sketch my impressions, and then I used napkins when I was out of paper!  I don't seek the inspiration for my paintings.  I wish I had time to paint all the things that I encounter which inspire me."

Yurika has extensive training in visual design. She attended a highschool and college that focus on visual arts.  "In terms of oil painting technique, however, I am largely self-taught," she says.  "I had very little specific training in oil painting, but have been fortunate to meet a number of talented artists over the years who have influenced my development."

"I usually spend a great deal of time before I ever begin painting imagining what I want to paint.  Once I really have the image in my mind, I start working on a canvas, using what I know about the materials and tools I use to make the image on  the canvas come as close as possible to the image in my mind's eye. The techniques I use in the process are a means to that end."

 Titled Impressions/Expressions, Yurika Nakae’s solo show at Pasadena Fine Art will feature works from two series of oil paintings, "Canal City" and "City Life," as well as other assorted works.

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Written by Craig Stephens

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